50 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Rainy days are the ultimate holidays that work struck individuals are looking for. Whether you are a high school teenager, a mom of two kids, a lawyer, or some other working personnel, a rainy day is like a boon to you. We all know how busy everybody is in today’s world and taking a break or applying for a leave is considered a serious crime in many sectors especially if you want a break to spend some quality personal time with yourself. When that is the case with most of the people rainy days are the only free days you get in your life when you can actually stay at home and do all the fun things that you have always wanted to do. The concept of “staying indoors” has lost its essence nowadays, everyone is out and busy and therefore all the indoor stuff that used to be fun a few generations back have taken a back seat in most of the households. So next time if you have a rainy day here is a list of few fun things that you can do at home and have a whole new indoors experience that you have always craved for:

1)Rainy days are the best days to watch movies you’ve been longing to watch or catch up on your unfinished reading. Movies and books will make up your whole day.

2)If you are a game addict but your work caused your X box to catch dirt then a rainy day would definitely would be the best time to play all the games on your X box to your heart’s content. Gaming with beer and snacks would be the ultimate free day you can ever have.

3)If you are a good writer but have been too busy to write anything new then a rainy day would a good time to create some new prose or poem and feel good about it.

4)If you are a family person and want to spend the rainy day by spending some quality time with your family then a nice home cooked meal along with a series of never ending board games would be a nice way of involving everyone in your family together.

5)If you live with your buddies you can shoot some pool, or play darts or some other game that you and your buddies like. Again playing games with beer and snacks would be a heavenly holiday for many work struck males.

6)A lot of people also love to spend the whole day relaxing and doing nothing and just watching TV. Spending the whole on your couch in front of your TV eating “heat in the oven” food and some wine can be pretty relaxing especially if you have a very stressful job.

7)If you love to cook than baking some delicious delicacies for your kids and family might be a good idea to brush up your cooking skills.

8)This one is a little funny but it’s a good one. You can catch up on your cleaning too. If you live in a mess and promise yourself everybody that today after work I will clean my apartment but don’t do it at the end of the day because you are way too tired, then you can clean your apartment. At max it would take maybe half your day, the rest half you can relax, rest or do whatever you want to do.

9)If you have a good hand in cards then playing cards with your family members or roommates might turn out to be quite entertaining.

10)This one is funny too but you can also go all teenage rock star type and sing and dance at the top of your voice and have fun.

11)You can play all sorts of living room games with your family or friends like living room soccer, basketball, golf, or solve puzzles, play scrabble, living room bowling, etc.

12)Have a neighbourhood party on a rainy day. If you feel like you don’t know your neighbours well then throw a party on a rainy and get to know them.

13)Have a movie marathon or Tv series marathon, whatever you like.

14)Sit down with your partner or family or alone and take a look at all your old photographs and have a wonderful time walking down the memory lane.

15)If you are a health freak then have a healthy and relaxing day by doing yoga. You can do all sorts of indoor exercises.

16)If you have a gym in your neighbourhood then visit it and workout to your heart’s content.

17)Taking a long deep nap is also a good idea especially if you get less sleep due to your stressful work. A lot of people prefer this option over everything else.

18)Doing some sort of craftsman work like making your own earring and bracelets or designing T-shirts can be a great utilization of your free time too.

19)If you live alone with your pet then playing with your pet and teaching it new tricks is a great way to spend time.

20)If you are a workaholic and free time is not really your thing then you can simple involve yourself in your work projects, etc.

21)Cuddle up in your bed with a cup of hot coffee and some of your favorite snacks.

22)Sit by a window sill with a hot beverage, some snacks, a nice book and watch the rain fall hard against the glass. Hide behind the curtain if you have to, it feels wonderful and you feel like you are in a different magical world.

23)Rainy days are also a good day to catch up with your long-lost friends. You have free time to call them up and find out what’s new with them.

24)This one is for the ladies, have a conference call with your girlfriends and discuss the latest hot gossips of the town mixed with a little boys talk.

25)Painting, drawing, sketching are a few creative things that you can do in your free time on a rainy day.

26)If you wish to do something romantic on a rainy day then have a simple yet sexy candle light dinner with your partner including home cooked meal and some nice wine.

27)Take a scented bath in your bath tub and surround yourself with scented candles. Read a book to relax more along with some wine.

28)Watch a romantic movie with your partner.

29)Watch a horror movie with your girlfriend and let her cling on to you in the scary scenes. Perfect day!

30)Light your whole house with candles and play some light music in the background and just talk with your sweetheart.

31)Indoor rock climbing is another great idea for a rainy day.

32)If you are conscious about your looks than honour yourself with some home beauty treatments.

33)Paint your nails in different creative ways.

34)Give yourself a massage and relax with your eyes closed and feel all the tension leaving your body.

35)You can create a new scrapbook.

36)You can create new photo albums and organize your photos.

37)You can also Photoshop your photos and upload them on social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr etc.

38)You can also catch up with your blogging and reply to most of your messages.

39)You can create a self-made video/movie of some special photos and send it to your special ones.

40)For those fashion savvy girls out there, dress up with different dresses from your closet and organize your wardrobe in the process.

41)Do some interior decoration in your house. Hang more pictures, change positions of your furniture, etc.

42)Try and cook a new recipe from internet if you love to cook.

43)Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are a good option too.

44)Playing online games is a new way of entertaining yourself. There is game for every genre available on internet now.

45)Catch up with your favourite TV show.

46)Read your favourite magazine and relax.

47)Play charades or sing some Karaoke along with homemade pizza.

48)Have a poker night with your buddies and earn some good money.

49)Playing truth and dare or 20 questions is also a good option for “group time spending” on a rainy day.

50)Last but not the least, just relax and do nothing if you feel like it. Just chatting and catching up with people you love is definitely a worthy idea to spend your free time too.