50 Things To Do When It’s Raining

Nothing can be more of a bummer when you have your day planned for going outside and the rain pours. While it is true that nothing beats the feeling of warmth brought about by sunshine, it does not mean that you can’t have fun being indoors. You might feel that jogging feels more refreshing; shopping’s a lot more fun; and other activities seem to become more interesting when the sun is out. You will be surprised at the many things that you can do when it’s raining when you feel like you have no choice but to be cooped inside the house. You don’t have to feel cooped. Here are 50 things to do when it’s raining that will never ever make you feel bored again even when the sun is out and you just want to stay home or visit places where you can stay indoors.

People always associate rainy days with depression. This should not be the case if you can find something fun or productive to do. There are 50 things in this list, and some of these do not really apply to everyone or to all genders and ages. However, you can maybe pick one or a few of the things in here to get you preoccupied during the rainy days. Who knows? If you learn to like whatever it is that you have just discovered doing, you might be able to make it your own hobby.

1. Clean up your closet. This might be the best opportunity for you to give out your used clothes to charity and maybe shop for new ones.
2. Read a book. This might seem like a cliche’, but reading a book has always been considered fun and productive.
3. Gather the family and play board games. It will be a good way of spending quality family time.
4. If you’re alone, video games will do. If you’re not alone, then play video games with a partner or with your kids.
5. Call up some friends and have a simple house party. You can come up with a themed cooking and eating activity.
6. Watch a movie.Some people prefer to watch their favorite movies over and over to make them feel better, while others would like to watch random movies on cable. This will definitely make the rainy days more fun, especially when you spend it with the people you love.
7. Learn to cook your favorite meal. This only applies if you don’t know how to cook. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to create and eat your favorite meal at any time without ordering or having someone else cook for you?
8. Bake cookies and other goodies. Doing this with loved ones is always better.
9. Go out in the rain and play like a kid.
10. Play the hippest dance music and dance the rainy day away.
11. Do crafts. It takes the stress away. You can do cross-stitch or simple scrapbooking.
12. Call or email people you haven’t been in touch with for a long time.
13. Enjoy a good cup of coffee, either at home or a nearby cafe.
14. Drive to the mall and do some window shopping.
15. Do online shopping.There are many things you can buy online.
16. Plan your next vacation by visiting travel websites.
17. Visit the nearest museum.
18. Visit the nearest library.
19. Organize your photos and photo albums. Make captions for each picture.
20. Plan a special dinner for the whole family to partake in.
21. Recycle something and make it beautiful.
22. Make paper boats and look for puddles outside where you can let them float.
23. Learn how to make paper airplanes and let them fly across the house. This is great to do with kids.
24. Plan an indoor date with your special someone.
25. Write in your journal what your plans are for the next few months.
26. Play a sport in the rain with your friends.
27. There should be a guitar, a piano or any instruments inside your house. Play them or learn them.
28. Form a big puzzle. When you’re with the family, you can do a big one altogether.
29. Update your social media sites and blog if you have any.
30. Read helpful blogs about families, parenting and personal development.
31. Set up important appointments with doctors, dentists, tutors and the like, that you might need for your kids and for yourself.
32. Do dress rehearsals for your whole week’s office attire. This will save you time in choosing what you’re going to wear for the whole week.
33. Watch a full season TV series that you’ve always wanted to see but never had the time.
34. Exercise. If you have a treadmill at home, or other equipment that will help you get fit, do so.
35. Watch old video tapes of family events and other special occasions with the whole family and reminisce good old times.
36. Spend time and play with your pets.
37. Plan the next family member’s birthday party. Think of an exciting theme.
38. Learn the art of folding paper, or origami.
39. Make delicious waffles and pancakes even if it isn’t breakfast time.
40. Eat cookies with milk. It will make any rainy day feel so much better.
41. Research about an influential person that you like and follow one trait or practice that he or she does for the next 21 days.
42. Have 30 minutes of silent meditation.
43. Get a massage.
44. Do your nails and put colors on them that you never dared to use before.
45. Ride the bicycle around a few blocks under the rain.
46. Have a nice little chat with the family while eating ice cream.
47. Make popcorn and add in some powdered flavors.
48. Search for colored beads and make your own set of accessories.
49. Make a donation online for homeless or starving kids.
50. Visit a friend and talk about something that’s been bothering you.

You don’t have to do all of these things at one rainy day all at once. You just need to know that there are many productive and fun things that you can do even without sunshine. Any of these things will make you feel better about yourself and will make others feel better too.