50 Things You Can Do When You Are Single

Don’t let being single make you feel less than complete. Being part of a couple does not make you more important, nor does it always make you happier. Here are some great things to enjoy when you are single.

1. Spend time with friends. Many couples lament the fact that they don’t have time to spend with their friends once they are part of a couple, so take advantage of this while you are single.
2. Spend more time with family. Again, being part of a couple can mean choosing to spend less time with your family, so enjoy them selfishly until,then.
3. Travel. Visit exotic destinations and enjoy being free and single. Consider singles cruises or other package holidays for single people, and use it as an excuse to make new friends.
4. Take up a new hobby. Instead of moping over being single, fill your time by learning to do something new and fun, such as surfing or knitting.
5. Do more charity work. Devote yourself to helping others, and it will help you appreciate your life a lot more.
6. Learn to appreciate yourself. If you think highly of yourself, so will others, including any potential suitors.
7. Conquer a fear. Building confidence is important for many reasons, especially attracting a partner. Learn to skydive or climb a mountain, and you will love how it feels to be brave!
8. Join a gym. Working on your health is always beneficial, and it will make you feel great.
9. Start a book club, or join one. Take time to enjoy books and share them with others.
10. Write your own book. Tell the story hiding inside you, and you may find that others want to read it, too.
11. Keep a journal. If writing a story is not for you, keep a journal of your experiences and emotions. You can gain a lot of insight into yourself by looking back through it at different points in your life.
12. Plant a garden. Grow fresh fruits and vegetables and share them with your friends and family. Or give extra produce to a food bank, and feel good for helping.
13. Get a job or change your career. Find your calling and do it, whether it means getting a degree and a better job, or taking on a less stressful one.
14. Take a cooking class. This can make you self sufficient in the kitchen, and a real catch, too!
15. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister. Spend your time mentoring at risk youth and make a difference in the world.
16. Create something new. Whether you invent something or paint a picture, the act of creation is very fulfilling and enjoyable.
17. Catch up on your sleep. Get enough sleep to feel refreshed and ready for life’s challenges.
18. Go to church. If you don’t have one, try a few out to see if they meet your spiritual needs.
19. Learn about other religions. Educating yourself about the beliefs of others can make you very open minded.
20. Veg out on the sofa. Being single can mean not having to anything at all, if you don’t want to!
21. Grab another single friend and go for drinks or a coffee.
22. Invite all of your single friends out for a night on the town. Remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver!
23. Have a singles only movie night at home. Pop some popcorn and put on a marathon of Bridget Jones movies, or anything that makes you laugh.
24. Bake some goodies and give them to friends and coworkers. Doing something nice for others will always make you smile.
25. Go to the movies for a matinée. Take a friend, or go alone, and enjoy!
26. Plan a dream vacation, then go there! You don’t have to be part of a couple to enjoy paradise.
27. Cook a meal for your single friends and have a dinner party.
28. If you are single with children, spend some quality time with them. They will appreciate knowing how much they are loved by you.
29. Organize a party for yourself or someone you know. Enjoy the planning process, and the result!
30. Go to a wine and cheese tasting event. Spoil yourself by buying a bottle of whatever you liked best, then impress your friends with your new found knowledge!
31. Take dance lessons. No partner needed, since you will likely be paired with someone at the same skill level.
32. Visit a museum and take the time to truly appreciate what you see.
33. Grab a friend and go for a long drive in the countryside. Just go wherever the road takes you!
34. Have a singles picnic. Everyone can bring a dish, and do some match making!
35. Try speed dating. It can be a fun way to meet new people and maybe even build a new relationship.
36. Offer to babysit for a couple with children so that they can have a night out. They will appreciate you for it!
37. Buy something nice for yourself.
38. Spend time with a couple. Really watching how others relate can make you appreciate being single!
39. Put some adventure in your life! Visit the pyramids, dive with sharks, do something daring!
40. Learn self defense, especially if you are a single woman. Don’t rely on someone else to protect you in times of danger.
41. Move to a new city. If this is too drastic, try visiting one for a week or two. Challenge yourself with a change of scenery.
42. Paint your house, inside or out. Being single means not having to compromise on color choice.
43. Flirt madly with someone. It can be fun, and could lead to something more.
44. Learn to enjoy your own company. You will really appreciate learning about yourself when you find yourself identified as part of a couple later on.
45. Get a pet! Save a life and rescue a dog or cat from a shelter. It will change both your lives!
46. Buy yourself flowers and chocolates.
47. Change your image. Get a new hairstyle or wardrobe.
48. Challenge yourself to try something new every day.
49. Love yourself more, other people will like you better if you like yourself first.
50. Enjoy being single. There are far more positive things about being single than most people realize.