50 Ways To Get Motivated Now

There are so many things we want to do, things that we “should” do but there are so few of them that we actually end up doing.
“I should stop being negative about..”

“I should workout more..”

“I should invest more time in enhancing my skills..”

“I should stop spending so much time online..”

Sounds familiar?
We often give short-term fun more importance than the long-term fulfillment. Do you often feel frustrated and upset with yourself? Do you lack enough motivation and will power to make correct choices when temptation strikes? If yes, you’re not alone. It may seem difficult at first, but there are many easy ways to get motivated right now. We’ve come up with ’50 Ways To Get Motivated Now’ to put you on the right path.


1. Smile when you wake up. This might sound weird but it can improve the way you start your day. Instead of cribbing, smile and welcome the day as soon as you wake up.

2. Try finding out which time of the day you work best. People have different times of the day when they work the best. Try figuring out when that time is for you.

3. Get outside. There is something therapeutic about being outside in nature. The vastness of the world outside reminds us that we’re just a small part of this vast puzzle.

4. Do the toughest task first. Once you are done with the most challenging task of the day, you will feel a rise in motivation and be more interested to do the remaining tasks.

5. Put up some motivational quotes on your wall. They remind you that things are not as bad a you think, give you a ray of hope whenever you need one and also help ward-off negative thoughts the moment they pop-up.

6. Change the motivational quotes every fortnight. We all get used to of things that we see every day. After the initial interest, you might just stop noticing the quotes. So, prevent this by changing the quotations every fortnight.

7. Read inspirational books. Try reading books about leaders and people who have achieved something significant in their life.

8. Celebrate little joys and victories. If you are waiting for something BIG to happen so that you go out with your family, please don’t wait. Celebrate now!

9. Surround yourself with positive individuals. In order to have a positive and motivated mindset you need to keep positive people around and make sure that you stay away from people who make you feel anything less than happy.

10. Entertain your senses. Eat your favorite food, listen to your favorite songs or go for an aroma massage. Simply pamper yourself!

11. Use your pain for motivation. Pain keeps you grounded and you can use it as a tool to motivate yourself.

12. Cultivate a positive mindset. If you keep going back to the negative thoughts you will reach nowhere in life. So, make it a habit to stay positive.

13. Fuel your body with nutrition and energy. This is important because if you have no physical energy what will you do with the mental energy?

14. Find your slogan or mantra. For instance, keep repeating words such as “I can do it” when you feel you’re stuck.

15. Recall your peak moments. This inspires you and re-establishes your faith in your abilities.

16. Don’t let the slump start. Just when you feel you’re going on the negative track in life, STOP! Take a U-turn and start thinking positive.

17. Stay active. Don’t just sit, think and sulk. Stay busy. Clean your closet or do the laundry if you have nothing to do at the moment.

18. Drink coffee. The kick of caffeine helps in staying ‘alive’ in the moment.

19. Have a Goal. Recognize your talents, skills, interests and have a goal. If you already have a goal, GO FOR IT!

20. Open the windows. Opening windows allows fresh air and positive energy to flow in. It’s obviously hard to be motivated in a dark room!

21. Take a cold shower. Yes. This may not exactly motivate you in itself, but it will wake you up immediately, and that’s a good start!

22. Prepare the day before. If you have a meeting scheduled tomorrow, prepare for it the day before as it keeps anxiety away and helps focus on the job at hand.

23. Wake up to upbeat music. Set your alarm to wake you up to the music that makes You move!

24. Iron your clothes. Arranging things and keeping them in order is a great way of getting rid of negative energies. Ironing clothes yourself is one way to do that.

25. Use daily, consistent motivation by subscribing to free motivational feeds from blogs.

26. Talk to a family member. Family always stands by your side in good times and bad times.

27. Talk to an old friend/best friend. While talking in general helps, talking to an old friend/best friend helps even more.

28. Make a playlist. If you are a music lover, you are going to love doing this!

29. Do something new. Join a Zumba class, yoga class or a dance class. Learn pottery, painting or anything that attracts you, but it has to be something completely New to you.

30. Stop for a few minutes. Relax. Close your eyes and be present at the moment. Listen to the little noises around you, and just be.

31. Make a list of items you need to buy from the grocery store. This will consume a lot of your time and will get your mind working.

32. Change your location. Sit in a different place at work. Change the direction of your seat.

33. Go for a long drive. Who doesn’t like long drives? They’re soothing, calm and reflective. Make sure you drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

34. Turn off your electronic gadgets. It’s amazing how silencing the constant chatter can set your mind on the reflective mode.

35. Go for a walk in the park. A fifteen minutes’ walk in the park can get your mind off the ‘de-motivation’ mode and get you back on the track!

36. Watch funny/inspirational videos online, anything to cheer you up and get motivated in life once again.

37. Love yourself. The person who does not love himself/herself can’t be loved by anyone else. Love yourself for who you are, for coming so far and standing tough during the tests of time.

38. Express Love to those around you. Just say what you love about something/someone. For instance, you can say “hey, I love what you’re wearing!”

39. Make new friends. Making new friends makes you feel proud of yourself. It not just means that you are social but also tolerable to different people with different temperaments.

40. Forget the past. Don’t get into the vicious circle of remembering, then trying to forget the unfortunate events that occurred in your life. Just let go!

41. Practice self-control. It is very important to attain anything in life as we all know ‘excess of Anything is bad’. With good self-control you can have a balanced mind and be successful in reaching your goals.

43. Learn to say ‘no’ when needed. Saying ‘No’ to insignificant things and/or people shows your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

44. Dance to your favorite song. Just dance to your favorite song and dance away your worries. Go crazy! The energy you will create by dancing will keep you motivated for the next few hours.

45. Watch how less privileged people live and compare your life to theirs. What is it that they don’t have but you do?

46. Write. Just grab a pen and paper and start writing whatever comes to your mind. Keep writing until you feel you’re done. Then, read it and understand your situation. Focus on the solution. Think about what you can do to improve your situation.

47. Pray. Be thankful. Ask for God’s help. Be thankful and appreciate all you have. Don’t pray just for yourself but for others too.

48. Remember the ‘why.’ Whenever you feel low just remember the reason why you started what you started.

49. Spend at least 15 minutes alone every day. This is when you ask yourself questions and look for answers within. It helps you take wise decisions in life and gives you peace of mind in the long run.

50. Know your time is short. Why not spend it smiling and do what you love the most with full passion, sincerity and discipline?