Book A Day Summaries by Daniel Branch

Book A Day Summaries by Daniel Branch


book a day summaries

Knowledge and A Little Backstory From Me

I know that most people don’t have time to read a book every single day. If we could the amount of knowledge we could get would be tremendous. I try to read as many books as I possibly can. I usually end up doing about 12 per month. Most of the time I end up listening to the audio version while I workout at the gym, in my truck, or while I work.

Most books are full of filler information; they have to do this in order for publishers to print their books. Could you image walking into a bookstore and all of the best-seller nonfiction books were 10 pages long? It would be very hard to convince people to pay $20 or more for a 10-page book.

Since I am living the internet business lifestyle, I have a lot more free time on my hands. I could have never read or listened to as many audio books as I do today when I had to work 60 hours per week at my old job. By the time my days off came I was so tired I couldn’t even do much other than chores and rest. I waited all year for a week vacation. Those times are long in the past.

At some point, I realized that 99% percent of the population were walking around blind to the world they lived in. I referred to these people as mindless zombie slaves. I will go into more detail about this later, and it will be an interesting read so please subscribe to my mailing list or follow me on Facebook for updates.

Realizing that I was one of those people was a serious eye opener. Why did I have to work myself to death just to pay bills and feed my family? This question along with others help me move forward. So started my journey into self-discovery and down the rabbit hole of knowledge. Want a spoiler? As my knowledge increased so did my income. Eventually, I was able to walk away from my job and go out into the world on my own, never have I felt so relieved and so free.

Not only do I have most of my time, but I also have a great income to back it up. This has enabled me to travel to places like Disney World, New York City, Las Vegas and more. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the money I made before. I definitely didn’t have the time. This new internet business lifestyle was perfect for me.

The Good News

Ok so enough about me and my success. Now let’s talk about you. First, let’s acknowledge that you are probably in the 1% of people who shouldn’t be working a 9 to 5. I know this because you wouldn’t be here reading this now if you were. Just by being curious you have already started the journey to your new lifestyle. Yes, you!

You can change careers, increase your income, reverse disease, increase your overall health, lose weight, make your business soar, start a business, quit taking orders and completely 180 your life. Starting right now. The secret? KNOWLEDGE

I gotta stop giving away so many spoilers or you guys aren’t going to follow me. LOL

Let’s break this down for a minute. If you wanted to lose weight what would you do? Most people would grab the newest diet that they heard about on TV or social media. Lose a few pounds and give up. You know why? Diets don’t work. The people that put those commercials out and have brainwashed your friends on social media want you to believe they work, so they can sell their product. They are really good at this.

If you really wanted to lose weight your should pick up 5+ books by expert weight loss gurus who aren’t trying to sell you something. Read all 5 of them and take notes. You would find out that there is science behind weight loss. If you burn more calories than you take in you will lose weight. Roughly 3500 calories are equal to 1 lb. You would learn to monitor your food vs your physical activity. You would also learn what you should and shouldn’t eat. Once you get yourself in balance the weight will fall off at around 2lbs per week depending on your starting weight.

Now I’m not here to sell you on weight loss, but my point is if you just follow the latest diet craze around like a mindless zombie slave, all you are doing is making the people who marketed to you rich. While you still have the weight and probably a subscription to some supplements and foods, you will never touch again.

Knowledge changes lives.

I am here to help you change yours just like I did mine. I am still as of right now completely about 3-4 books per week. I wanted to share my notes (summaries) of some of the best and most life-changing books out there. I am doing this for you absolutely free. Seriously.

All I would like in return is for you to give me your email address so I know where to send you the book summaries and other great information I come accross. If you decide to buy the book there will be a link to my amazon account so I can get a small commission. If you don’t want to you don’t have to click my links. You can go to Amazon yourself and find the exact same books. The commission helps pay me to help you, but like I said these are 100% free so no worries if you never purchase a single book.

I hope we can journey together and I can help you break free from your current life and form the one I know you are capable of.