Break The Feeling Bad Barrier

Everyone has days where they feel bad or just don’t feel like their normal self. Some people get stuck in this negative rut and can’t seem to shake those bad days no matter what. I’m here to tell you “Yes You Can.” You can turn any bad day, moment, event, etc. into as positive of one as you want to. Keep reading to find out my secret strategy.

First you need to understand exactly what it is that is causing your bad day. I mean really get down to the root of your problem by asking yourself some introspective questions.

  • Did I Upset My Mental Balance?
  • Is Something On My Mind That Caused This Feeling?
  • Am I Letting My Thoughts Run Wild?
  • Do I Have Low Self-Esteem?
  • Am I Worrying To Much?
  • Am I Letting Things Bother Me To Much (Stress)

I mean really ask yourself some personal questions and think very hard about exactly what is upsetting you. Once you get an idea you can start to change it. Figure it out in its core then follow my three-step process to eliminate this from  your life all together. Once you eliminate this negativity from your life then you need to replace it with a positive.

Step One: Acceptance

This first thing you have to do is accept this thought for exactly what it is. You don’t need to try to force it out of your mind or try to run away. You need to simply accept this thought and move on. The more you let whatever it is control the way you feel the more powerful it will get and eventually it will control every aspect of your mood. On a physical note one negative thought can effect everything from your energy levels to your blood pressure. Your thoughts control who you are and when you give the bad ones enough power you begin to lose you ability to think for yourself. Just say “I accept this thought” or ” I don’t really care about this thought right now, it’s not important.” Take all the power away from this negative thought. The best time to practice this is when you are somewhere comfortable and have a little time to do so.

Step Two: Polarity Shift

Once you accept your negative thought you have essentially removed all of its power and control over you. At this point you mind is back at ground zero. You haven’t achieved a positive mood just yet, but you have improved your existing condition. You may start to feel a little better instantly, because you have come from a negative place to a neutral one. At this point it’s up to you to switch polarities and start gaining momentum toward a positive mindset. To do this you simply focus on something else you enjoy or make plans to do something that will make you happy. When you focus on something you really enjoy you need to start to feel like your already doing it. Think in your mind of what it would feel like to be their and use your memory to remember the feelings of the last time that you were. Just sit comfortably and day-dream of exactly what it is you want to do and where you want to be. The key here is to let your positive emotions and feelings run wild. Focus hard on how good you feel and then let a big smile break loose.

Step Three: Run With It

Once you get going in the right direction its time to really let your good mood shine. Focus on the great feelings you have and start taking action immediately to make them come into your life. If you though about cleaning the house and focused on that, then get up and start cleaning. Let those good feelings flow. Keep focusing on more and more good feelings. At this point sitting around thinking about it won’t help you get any farther. You really need to just get moving in a good direction. Think things like “I can do this.” or “this would be fun.” Taking the action is the final step that will seal the deal for you. Once you do this just keep going without hesitation and your mood will greatly improve.

If you follow these three steps and get into the right positive mindset you broke the feeling bad barrier. Once the barrier is down and you understand how to bring it down at any given time you can use that to improve you mood wherever you are and whatever you do. The barrier is something you have set up. It’s a neutral ground that hosts all of you negative emotions as a wall to keep you out of the positive mindset. Never fear breaking this barrier and moving forward. Life is too short to sit around wishing for better things to happen. Make them happen now, take action and you will be thankful you did. Good Luck!