Clean & Declutter Your House One Habit at a Time

Clean & Declutter Your House One Habit at a Time

Have you ever just looked around your house and noticed that it was a mess, or maybe it was just a little messier than you would like it. Things are scattered everywhere and there really isn’t the kind of organization you would like. Well good news for you is that you can change all of this in 28 days with minimal effort.

Steps To Getting Your House Clean

  1. Make your bed in the mornings after you get up
  2. Keep all tables, counters, desks, and you bathroom sink area clean from clutter
  3. When you get home for the day put your things where they go.
  4. Find a place to put things and stick with it. Everything has a place
  5. Make 10 minutes each day a decluttering time. Work on things like they are a micro project of their own.
  6. Take out the trash every day.
  7. Pick up your own messes and never leave anything like a dirty dish just sitting around.
  8. Wash your dishes as you use them. If you have a dishwasher then rinse them and put them in it as soon as you are done. Don’t waste time starting the dishwasher either. Start it as soon as it’s full and put the dishes up directly after it’s finished.
  9. Put all of your important papers, receipts, bills, or any other important pieces of paper in one location. Get yourself a filing cabinet or an accordion file if you don’t already have one.
  10. Pick up your dirty clothes and put them in the hamper. Same thing for the clean ones put them in the closet as soon as you get them out of the dryer.
  11. Remind yourself of the habits you are trying to break and how you plan on doing this. Put notes up in your house with your goals and to serve as a reminder to do the things you want to do. After a while this will become a habit and you won’t need the notes anymore.
  12. Take the time to write your cleaning and decluttering goals down somewhere where you can look at it later. Make sure you take baby steps to getting your goals met. You won’t follow through if you bite off more than you can chew.

Some important tips to remember:

If you fail one day don’t sweat it. Just scratch that day out and start fresh the next day. Never beat yourself up because you didn’t achieve your goal for that one day. It’s the long term effects that really matter . We all have off days, just set yourself up so you don’t do it 2 in a row.

Stay focused on your goal for 28 days and if you can manage to get that far into it you will have formed a new cleaning and decluttering habit. Reward yourself along the way and after the 28 days if you successfully completed cleaned and organized your house celebrate or give yourself an even bigger reward.