Change Your Mindset on Boring Things To Do Especially When You Are Sitting Around At Night

Enough with the list of things to do at night. I wanted to ask you why are you bored at night? People love to answer money, kids, jobs, stress, etc. but the truth is your the one causing yourself to be bored. I can stare at grass grow and be so excited I can’t stop smiling. OK I don’t sit around watching grass grow but my point is it’s you who makes the night boring or not. I did compile in my other article a great list of suggestions to help give you some suggestions. But it’s you who must figure out how to get un-bored.

So when you were younger what did you do? Were you always bored at night sitting around doing nothing? I’ll bet not. Get up and get moving. If you don’t go out because you gained a few pounds then start exercising to lose some weight. You can dance around your house and lose weight while having fun for zero cost. If you used to go out and have drinks with friends call them. Seriously stop reading this article right now, pick up the phone, and call someone to go hang out with you. I’ll bet you could give yourself 100 reasons not to do it, but when you do and actually get there you will feel like a million bucks. Same thing with exercise, it’s hard to get started, but you always feel better afterwords.

Hey if you want to sit around and color in a coloring book, that’s fine too. I was just suggesting a few things but you know what to do to have fun. Forget letting other people dictate what is fun to you. Find some fun on your own. Be yourself and remember what it’s like to enjoy life.