Strategies To Help Declutter Your Life and Organize Chaos

Declutter Your Life


Living Clutter Free

Do you wake up every morning feeling overwhelmed with your daily grind? Regain your sense of control by organizing and simplifying your life.Declutter your life by organizing your closets and de-junking the junk drawer. Many people look at closets and junk drawers as places to hide things from the rest of the world. To the owner of the closet or junk drawer, however, the junk still exists. Clear the clutter, organize, and make sense of all the hidden spaces around you. You will be happy you did, as simple organization helps to calm and to make sense of the world around you.


Declutter your life by organizing your work space. While we all know that work is one of life’s necessities, it can cause us a great deal of stress in our lives. Mitigate this by taking some proactive steps in organizing your workspace. Begin by getting rid of sticky notes and loose paper. Create files for essential material worth keeping, and store appointment dates in a planner or online calendar. Everything on your desk should have a home. If you find that an item which has no home, make a new home or pitch the item altogether. Creating a serene work environment will help you manage stress in the workplace.


Declutter your life by purging unnecessary computer files. Our jobs today are a lot different than the jobs of our parents and grandparents. Filing cabinets have been replaced with computers, and often times our most important files are spread all over the desktop on the computer, on a travel drive, or in cloud storage. The confusion and anxiety this causes is no different than walking into an office with files stacked on top of the desk and piled in crates on the floor with no rhyme or reason to their organization. Take the time to organize your digital files in digital file folders. Have all files stored in one central location, and consider cloud storage for all of your backups. An organized, digital world to match your serene, physical workspace will help you to clear your head and have a productive day.
Declutter your life by simplifying your living spaces. When you return home from a long day at the office, continue your organizational trend by getting rid of clutter in and around the home. Your home should be a place to rest and relax, and when you are surrounded with excessive clutter for your brain to process, no resting can happen. Make decisions regarding of your things, keeping only those items you need, those items which contribute to your home’s overall décor, as well as those items which hold special memories for you. If your possessions don’t fit one of these categories, then sell, donate, or pitch.Declutter your life by establishing routines and simplifying your schedule. It should be no surprise that chaotic schedules lead to anxiety. Begin by examining your social calendar. Is every single social commitment necessary? Prioritize your life. If faith, family, and work make their way toward the top of your priority list, then perhaps many of your social events are superfluous in the whole grand scheme of things. Learn to say no; you and your friends will manage to live with a little disappointment from time to time. Children thrive on routines and simple schedules; adults are really no different.

Declutter your life by creating a budget. One of the greatest stresses in people’s lives is money, and while money may not literally buy happiness, it does seem to go a long way in establishing a sense of security and stability. With that said, creating a budget and sticking to it will help to ease any monetary anxiety you may have. Additionally, develop a plan to pay off debt, and work hard to live a debt free life. Accumulated debt is clutter of a whole different kind.

Declutter your life by organizing your diet. Each of us is given only one body to take care of over the course of a lifetime, and treating it correctly is not always easy. Simplify your eating habits by focusing on fresh produce and non-processed foods. Cook your own meals whenever possible, and eat out only in moderation. Plan weekly menus of well balanced meals, and create shopping lists based upon those menus. Purge your pantry of unhealthy food, and stock it with healthy alternatives. Decluttering your diet will make you look better and feel better.

Declutter your life by clearing your head and making time for yourself. There is no one more important than you. As trite as it may sound, find that happy place, clear your head, and rediscover your purpose. Go for a walk, take a bubble bath, work out at the gym, read a book, take a nap in a hammock, drink a cup of coffee on the porch, watch the birds, or play the piano. Whatever it is, find something that allows you to relax and put yourself first. Keep in mind that it is absolutely impossible to be your best to those around you if you fail to make yourself a priority.

Organizing your closets, de-junking your drawers, organizing your work space, purging your computer files, organizing your living space, simplifying your schedule, creating a budget, organizing your diet, and taking time for yourself are all effective methods of decluttering your life. Each will bring you one step closer to anxiety free living and overall contentment.