Discovering Your Calling And Purpose In Life


Are you truly living the life that you want to live? There are only a few people who will confirm to this statement. Most will say that they are merely walking in the surface of this planet, but without a real purpose in life. Deciding what your calling in life is the real deal. A life without purpose is filled with emptiness, sadness and hopelessness.

You might still be young, an adult, in your middle age, or into your 60s and 70s when you stumbled upon this short article. Age is merely a number. While you are breathing, there is still hope for a renewed life, and to experience a fuller life means to heed to your calling. There will never be a perfect formula for an individual’s journey towards finding his or her higher calling in life, but this short write-up will serve as a guide for those who earnestly seek.

Knowing Thyself

Remember what Aristotle and the other Greek philosophers said about “knowing thyself”? Good education and amassing immeasurable wealth are meaningless, not unless you have truly discovered who you truly are. Take time to contemplate on things that will help you discover your inner self. This will take years of self-journey, and this will be the most difficult battle you will have to face. One of the greatest ways for you to discover more about yourself is to keep a journal. Write about anything you want to. You can also try to read more about self-discovery articles and books.

The more you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are as an individual, the clearer your life’s calling will be for you. For instance, you have written in your journal consistently for months, or years…take time to read your previous entries in that journal. This will reveal how you can live a life that is genuinely yours. Living a life that is YOURS ALONE, WITHOUT PRETENSIONS means that you have been set free from your apprehensions and fears.

Categorize Your Activities

By categorizing your activities, you will find out which activities are actually meaningful and which activities needs to be stopped. Activities that will not, in any way improve you as a person needs to be stopped. By doing this, you will have more time to contemplate on your life goals. As you sit down, grab a pen and paper or if you are fond of your pc and laptop, open the word processor and have at least 2 columns prepared. Place the following on top of the columns –

Column A – Activities I am Passionate About
Column B – Activities I Am Forced to Do

After listing down specific regular activities or activities that you aspire to do, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why am I forced to do the activities that I actually don’t like?
2. Should I continue to do the activities I don’t like just to make a living?
3. How will I pursue the activities I am passionate about?
4. How will the activities listed above contribute to my intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being?

Focus On Your Strengths

Since you have already assessed yourself as well as weeded out the activities that will spur the “real you”. NOW is always the perfect time for you to focus on your passion. Your character and your strong points will be your guiding light at this point. For instance, you work in the office, but more and more people have noticed that your “creative hands” are just superb when it comes to arts and crafts, then perhaps you should consider teaching others how to become more imaginative in this field. Another way to focus on your strength in a more practical manner is for you to make a living out of it. This will ignite a different kind of positivity and will bring you closer to true contentment. Why? This is brought about by the inner joy, peace and fulfillment of living out your passion in life.

Notice How You Feel

Positive feelings are the food of the soul. You need to be extra sensitive in checking what you truly feel more often. This will lead you to more positive outcomes in life. When your emotions have a positive feed, you will be able to perform better in all areas of living. People will begin noticing the radiance that glows in your face. It is also important for you to ask others for feedback. Take note though that you should only ask for feedback from people who are closest to you. They are more concerned of your well-being. You could never go wrong with that. These are also the people who will constantly encourage you and inspire you to keep on moving forward.

Remain Inspired By Your Role Models
There are some people who find it easier to discover their inner calling by trying their best to emulate their role models. Many have become successful in doing their passion because of this too. If you are familiar with who Robert Kiyosaki is, you will be amazed at how long it took before he was finally able to unravel his true purpose in life – to become a wealth coach. He was in his mid-40s before he seriously made millions. He failed countless times before. What kept him inspired? Simple – his role models. Kiyosaki looked up to Warren Buffet and Donald Trump. He attended their seminars and seriously collected their books, their write-ups, videos…whatever he could! Ask yourself who your role model is. If it is possible for you to get personal mentoring from them, seize the opportunity!

Cherish Your Life

Your true vocation in life is what brings out the best in you. It may be as simple as becoming the best employee that you can bein your company, but hey, that is what you’re passionate about. What comes out naturally from you – your inner genius, it is the most valuable gift you can share to the world. It may not bring you to a state of becoming financially well-off, but the emotional and intellectual gratification that if brings is immeasurable. There is only one life to live, so don’t waste it by living a life that suppresses your passion. You are a unique individual. Cherish this uniqueness that you have and live out your dreams while you still can! 🙂