Do Things That Interest You

Have you ever done something and you couldn’t really find the motivation or drive to really get sucked into? Maybe you did it anyway but you didn’t enjoy it. The reason for this is lack of interest. If you really want to enjoy the things you do, find something that interests you.

Life is full of things you can find enjoyment in. The beauty of life is that everyone is different and enjoys different things. There isn’t a rule or right way to do something. You can find enjoyment in things that everyone else might dislike or hate. That is your freedom of choice. You were given that freedom at birth and the ability to use it whenever you want.

So if you have the freedom of choice to do whatever it is you want, why do things that don’t interest you? I mean really stop and think about this one. If you don’t like a certain kind of food, do you keep buying it over and over again? No. So why would you keep doing things that bore you or you have a lack of interest in. Do stuff or spend time where really enjoy it, whether its a person, location, job, food, activity, or any other aspect of you life, make it something you can really get into.

It’s almost impossible to do this with everything. If it wasn’t we all would probably never go to work again, however I know you and everyone else can change at least one thing to something a little more interesting today. Take a look at where you spend your time. Think about the things you do in a day and find the ones that really make your stomach churn. Then eliminate them one at a time by either doing away with them completely or changing them to something a little more interesting.

Take the time to make this happen. You only live once and it’s short. This isn’t any reason to go through everyday doing things you don’t like and following a routine that literally bores you to death. Make changes now and start enjoying your life a little more each day. Good Luck!