Eliminate a Losing Mindset In These 5 Simple Steps

Mindsets play a key in who we are and what we can do. A winning mindset can take you far and get you there fast. While a losing mindset can bring you countless losses and failures. A mindset doesn’t cost you anything and we all have one no matter what it is or who you are. You need to identify negative mindsets and learn to replace them with great winning ones. Accomplish this and you will find things become much easier for you and success is around every turn. Here are 5 steps to help you get there.


Step 1: Identify Your Current Mindset

First you have to identify what kind of mindset you have. Take a critical situation you are facing and ask yourself what you expect the outcome to be. Now look at your outcome to determine you current mindset about the situation. If you though something bad might or will happen, then you have a negative mindset. If you thought something good would come, but you have your doubts then you still have a negative mindset. Identify the way you currently are thinking and determine if it’s going to help or hurt you to get the true outcome you want.


Step 2: Analyze Your Results

Now take a look at the results from where you identified your current state of mind. Ask yourself questions like “why do I think this way?” or “how did I come to this conclusion?” Take the time to write down your results from above and break them down into their simplest form. Consider what it is that makes you think this way and write it out beside your results. It may be a past experience or just a simple negative attitude. You need to really look at your results to figure this one out. Pay close attention to every detail as it may be a clue to exactly how your thinking.  Trace these thoughts back to their source.


Step 3: Come Back To Reality

Now that you know where your negative mindset is coming from its time for a reality check. First you need to decide whether your results are based on facts or speculation. Facts have hard evidence to support them. You can say its a fact if you could prove it in court without a reasonable doubt. Speculation could be a result of your overworked mind worrying yourself to death about something that probably won’t happen. It’s usually just a negative thinking behavior realized in your mind.


Step 4 : Form a Plan of Action

Depending on which of the two above is causing your negative mindset you need to form a plan of action.


Read This If Your Results Were Based On Facts

If the results you came to earlier were based on real facts then it’s time to break that habit. First you have to realize that nothing is set in stone. If you have failed 10,000 times that doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed on attempt 10,001. You need to understand that no moment exists but the now. Nothing else matters. You could have been a failure in the past, but the only thing stopping you from becoming one in the future is you. Facts mean nothing in your mind, unless you give them meaning. You determine what something means to you. You can give value to a fact or you can say it’s meaningless. The way your going to make progress is to take away the value from facts that stop you from doing what you want. Make them meaningless.


Read This If Your Results Were Based On Speculation

Your mind is overworked and your have become a worry-wort. Speculation in a negative way will NEVER benefit you in any way form or fashion. You need to stop this negative behavior in its tracks and come to terms with yourself. You are only living in the present moment and nothing in the future has happened yet. You determine what happens next. If you set your mind to thinking that something bad will happen then the chances are it will. You have to control your thoughts and not let them run wild in a negative direction. Replace bad speculations with ones were you are successful and you get the outcome you want. Really build up some positive affirmations and let them take over your thought patterns.


Step 5: Get Focused and Apply Affirmations

This is the final step in getting a positive and winning mindset going. You know are going in the right direction you only need to focus. Focus on your thoughts and keeping them at bay. Don’t stray into the negative mindset for even a minute. Wear a rubber band around your wrist, this will keep your mind focused on warding off the negatives. Replace them with something good and affirm. Repeat the good things over and over and over and over in your head until you start to believe them. They need to become the truth for you. They need to become part of your winning mindset. Good Luck!