How To Find Acceptance To Your Worries & Problems

How To Find Acceptance To Your Worries & Problems

I find that sometimes accepting your life and the situations you’re in can be hard. It can be so hard that you almost feel like you should and could give up. Accepting things doesn’t need to be such an overwhelming process, and the contentment and peace it brings is definitely worth the effort.

Accepting your circumstances and moving forward can be a little overwhelming depending on how you look at it. If you just lost a loved one or found out you have some kind of illness, it will really take it’s toll on you if you let it. The easy part about accepting reality is that you don’t have to fix or change anything. You simply “accept it.”

To make accepting easier on you follow these steps outlined below.

Step 1: Sort Through The Garbage To Find Out Whats Really On Your Mind

There can be so much garbage that piles up in your mind that it becomes hard to figure out what’s bothering you. All the stresses and problems of daily life start to overrun your thoughts and keep you from realizing exactly what it is that is really bringing you down. In order to get past all that small stuff and get on to your real problems you need to sort out your mind.

Start by getting a pencil and paper out and writing down what is bothering you right now. Write down a number beside each item between 1 and 5 with 5 bothering you the most and 1 bothering you the least. Now take all your fives and rewrite them on another sheet of paper. Figure out if any of them cause the other. Always track problems and worries back to their source. Sometimes you can eliminate the source and solve multiple things at once. Make all the notes you need on the new sheet of paper.

Once you get the brainstorming process rolling, then you should have an idea of whats really on your mind and you can forget about the rest for now.

Step 2: Change What You Can

If there is something on the list you can change right now, then take the time to do it. If you have a few simple tasks that need to be done, then do them right now. The less that you have on the list, the more focus you can put on each item.

Hopefully, after you change the small things you have a much smaller list. If you don’t then maybe you aren’t looking at the root of your problems. Most things that you have on there are a direct cause of something else. Once you start tracing it back you will find that   most all of your deeper problems come from one or a very small amount of concerns.

Step 3: Acceptance

Now that you are down to the really important stuff that you can’t change right now, it’s time to start accepting. Accepting will bring you an inner peace about things that you either have no control over or can’t change at this time.

To accept you first need to face it head on. Don’t hold back from thinking about the subject in a deeper manner. Really give it some thought and explore some realities based on facts. Never base your decisions and thoughts around speculation or fantasy scenarios that have no real solid evidence will ever happen.

You need to come to terms with your concerns, fears, anxieties, reality, and your mind. You will need to understand that whatever it is was given to you for a reason. You are where you are for the reason that you are supposed to be there and be going through whatever it is you are. If you can accept this as part of life you will again regain control.

The process of acceptance brings about a calming control that you need in order to move forward and make progress. If you get stuck trying to run or hide from a part of your life you will never move forward. Until you can accept and learn to live with the card your dealt you will always find yourself in a constant state of worry and mental exhaustion.

I encourage you to try and uncover the deeper parts of your mind and begin to make positive changes in them today. I have faith in your abilities and know you have enough strength to overcome fear and challenges you are dealing with today. Read this anytime you need to and use any other information from my site that may help. Good Luck!