How To Find Peace With Your Inner Self

Finding Your Inner Peace

The first thing you need to do to find your inner peace is to find out where it got lost. While this might at first seem to be a silly statement, let’s stop and consider what it entails.

Everyone started out in a state of inner peace. Look at newborns sleeping. They are at peace with themselves and the universe when they sleep, even if there are real issues that would cause an adult to have troubles in slumber. Where did that peace go? Did it disappear in childhood, or maybe in adolescence? Did it go away after you became an adult and had major responsibilities? Did it go away because of somethng that happened to you or because of something you did? Knowing the answer to these questions can give you a place to begin in your quest for refinding your inner peace.

Once you know where and when your peace disappeared you can start the process of re-engaging the factors that were in place before peace left. Look at what was happening in your life and how your felt about it. Some people look at their peaceful lives and can say with certainty what happened to kill the joy, but most of us just don’t know right off the top of our heads exactly what happened. But we can say for sure what life was like before the loss of peace. Whatever the things were that you were doing in the peaceful times try to re-introduce those things into your life.

The times of your life where peace was dominant were comfortable for a reason and we acted like it. Once you have put those peaceful behaviors back that you performed in joyful spaces, try to establish an attitude that fits the behaviors. The term “fake it til you make it” comes to mind. Most attitudes are learned, and unlearned attitudes can be adopted all over again. Intentionally assuming the appearance of a winner can make others react to you as they to were a winner, which in turn can help you actually rebecome the winner you were. The only question is what you consider winning.

Everyone has an idea of what it takes for him or her to be happy. You have to define your own happiness if you are to find your inner peace. Is it professional accomplishment? Is it personal advancement? Is it being the person you thought you would be? Who is that person? Is it in a relationship with another person? Is it within your own head and heart? Giving these questions the thought they deserve is all a part of finding the peaceful spot in your life. Finding the answers and the integrating them into daily living is a big step to inner peace.

Recapping, so far in the process you have considered three concepts:

1. You started at peace with yourself and at some point lost that peace.
2.When you were at peace you did certain things that helped you to sustain that peace.
3. When you were at peace you held a certain attitude that wrapped you in your peace.

Once you have determined these points for yourself you are well on your way back to your inner peace. But there are still some more steps to take to claim that peace for yourself.

In this second stage of the journey you will have to come to the realization that it is journey itself that is the destination. Peace that is static is called death and this is not really what you want. Living peace moves and progresses at all times but within your limits and not at the behest of someone else. You are the sole judge of what is the right thing for you and no one else has the power to force you into anything unless you allow it. To gain inner peace you have to take your power back from outside yourself.

To retake your power you will have to understand what that power is. Unlike a superman it is probably not within your power to fly or use x-ray vision, but this does not mean that you are not a powerful entity in the world. Especially when you consider that it is only your world over which you need sovereignty and your world is mostly within yourself. No one can make you mad or sad, only you have that power. To be peaceful it will be necessary for you to acknowledge this truth and embrace it.

Most folks have no idea whether they are at peace or not. All they see is that they exist and that life happens while they watch. You have noticed that your peace is astray and are trying to rectify the situation. This awareness puts you ahead of most of the crowd. To find your lost peace you might well have to seek out others who are on the same journey for themselves. Often discussing the ideas with like-minded others makes the finding of answers easier. It could be that you will have to actively avoid people who distain your journey in order for you to continue the trip.

There are people in the world who are seeking to find inner peace by taking it from the people around them. These folks cannot help you find peace, they can only add turmoil to your life. By definition turmoil is not peaceful and can generate no peace. Once you have found where your peace lies you can surround yourself with folks who can help you to rejoin it. If you are sure that you should be in the arts community, find people in that community who will encourage you, not people who want to remake you into their image. If you are a scientist at heart, find other scientists to be with.

Inner peace is available to everyone. It might not be easy to find, but it is there. Look in the places where you last had it and discover within yourself how it disappeared, then go and get it back. It is your birthright to have that calmness deep within. Believe that and begin your journey: it just might be your destination.