Focus, Motivation, & Action Tips for Saturday

Tip Number 1: Make it a habit.

It is not enough, of course, to simply make a schedule. After all, creating one is easy – it is the “doing” part that is difficult. To make it easier for you to keep to your schedule, you have to turn it into a habit. Treat it as an integral part of your day that you absolutely cannot miss.

Your body does not automatically search for caffeine in the morning just because it wants to. It was trained to do so by repetitive action, strengthened by your own desire for a delicious cup of coffee. Your mind also does not look for its daily fix of quiz shows in the evenings for no reason. It was trained to do so as well.

So why can’t you train yourself to make your goal achievement schedule a part of your daily routine as well?

Tip Number 2: No excuses!

It is critical that you do not allow yourself any excuses. If you do, then the excuses will never stop. Your body has a “giving-in” muscle and every time you give in, it gets more powerful. Before you know it, that muscle has been flexed so much that it is impossible to ignore.

Tip Number 3: If you really have to, then it is okay to negotiate the terms – but do keep your word.

There are times when no matter how hard you try, you just cannot find the energy to do the work. Or perhaps you are too occupied or excited by something else that your focus on achieving your goal is absolutely ruined.

At times like this, there really is no other option left but to “negotiate” the terms of your schedule. If you are supposed to work four hours today yet you can only work three, then work an extra hour tomorrow or the day after.

It is important to specify the date for your negotiated term and of course to keep your word to yourself. This, however, is one thing that you absolutely must not make a habit of!

Tip Number 4: Eliminate distraction.

Distraction is your focus’ greatest enemy. Like temptation, it is insidious and will find all sorts of ways to mess with your concentration. Before you even start working, you should start by eliminating all possible sources of distraction.

Distraction can also be internal. These are those niggling doubts and worries that do nothing to help you reach your goal. You need to practice pushing them to the back of your mind. Keep practicing and they soon won’t be a bother at all!

You may say that you find lots of great information and are able to stay connected with your network or market by keeping yourself online, but surely your personal life or business can exist for a few hours without being on the Twitter and Facebook radar?

No matter how you look at it, in the end, Twitter, Facebook, forums and all other ways to communicate with people online will only be a potential source of distraction.

Tip Number 5: Meditate.

Numerous studies have already proven that meditation techniques – just like breathing exercises – are helpful in clearing your mind and improving your focus. If the words and figures that you are supposed to analyse are blurring right before your eyes, it is definitely the time to meditate. If your anger or resentment is making it difficult for you to concentrate, meditating will also do the trick.

You do not need to chant any mantras to meditate – although if you feel it will help, go ahead and do so. But in any case, finding a quiet place to sit and close your eyes and let your mind wander freely is good enough.

Do try not to lie down while meditating as you may end up sleeping instead.

Tip Number 6: Take a time-out but time it!

Sometimes, you can get a little burned out if you have been working too hard for the past few days. When this happens, it is okay to take a little breather from your work schedule.

Of course time-outs cannot last forever so do make sure that you time it as well. If you are working only for a few hours, then fifteen to thirty minutes should be enough. If, however, your schedule encompasses the whole day, then an hour at the most would be sufficient. Anything longer than that may make you too lazy enough to get back to work.

Tip Number 7: Are You Sleeping Enough?

This is one of those cases when science has the last say, and according to its experts, sleep can have a significant impact on your ability to concentrate. Having enough hours of sleep will improve your concentration. Having too little or too much of it, however, would cause you problems with staying focused.

To get enough sleep every night, you should try keeping regular hours or at least have a fixed schedule for sleeping. Eliminate all sources of distraction as well. Consider this as another goal for you to focus on and take action for.

Tip Number 8: Diet matters.

Diet also has to do with your ability to stay focused. A proper and healthy meal plan for the day will go a long way in improving your mind’s ability to work and increase your stamina. Make sure you also take in enough vitamins and minerals as well. If necessary, take health supplements.

Tip Number 9: Exercise matters as well.

Again, you may argue that exercising may not have anything to do with helping you save money for your first car or reaching this month’s sales quota, but actually it does.

Or at least that is what most scientific studies are suggesting. Like meditating, sleeping, and the right, a sufficient amount of daily exercise will also help improve the state of your mind. That you will get fitter and look more fabulous are just icing on the cake!
Tip Number 33: Enjoy what you are doing.

Find a way to make the process of achieving your goal enjoyable. Sometimes, it only takes a change of scenery. Other times, you just have to find the right angle to look at your situation.

When you are doing something you love, such as baking, reading, or dancing, then you absolutely have no problems concentrating, don’t you? But if you are being forced to do something you hate, then only with the greatest effort are you able to keep yourself focused on your work.