Get Motivated When You’re In A Slump

Everyone including me, you, and any other person in the world gets into a slump every once in awhile. The things you need to remember is that it will pass and you will be back to your usually jolly self. There are however some techniques you can use in order to speed up that process and make you start feeling better immediately. Here is a list of tips I put together. Some of them may be useful to you and some not. It’s still a great list to read over and give these things a try.


  1. Start moving right now. When you are stationary trying to figure out something to do, chances are you aren’t really enjoying yourself and you may have gotten stuck in a negative mindset. Don’t give yourself time to think or talk yourself out of taking action. Get up right now and start moving in any direction. Even if your progress is minimal, by just moving you will feel much better than you did sitting around thinking.
  2. Find something to get excited about and go with it. Even if it’s not something you can do right now just think about something that would make you feel excited. Enjoy the thought of doing your favorite activity or remember a time when you were really excited about a particular something. Really feel the excitement as it enters your body and don’t hold back.
  3. Write down a goal and work towards it. Whether it’s a long term or short term goal write it down and stick with it. You can make it as big or small as you want. The main this here is make a goal and start making progress now.
  4. Find something or someone who is inspiring to lift you up. It could be a story that makes you happy or maybe you watch a motivational speaker. It could even be reading an article here on personal development 123. Whatever inspires you just give it a shot. Try to give it at least 10 minutes before you turn away and move on to something else.
  5. Realize that everyone gets like this and it will pass. Sometimes just knowing that this phase is temporary and better things will come is enough to lift you out of your slump.
  6. Be social or get some support from your family and friends. You might just want to be around other people as they tend to cheer you up and keep you distracted. You might want to get with someone close and share the way you feel by asking for their support.
  7. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Really take the time to weed out your negative thoughts and focus on the ones that make you happy.
  8. Live in the moment and do something you enjoy. When you really get sucked into the now, it’s hard to worry about things to come or what happened in the past. Go out and smell some roses or bake something really yummy to eat.


Whatever it takes to help you get out of this slump it will be worth it once you do. Don’t ever think that you have to live in a demotivated depressed state of mind. You always have the choice to come out of this and get motivated to do anything you want. Good Luck!