Grow Stronger, Think Smarter, and Move Faster

Grow Stronger, Think Smarter, and Move Faster

Everyone wants to become stronger, smarter, and faster. Each of us have the ability to improve in these areas. There is a range which you usually stay within. These ranges can be expanded and improved as far as you are willing to take them. With only spending a little time each day you will feel the rewards from making these improvements.

I’m going to give you a little insight and some strategies in each different area. Spend at least a few minutes each day working on different ways to think smarter, move faster, and grow stronger. This will enable you to move forward from this day forward. I think this is a great basic topic to help improve yourself and your personal growth.

Think Smarter

You can become smarter no matter who you are or what your background is. It only takes a few seconds to learn something new and only a few minutes each day to give your brain a real treat. Solve crossword puzzles, read books, play games, interact with other people, or any other thing that makes your brain work. The more you use your brain the better and faster it becomes. Don’t be a drone going through the motions everyday. Really use your brain to solve problems and think your way through your entire day. If you don’t use your mind it will become slow and eventually waste away. Building your brain up will only get you half way to thinking smarter. In order to really begin to think smarter you also need to make sure you are really “thinking” about the way you solve problems and go about your day.

Spending time improving your brain power is the first step. After you focus on this for a little while you then need to think of smarter ways to do the things you already do now. Be creative and resourceful when you approach a situation or thought process. Take the time to process the information and really use your mind to solve the problem creatively. It’s never a bad idea to just say “let me see if there is another way to solve this.” Get input from other people. Study the way others solve problems and think through situations. Mimic their techniques if you can.

A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether. -Roy H. Williams 

Move Faster

You can become faster at everything you do by simply using routines and other tricks to help improve your speed. If you are trying to do something faster than you already do then focus on either moving faster or saving time. You can do this by cutting down the amount of work required to do the job. If it normally involves some tedious process of doing the same thing over and over, get a great routine cutting out all the unnecessary work. Micromanage the way you do things to ensure there isn’t any wasted motion or energy.

If you have a solid routine and you know exactly what you are doing, then you other method of improvement would be to move faster physically. Increase your speed by simply slowly pushing yourself to be a little faster each time. If it’s a common task this should be easy. A great way to start would be to just simply walk faster. Start out with simple tasks like brushing your teeth or getting dressed. Anything you can do a little faster will be the improvement you need for a major life overhaul  Just remember don’t get so fast that you become sloppy or make a situation dangerous. Use common sense here.

Grow Stronger

Strength is sought after by almost everyone. There are many different kinds of strength such as physical, emotional, mental, etc. Each one has it’s own way to be improved upon. Here is a list of tips for each of these different categories. Spend as much time daily strengthening all these different areas to receive maximum benefits. You don’t have to spend all day, you could spend as little as 5 minutes in each area. Remember consistent improvement will bring guaranteed results.

Things To Improve Physical Strength

  • Work out
  • Weight lift
  • Lose weight
  • Stay active
  • Get outside and really stay busy
  • Play sports
  • Swim
Things To Improve Emotional Strength
  • Don’t let things or people bother you
  • Don’t get angry
  • Practice being optimistic
  • Become a master of your emotions
  • Do things you love and build from there
  • Build a strong cirlce of friends
Things To Improve Mental Strength
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Think outside the box
  • Read
  • Focus on tasks
  • Learn
  • Play games
  • Interact with others
  • “think”

Improve in each of these areas with just basic activities and repetition. Spend at least 5 minutes each day coming up with new ways to improve yourself. Keep your mind sharp, your body and emotions fit, and increase your speed to become an overall improved person. This article was written just to give you some basic guidance to becoming the new you. I will be breaking these topics down into much greater detail soon so check back for more great self growth. Good Luck!