A List Of Health Benefits From Juicing Raw Vegetables & Fruits

Health Benefits From Juicing

There are many great reasons to start juicing, including several great health benefits, disease prevention, and even anti-aging. People have long known about the benefits of eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Modern science has given us a device to extract all of the nutrition from these fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing us to consume them in their most concentrated form. This form is a fresh vegetable juice.

Benefits of Juicing

  • Better Overall Health
  • Weight Management
  • More Energy
  • Less Toxins In Your Body
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Lots Of Good Nutrition
  • Claims of Miracle Healing Including Beating Cancer and Reverse Many Life Threatening Diseases

Juicing can do many things for your health. If you are trying to lose weight, this is the way to go. If you replace a greasy meal with a healthy juice your body will thank you and the weight will shed off fast. I have read stories about people who juiced for 2 of the 3 meals each day and lost close to 100 lbs. in under 6 months. The calorie count for an average juice is less than 100, and the amount of nutrition for you body is more than you would get in a full 3 course meal. Juice fasting is where you only consume juice for a period of time usually people do it for a weekend. This is where you receive the greatest benefits from your juice, but isn’t for everyone and should only be done with caution and doctor supervision. You will be lacking some basic nutritional items like protein. You can add them with a supplement or the next major meal you take in.

Since your body doesn’t have to spend all of the energy breaking down the vegetables into a usable substance, you won’t put strain on the digestive system. This allows your body to immediately absorb the nutrition without using energy for digestion. The nutrition from the juice will boost your energy levels fast and naturally without a crash. If you are having something like an afternoon slump try making yourself a vegetable juice and see if it doesn’t help.  When you drink the juice the nutrients enter you blood stream faster and more efficiently than eating vegetables. This helps to neutralize the toxins and flush out your system. With all of the detox properties and good nutrition you really can’t afford not to give this a try.

Another great benefit is all of the claims for miraculous healing. Most of these claims aren’t backed up by much scientific evidence, but there are still enough testimonials out there to give them some credit. Some of the more common claims are cures cancer, reverses life threatening diseases, slows aging, improves brain capacity, and more. If you are considering using juicing as a form of alternative medicine for some kind of illness, please do your research first. I would also recommend that you check with your doctor before starting any major diet change and under no circumstances quit taking your medicine without the doctor’s permission.

My Juicing Experience

I personally have tried juicing and the benefits were amazing. I tried doing it for two weeks straight without missing a day. By about the 3rd or 4th day I started to really notice the difference. I juiced in the afternoons instead of picking up an energy drink or taking a nap. My energy level was much higher and I didn’t need that extra afternoon sleep. The only real problem I found with juicing is the time it takes to make and clean it up. More the clean up. Consider how hard the machine is to clean when you consider buying a juicer.

The cost for me was about 70 dollars for the juicer and about 5 dollars each time I made a juice. My basic recipe was celery, carrots, garlic, and an apple. I tried a few different things like radishes, spinach, pears, beets, kiwi, oranges, broccoli, etc. I like vegetable juice anyway so the taste of my homemade juice wasn’t bad at all. I tried switching different things around and found quite a variety of flavors for my juice. Each item you put in you juice not only changes the flavor profile, but also the nutrients you are going to be getting. If you are lacking a particular nutrient in your diet find a fruit or vegetable with a high concentration of that nutrient and add it to your juice. As a general rule of thumb you want more vegetables than fruits. You should keep fruits to a minimum since they have high levels of sugar and much less nutrition. I usually added one apple to my juice just to give it some flavor. The better juicer you buy, the more juice you will get from your vegetables. You can buy a cheap juicer for around 30 bucks, but you will lose a large amount of the juice from your vegetables to the waste tray. Also, some of the cheaper juicers have a small slot in the top and you have to spend much more time cutting up your vegetables in order for them to fit into the machine. The first juicer I bought was like this. I didn’t make that same mistake with the second one.

Overall I was really pleased with the way juicing made me feel. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their current health. Some other things I noticed besides energy were increased focus, better sleep, a calming feeling, better moods, and it killed my hunger. I did start to lose a little bit of weight also, but I didn’t do it long enough to really shed off some pounds.  I didn’t do a complete juice fast like some people do. All I did was replace my afternoon snack/lunch with a juice and kept everything else the same in my diet. I plan on getting this going full swing in the near future, replacing two meals per day permanently.

Tips & Advice To Help You Get Started

  • Learn Everything You Can About Juicing
  • Buy a Juicer
  • Find a Basic Recipe ( You Can Add More To It Later)
  • Buy Supplies & Set Aside Time To Juice
  • Start Out Slow
  • Add Things For Flavor Such as an Apple or Pear
  • Give it Time (May take a few juices before you really notice the difference)

When you start out juicing you will need to set aside a little bit of money and time.  The time isn’t really much at all. It takes about 15-30 minutes to make a juice. The amount of money really depends on the local price of fruits and vegetables and which juicer you start out with. You can get a juicer as cheap as 30 bucks, but remember they will extract less juice from the vegetables and it will take you more vegetables to make a good amount of juice. The only good reason other than money for buying a cheap juicer starting out would be to make sure you are going to stick with it before investing in a more expensive one. My cheap juicer was hard to clean and broke after only a few months.

I did some research and below are some juicing supplies you might want. This juicer is one of the best. You can click the link to go to amazon and read the reviews and features. If you can afford the price this is the one for you. If not grab one from a local department store for about 30 bucks and go from there. The juicing bible is an overall great resource. You can click the link below and read the first chapter. The first edition of The Juicing Bible won the 2000 International Cookbook Revue Award and has over 300,00 copies in print. I would suggest buying both of these items if they are in your budget. Good Luck!