Health & Healing: 8 Herbs That Will Fix Any and Every Problem

Kaitlyn was twelve years old when she began experiencing pain in her lower abdomen. Her mother immediately took her to a local, university-run hospital, where eager interns surrounded a disillusioned attending. They diagnosed her with a benign tumor in her uterus and suggested that she should have surgery immediately, as the waiting lists for booking the O.R. rooms were progressively getting exponential.

Her mother politely refused to comply with the doctor’s orders and took her daughter to an herb doctor instead. The herb doctor went behind the counter and took out a jar full of sheer white powder.

Two months later, she reported that there had been no pain in her lower abdomen ever since the herbs medicated her. For Kaitlyn, the herbs are more of a miracle worker and saved her from spending almost $3000 USD approximately in surgery, and the suffering that comes along with it.

Many accounts like Kaitlyn’s can be analyzed enough to bring out the reasons why we should be using herbs to fix our issues. Sometimes modern medicine fails to satisfy its consumers. Today, plants are being utilized to fix in-numerous health problems, not excluding skin diseases, hypersensitivities, inflammation, migraines injuries, blisters, digestive issues, exhaustion, and even melanoma — attesting that it’s accurate to consider herbs as medicine.

Furthermore, herbs are a cheap and harmless method of treatment than allopathy. Moreover, given the immense propensity for pharmaceutical and medical fraud, no one should question her mother’s inclination to turn to herbs as a probable last resort. If used resourcefully, herbs are, in fact, beneficial to the society they are used in.

Here is a short list of the best herbs that have proven to work for many people:

1- Raw Garlic

Garlic is an old herb that has known for lowering the risk of cancer, especially the cancers that relate to the ovaries. For all you women out there, this is great news. Studies have even shown that after garlic extract enhancements for some time, people diagnosed with colon polyps experienced a decrease in the magnitude and amount of the precancerous growths in their scans and prognoses.

Furthermore, garlic can even give you and your heart cardiovascular benefits. For those who constantly experience blood pressure issues, this is great news! Just make sure you take it regularly – as no herb is effective if you just take it irregularly. Taking it for a year is the true and real way for garlic to give you the health benefits you seek.

2- Ginger

If you ever feel like puking – whether it’s because you have motion sickness, morning sickness, or neither – ginger is the best natural anti-nausea herb available in your local food market.

Additionally, ginger has been known for preventing stomach-related illnesses. Ginger works by administering a strong antioxidant in its makeup. It blocks the effects of the neurochemical serotonin, which is highly produced by your brain when you experience nausea related symptoms. Ginger also aids in regulating your blood flow. Its anti-inflammatory properties are famous for lessening the pain of the constituencies of arthritis.

What’s more is that ginger extract can work better than your Advil or Ibuprofen pill at times by working as an impactful pain-killer. Many patients have used ginger extract to relieve their pain, especially that pertaining to osteoarthritis of the knee.

3- Tumeric

Eastern culture loves turmeric, and rightly so. This bright yellow powder does more good than solely being used in Holi festivals. Over more than 3000 studies have been conducted, testing this mysterious natural herb, and the added health benefit it brings.

Although it is mainly used in cooking, it doesn’t mean it can’t be utilized for raw consumption. Mainly, it’s considered to be a strong anti-depressant, sometimes working even better than your Prozac. It also prevents blood clots, reduces inflammation, manages blood glucose levels, regulates cholesterol, etc.

The most active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which works as effectively as Cox-2 inhibitors, which essentially lessens the joint paints caused by arthritis.

4- Ginseng

Ginseng – now that’s an herb that deals directly with your emotions! An effective mood regulator, Ginseng has been proven time and time again to facilitate mental function increasingly.

It instantly de-fogs your brain and brings back your energy levels to their optimum. It essentially creates a calming effect in the one who regularly uses this herb.

And if you’re someone who wants to work on your weight – you’re in for luck. Ginseng works your fatty deposits against you so that you can benefit from weight loss.

5- Aloe Vera

There’s a reason why the famous Korean skin care routine is so obsess with Aloe Vera. We can use this herb as smooth as silk for natural beauty. It effectively softens your hair, improves scars, improves acne, moisturizes your skin and just makes you glow as gloriously as the sun itself. For reasons other than self-care, you can use Aloe Vera for treating skin irritations and rashes, causing them disappear within a week at most.

6- Cinnamon

We all cherish our cinnamon rolls, cinnamon lattes, and cinnamon cakes. Who knew how much good we were doing to our health by in taking all of the cinnamon’s miraculous wonders?

It’s perfect for people with type 2 diabetes. Why? Because it effectively controls your blood sugar levels and lessens the amount of cholesterol in your body. This, in turn, can reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular related diseases later in life.

7- Rosemary

If you drink Rosemary tea long enough, you might even reduce your chances of developing cancer in the future. We all know that consuming oil-heavy foods, like hamburgers, crispy chicken patties, and all that delicious goodness can have adverse effects on our health. And we must take health in our hands, and do our best to work through our health problems in the most natural way conceivable. Mixing in rosemary into the meat before cooking it lessens the risk for the meat to carry HCAs (heterocyclic amines). Which greatly contribute to an increased surface withdrawal of potent carcinogens. It promptly does that by blocking the carcinogen from binding with the active site of the DNA, which they consider to be the primary step in tumor formation.

8- John’s Wart

This wonderful yellow flower is not just a simple, garden ornament. St. John’s Wart is, much like ginseng but more effective, works well for mental illnesses. Mostly people use for depression, coupled with anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia.

In essence, it deals with the symptoms of all these illnesses, lessening them to a considerable extent. For example, if you suffer from arrhythmia and fast heart rates because of your anxiety, St. John’s Wart works effectively to relieve you of those symptoms.

For an older woman, it reduces a number of hot flashes in post-menopausal women and relieves muscle cramps of menopausal women. It also deals with controlling the mood swings that arise because of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS). And young, hyper teens diagnosed with (attention deficit disorder) ADD or ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) do well to take St. John’s Wart on a regular basis, as it makes more and more children focused during work and play time respectively. The operational elements in St. John’s wort is neutralize through the presence of light, which is why you’ll find most of the St. John Wart’s products in an amber or black container.

Final Thoughts!

So, there you have it! A complete list of all the awesome herbs that help you live the healthy life you’ve always wanted to have. Follow taking these herbs on a regular basis, and for prolonged periods of time to see their added benefits.

Herbs’ prevalence in developing and developed countries is a cause for commendation and must be seriously applauded. Its popularity in developed and developing countries makes it easier for foreign audiences to consider its beneficial effects when herbs become widespread on a large scale. First-world countries like the United Kingdom or the U.S.A. have now deeply begun to respect its effects as well.

Until this day, until this moment we may not be free from the harmful implications that allopathy (modern medicine) entails – regardless of whether one is a Kaitlyn or not. You can rest assured that these herbs strike the right balance between health, fitness, and control.

Herbs, therefore, sits comfortably under the umbrella of effective alternative medicine and must be properly continued to leave room to explore more avenues, ones that may even be successful in fighting the capitalistic medical-industrial complex and provide the form of healing that is much better suited to our needs.