How To Attract Positive People And Situations

How To Attract Positive People and Situations

Attracting positive people and positive situations can be as easy as a simple mindset. If you set you mind in the right direction you can attract anything you want and once you get there it will be easy to maintain.

The positive mindset isn’t something new. I’ve touched on it many times before and chances are that you have probably already experienced it at some point in your life. It’s that good overwhelming feeling that things you want are in your life and that you are doing things the way you want to be. It’s just a feeling that everything is good and even your troubles will work themselves out in a matter of time.

The positive mindset itself isn’t something that someone can do for you. YOU will need to activate this in your mind and keep those negative thoughts away. The quality of you positive mind is up to you. Putting more effort into your mindset will pay off greatly in the long run. Once you get locked into positive behaviors and thinking you will attract the people and situations you want in life and not whatever random things come your way.

Getting Started

Your first step should be to get physically fit. You might be shocked by this step, because this article is about positive mindsets, but it’s much harder to think positive if your body doesn’t feel well. I’m not saying you have to make miracles here, just make some progress. I would suggest a light jog a few days per week. Maybe get plenty of sleep and eat a little better. If you are overweight cut back on your eating and go to the gym. The endorphins from the exercise will make you feel better temporarily and the fit body will make you feel better even years down the road. After doing a lot of research I found that having a fit body is one of the common characteristics of people with successful and positive mindsets.

The next thing you should do is eliminate any negative situations and people you can from your lives. I’m not saying that you will be able to get rid of every person in your life that is negative. For example you can’t help it if you have a negative parent.( In the future once you become positive you could show them how to do it 🙂 You can however choose which friends you hang out with and what kind of people you surround yourself with. You can choose whether to work out or go out drinking. Remember the choices you make put you in your current situation. Changing the situations and people will have a dramatic effect on your happiness level and will increase your chances of gaining a solid positive mindset.

The next important step is to find and focus on the things that make you happy. If it’s a certain person then stay around them more. If it’s a certain activity then do it more often. Whatever it is that gives you those happy feelings find it and let it thrive in your life. Focus hard on making sure you do follow your good feelings around and let them be the guide for your life.

I’ll bet you thought this article would tell you to chant some mantra and repeat happy words all day until your happy. Well, the truth is most of us are happy on the inside. We just have reasons that are blocking us from that happiness we want and crave. Eliminating the negatives from your life is 75% of the fight in getting what you want and staying positive.

Attracting Positive People and Situations

This is the easy part. It’s almost like it’s on automatic. Once you get the right mindset the people will come on their own.  Happy people attract other happy people and positive situations attract other positive situations. It’s really that simple. You don’t need some miracle formula. A lot of people will try to complicate this into some big ordeal. If you do that then it may become to hard and you will give up before you get there. If you need a reminder then wear a bracelet or ring. Keeping it on the top of your mind will help you stay on track.

What Will Happen When You Get There

Once you get the right mindset going your life will change dramatically. Your days will become joy filled and full of life. You will want to get up in the mornings and feel great all day long. Your dreams will become realities and you will have the ability to obtain anything your heart desires. Keep going and don’t give up no matter what.