How to Be Optimistic | Positive Thinking For Dummies


Optimism is basically having a positive outlook on anything in your life.  I can’t stress enough how important this trait is for overall well-being and to attain a high quality of life. Once learned and practiced it will be one of your greatest assets.  There are several key benefits to being an optimistic person. I will list some of them but there are many more.

Benefits of being Optimistic:

  • You will have a positive outlook on life
  • You will be able to succeed at more things
  • People will want to be around you and you will generally have more friends
  • You will have a lot more fun
  • You will almost always be in a good mood
  • It will lower your stress and anxiety
  • Higher quality of life

Learning to be optimistic  is important to help you grow and succeed. By being optimistic you will find the good things in even a bad situation. Optimistic people can have everything taken away from them and still manage to keep a positive mood.  Have you ever gone into a situation with a positive outlook and sure enough it worked out perfectly? This happens almost all of time when you have an optimistic outlook. One of the main reasons this happens is even if something slightly bad did happen you might see it as room for improvement or even as an opportunity to test your skills and knowledge. When you go in with a pessimistic attitude one little thing can send you into a depressive downward spiral causing you to ignore all of the good things that happen until a time when you get back into a positive mood. You don’t want this to happen to you and if it does occasionally don’t feel like something is wrong with you. Truthfully this happens to most people all ages from time to time. But the more you can minimize the occurrences the less of an impact it will have on you and your life.

Have you been looking for a stress reliever? Imagine that if all those bad things that happen and constantly worry you would just vanish. Being an optimistic person in general is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. When you feel good about your actions and situations you generally don’t spend as much time worrying or feeling stressed.  This is a simple trick of distraction but it is proven that this helps to relieve the symptoms of many feelings such as stress and anxiety. These two feeling usually go hand in hand. A worried person is usually stressed and stressed person usually has some form of anxiety. Once you learn the secrets of being an optimistic person your symptoms from these two will be greatly reduced if not eliminated completely.

When your optimistic and something that could be seen as negative or bad happens  it won’t affect you as bad. Even things that are currently bothering you won’t seem like problems at all or may completely vanish from your conscious mind. Have you ever met a person that no matter what happens good or bad just constantly smiles and appears to be happy and full of energy. There is a reason for this and it’s not because they are just to dumb to understand whats going on. It’s because they have an optimistic outlook. This enables their minds to filter out all the negatives associated with the situation and present the conscious mind with a positive experience. The truth is you don’t benefit at all from being negative. So what if you got an F in school. The F could easily be a reflection of your effort and it might snap a realization into your head that you might not be getting as good of an education as you could and that you need to try harder and spend more time studying. This down the road leads you to learn more and you end up getting a better education and landing a higher paid job. Do you see where I’m going with this? By taking something that happens to you negatively and making into a positive or a learning experience you will grow and prosper. But if all you did was mope around your house and cry because you got an F then thought things like “I’m dumb” or “I’ll never got an A I might as well give up” then you hurting your true potential to get anywhere in life. Don’t do this to yourself become an optimistic person. Follow these tips I’m about to list for you and start making changes in your life now.

Tips to becoming optimistic.

  • Stay positive
  • Be thankful for what you have
  • See things that happen as challenges instead of problems
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Keep the long-term goals and mind and never give up on your dreams
  • Take all criticism as constructive and never let things people say bother you
  • Try to do things that promote you to be in a good mood
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Remember it’s never to late you can start right now

Stay positive at all costs. This is one of the most important characteristics of an optimistic person. If you don’t know how to be positive just try to put yourself in a good mood and teach yourself how to enjoy everything you can. Always give thanks for the things you have. When you take the time to be thankful for what you have you are realizing how lucky you are and how many people care for you. Take five minutes each day to either write down or say in your mind all of the things you are thankful for. The easiest time to do this would be right before bed. Practice this for 30 days and it will become a habit. This is by far one of the best tricks to being and staying positive.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about staying positive but I am writing an entire article on staying positive and will link it here when its done.

Treating other people as you would want to be treated is very important to gaining your optimistic attitude. When you do this in return you will get many thanks and you will feel good on the inside. By helping other people it triggers several positive feelings and emotions. Anything at all that you can do that makes you feel more positive will help you to be more optimistic.

Dreaming is one of the most important parts of keeping yourself focused on your life long goals. By dreaming you start planning you future. This will keep you thinking ahead and give yourself that extra motivation needed to accomplish you goals. Anytime you can see yourself where you want to be, you are telling your mind that you will be there one day. This creates a fantasy world where you are happy and content with your life. This enables you to stay focused and Persevere. Day dreaming and planning ahead is a great way to be more optimistic. Don’t forget you can never dream to big. The sky is the limit in your imagination.

Another thing to being optimistic is you have to learn to love and respect yourself. Having a good self-image will help you improve your outlook on life. Once you love yourself for who you are others will as well. This in turn will give you more Self-Confidence and excitement. This leads to higher levels of optimism.

Try at to do things that put you in a good mood while avoiding those that negatively impact it. If you enjoy going for a walk or playing a game by all means do it. Don’t miss out on what you enjoy for any reason. Especially don’t make up an excuse not to do what you enjoy. You only live once enjoy your life and have fun while you do it.

Criticism at times can really impact your optimistic outlook, but in reality its only the way you look at it that bothers you. You are what you think you are and nobody can say anything that can bother you unless you let them. The only person that can control how you feel is you. If you let others influence you in a negative way then you are giving in to other people negative mood. Try to take all criticism as constructive. If you can benefit from something negative someone says or does to or about you then you won’t have much of a problem keeping up an optimistic outlook.

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