How to Change Your Life for the Better

Each one of us dreams of change, change that can transform our behaviors, habits, personality, physical characteristic, personal worth, simply put; life. It helps to keep in mind that actual change comes from within. Before you change anything external about yourself you must first be able to change your heart, conscious mind and your subconscious mind. You must program both your conscious and subconscious mind do deal with the new you and your decided direction in life.

The first step on how to change your life for the better is to first analyze all the spheres of your present life and identifying the need to change. This means you need to identify some life standards to which you can compare yourself and identify possible areas that need change. While doing this, just remember there is no ideal personality. Choosing a role model who acts as measure for your standards is a good start, but remembers no personality is perfect. This means you may only take the positive traits from your selected role model and but you have to be your own person at the end of the day. My point is, don’t try be someone else, be yourself, everybody else is taken. So as you aspire to evolve into a new you, make sure it’s your true self.

It is important to analyze and understand yourself first before trying to change yourself. You can’t for sure change something you don’t understand. Perhaps the best way to do this is to divide your life into spheres such as financial, academic, social, spiritual, health and personal life and then comprehensively analyze each facet one by one to see where change is necessary

Personal life-when analyzing for the need of change in your life, personal life happens to be the backbone and maybe the starting point for the whole process. This is what makes the real you, your personality, habits, behaviors and physical characteristic. Find out what makes your cry, laugh, sad, smile, depressed, stressed, moody-generally, try to understand yourself. Make an effort to list down your personality, traits or habits. Find out whether you are friendly, harsh, easily irritable, strict, loving, caring, charming and find out how your personality affects your current life. The best way is to ask your close friends and tell them to be as honest as they can be. From this, identify the need to change and embrace a personality and behaviors that makes you and those around you happy. Habits die hard; this means you will need more effort and practice to break some negative habits. A little more persistent, determination and a goal should win you through.

Financial life-with the current global recession, transforming your financial life comes in handy to ensure you have a stress free life. You need to evaluate your current financial situation including your net worth, earnings, saving habits, projected future earning potential and most importantly, if this makes you happy. Remember, you don’t have to be a millionaire to be happy; you only need to be satisfied with what you have to be happy. Funny enough, there lots of millionaires out there who are neither happy with how much they are worth nor satisfied with their millions. If you find your financial life a bit wanting, design solid strategies to drive you to another level. You may make more investments, acquire new saving techniques, acquire more education for promotion, cut some cost and expenses, and add more effort in your financial endeavors, anything that works for you depending on your occupation. Don’t hesitate to seek some advice from experienced friends in matters of finance.

Academic life- it happens that education is not a must for one to archive in life, but we all agree that education makes the achieving quite easy and hustle free. Knowledge is power, or so they say. Analyze your current academic level and find out if it meets your tasks at hand. Personally, I haven’t yet identified any side effects of “too much information”, so feel free to add some more. Acquiring little more information than your tasks calls for puts you on the top of your career and opens a lot of other hidden opportunities. Furthermore, being sufficiently knowledgeable in your field of specialization boosts your confident, intelligent, ego, self-esteem and definitely gives your financial life a face lift. So if you find the need, don’t hesitate, enroll for those evening classes, buy that book or enroll for that degree that you have always wanted, as long as it makes you happy.

Social life-this is that facet if life that defines how we interact with those around us and the environment at large. Your social life has its roots intimately interacting with your personality. Analyze how you interact with your family, close friends, friends, and other people in general. Ideally, you will want to have a caring, loving, sensitive and outgoing personality that everyone wants to be around. Scrutinize the people surrounding your life and find out if they add value to your life or maybe they are the cause for your downfall. Find out if you have enough friends, true friends, how to keep them and enrich your life with happiness. Nobody wants to be lonely, trust me, it’s very boring. Just so you know, there is a lot to gain with a rich social life full of caring, loving, and supportive friends. Uplifting your social life general improves yourself esteem and gives a feeling of belonging.

Spiritual life-whichever your spiritual believe or orientation, everybody has one. Search within your soul for the things you believe in, spiritually and ask yourself if this adds value to your life. If not, you may need to change your spiritual practices, orientation, and association or at the very extreme, change your believes. You don’t have to necessarily enroll into the most reputable theology college, be ordained to be a high order religious leader, or walk around with religious books, just find a religious association that gives you the peace of mind, spiritual nourishment and that acts as a moral compass to bring you back on track when you lose yourself. It makes your life more easy and simple, for the better.

Health life-you definitely need to be in perfect health for you to happily pursue sound changes in the above named facets of life. Poor health can so much hinder your financial, social, spiritual and personal progress if not checked. Health is such a wide sphere; it will involve evaluation of the presence of any long term, short term or recurrent illness, mental fitness, and physical fitness. In case of any anomaly identified, embrace and accept your current situation and then formulates a plan on how you can make yourself better. Steps to make your health life better may involve going for comprehensive medical examination, being vigilant of any abnormal body behaviors and symptoms and attending regular medical checkup. An overall measure to improve your health life could involve healthy eating which may range from avoiding fatty foods, alcohol, cigarette smoking and regular exercise to keep your body fit. Be sure to follow up your unique health problem with your personal doctor to make sure it’s eliminated in time.

By trying to transform your habits, behaviors and life in general, it helps to embrace the fact that you are at war with yourself. Human behaviors and habits are very sturbone. To that effect, I have listed some of the tips that will make your life changing process quite a smooth ride.

Tips on how to change your life for the better

  • clearly define and write down your goals that you want to archive, identify the tools and resources to be used and allocate a reasonable timescale for the same.
  • don’t be fixated on your past life, failures and downfalls, you don’t live there anymore.
  • Be persistent and patient-remember it takes at least 21 days to successfully break a habit. Dropping some habits such as alcoholism and cigarette smoking may be a little hard but with a strong will, commitment, patience and persistence, you are sure to get past them.
  • learn to love yourself and appreciate every step you take in making yourself better.
  • some life changing processes and decisions may be a little painful and emotionally draining. Endurance and a positive approach will likely take you through and you will emerge a happier and successful individual at the end.
  • it helps to seek for some advice and listen to your friends while at that, but do not pay too much attention to peoples comments and discouragements.
  • do personal evaluation regularly to ensure that you are living the life you intended to and that it makes you happy.
  • cheer up, have fun and keep yourself happy.