How To Get A Flat Stomach The Truth

Almost everyone wants to lose weight. Some people more than others. I can tell you right now that the weight I have on my body isn’t that bad. But, there is one place I would love to make a dramatic improvement. That’s my stomach.

I know that’s its extremely hard to get supermodel type abs. Some people can’t even achieve this no matter how hard they try it’s just in their genetics. But what you can do is flatten those abs that you do have. It doesn’t take a $300 dollar exercise course or a personal trainer to do this. With the right exercise and dedication anyone can get a flat. The time frame depends on how dedicated you are and how far you have to go.

Do that right exercises. After doing much research I have found that doing sit ups alone will not give you the dream abs or flat stomach you want. There is no point in toning up your abs if you have a layer of fat covering it. The exercise that you need to focus on is cardio running, swimming, biking, even walking. Anything that involves heavy breathing, sweating, and getting your heart rate up.

Also take in to consideration the amount of calories you’re in taking. If you start to increase your output with cardio then mix in some ab exercises like weight lifting or crunches you’re on the right track. But, if you eat more food to compensate for the extra effort you are making then the chances are you won’t lose any weight at all. You may even gain a few pounds.

The weight won’t come off of you in a matter of days or weeks either. It will take some time to actually even notice a difference. The main point here is consistency. You want to be as consistent as possible. If you lose 2 pounds per week for the first 3 weeks then plan on losing 2 pounds per week for the rest of the time you exercise. You never want to try and lose a little weight faster than 2 or 3 pounds per week. If you do chances are you will be effecting your overall health and you could even do some damage to your body.

Work your way up to more and more time exercising each day. If you spend 10 minutes per day for the first 10 days that’s great. Then you can move up to 15 then eventually 30  or more. Than main thing with this is have a little patience and don’t overdo yourself or you will end up in worse shape than when you started. Everyone can do this just dedicate and get started now. Good Luck!