How To Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side To Find Enlightenment

How To Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side To Find Enlightenment
Many people now days need to be in touch with their spiritual side more than ever.The world where we live in now demands too much from us. The pressure to constantly improve in our schools, careers, hobbies, sports and relationships caused too much stress and anxiety. More medical journals have labeled America as a “Prozac Nation”. The figures are distressing – 1 out of 7 Americans have suffered from clinical depression or a psychological problem related to depression.

Do We Only Have A Body And Soul?

Why are more people prone to suffering from clinical anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues? The answer to this is simple. Spirituality, when neglected, can cause draining emotional and psychological problems. We, as humans, don’t just have a mind and a body for us to function normally. Every human being has a body, a soul, and a spirit. Although the soul and the spirit is strongly intertwined, there is a clear distinction between the two. The soul allows us to feel. It is our emotional side. The spirit allows us to connect further, we are connected to the Supreme Being and to the Universe.

Are You Neglecting Your Spiritual Self?

The teaching that the spirit only lives after the demise of the human body is false. There is a spiritual side and we need to find ways how to activate it. We need to escape being imprisoned that negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, and loneliness for us to live a victorious life. Feeding only the emotions will never yield to lasting joy and a life lived to the fullest. Have you noticed how dependent your emotions are to the circumstances in life? When we are faced with a good situation, we are happy. When we are faced with a gloomy situation, then we complain, and sulk into depression. Have you met a person who, despite of the bleak circumstances that he or she has is still positive and full of hope? That kind of person has a spirit that is filled while the latter person only depends on his emotions. Feeding your spirit is more important than feeding your soul. How about you, do you have a spirit that is filled, or a spirit that is hungry?

Does Being Spiritual Mean I Should Be Religious?

Now that we have clearly identified the difference between the soul and the spirit, let us find ways on how to activate our “inner being.” Contrary to what many people believe, being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be religious. Religion is connected to spirituality while spirituality is an individual matter that demands personal attention and constant practice.

Here are the steps on how to get in touch with your spiritual side:

1 – Looking Deeper Into Yourself

Remember that the soul and the spirit are two separate elements inside of us, but are deeply intertwined. To activate our spiritual side, we must have a clear understanding on how we think and feel. By doing so, we will be able to pinpoint what causes us to react positively or negatively. As a result, there will be an honest self-assessment on what our strengths and weaknesses are.

A great way for this activity is to have a journal and just simply write what you feel today and why. Write down the times when you feel sadness and why. Write down the times when you feel happy and what causes it. How do you react when you are in circumstances that are not favorable to you? Do you stay calm and logical in finding a solution to the problem or do you act out of anger? In a page in your journal, make two columns and write about your strengths and weaknesses. Determine how your strengths affect your life and how your weaknesses affect your daily living too.

2 – Finding Your Balance

Finding balance is not just an emotional issue or an integral part of becoming more productive. This goes beyond time management and staying positive. After you are done with your self-assessment, we need to purge our soul from the negative emotions that we presently have. Do you have anger management issues? Do you get frustrated easily? Is there unforgiveness, resentment, guilt, or an obsession in your heart? Let go of any negative emotions for your soul to have a deeper connection with your spirit. This is a constant struggle, but having a clear evaluation on where you are emotionally right now will make a huge impact in your life. Each time a negative thought enters your mind, resist it.

3 – Meditating On A Regular Basis

There are different forms of meditation available. For the Hindus, they do yoga while chanting mantras. For the Christians, this is through prayer and Bible reading. For the Muslims, this is through praying five times a day. Many simple activities can be related to meditation. You can do some gardening while listening to songs that give you hope and comfort. You can simply find meaning to life by going to the park and dwelling at the marvelous creations of the Supreme Being. As earlier stated, the spirit should never be hungry. Regular meditation will help you in may ways, you will become healthier. Being spiritual may not be a cure to any disease, but it helps prevent many illnesses because it helps the person achieve inner peace and attain lasting joy. When we feel happy, the immune system receives a boost.

4 – Surrounding Yourself With Encouragement

Spiritual people have a great potential to ward off stress and fatigue because they are always contented with what life has to offer. The connections that we make to the world takes our spirituality to a higher level. The importance of being positive all the time means that filtering should be done on a daily basis. What we see and hear will affect the way we think and feel. The way we think and feel determines our spirituality. As much as you can, avoid being with pessimistic people. Pessimism damages your soul’s connection with your spirit. The negative emotions and issues that have been resolved with arise. Be careful on what kind of books, magazines, or internet content that you read. Also be conscious on the music that you listen and what you watch on TV and in the movies. It will be impossible to completely avoid these negative stuff, but constant filtering is possible.

5 – Living Out A Renewed Life

A truly spiritual person’s lifestyle exudes with activities that displays compassion and acts of mercy. You can volunteer in an orphanage or choose to go to the home for the aged to comfort people in need. You can do feeding programs too. There are so community outreach that you can do and this will come out naturally as a fruit of the spirit-filled life that you have.

The Benefits Of Becoming Spiritual

According to many medical studies, spiritual people have a decreased metabolic rate and a lower heart rate which means they are less prone to acquiring cardiovascular disorders. Cortisol, the stress hormone in the body is greatly reduced and endorphins, the happy hormone in the body is greatly increased with people who have a steady spirituality. Because meditation is a lifestyle among spiritual people, they are also less prone to having hypertension, migraines, and it improves the memory. This essentially means that the possibility of having Alzheimer’s disease is significantly lessened. Best of all, your subjective feelings of happiness based on good circumstances is a thing of the past. You become more emotionally stable which eventually yields to productivity in your chosen field.