How To Improve Your Personality


Previously psychologists believed that personality was set in stone by the time the person attained adulthood. With time the idea that personality was more fluid that most people thought began emerging. Today it is common knowledge that personality can be controlled and influenced. This means that you have some control over certain characteristic and traits that you want to refine or develop. In order to understand how to improve your personality you must begin by learning the real meaning of personality.

Personality is the pattern of behaviors, feelings and thoughts that make a person unique among the rest of humanity. It is common to hear someone say about a person “he has a good personality “.In other words the person being referred to is pleasant, likable and interesting to interact with. Given a choice most people would like to have a good personality, in fact a likeable personality is rated higher than good looks. About 80 -90 percent of your happiness and success is based upon your interactions with other people. Learning how to improve your personality is crucial because ultimately it determines whether people are attracted to you or not.

It is quite common for individuals to spend a lot of time improving their looks as much as possible. What you may not know is that you can also improve your personality as much as you want. Just as it takes time and effort to improve your looks, developing your personality will not happen overnight but with time and determination you can modify and integrate agreeable traits in your life. If you are keen on improving your personality consider the following tips:

Read widely and diversify your interests

The more you read the better you will understand a wide variety of issues and topics. On the other develop new interests and meet new people often. This offers you the opportunity to interact and exchange your ideas and opinions with others.

Master the art of conversation

In order to be a great conversationalist you must be knowledgeable. This includes talking to people about issues you are well versed in but also listening and asking questions about things and topics you do not have enough information about. It is quite refreshing to learn from others in the course of a good conversation. Being a good conversationalist involves talking, listening, observing and knowing when to speak and when to hold your peace.

Learn to listen actively

Some of the people considered as the most pleasant in the world also happen to be very good listeners. Real listening involves attending to the person speaking, hanging on every word they say and making the person feel like there is no one else who matters at the moment. Learn to establish good eye contact with anyone speaking to you. This helps the person to feel that you are actively listening and interested in what they have to say.

Have an opinion on issues

If you have ever talked to someone who does not have an opinion on anything then you know that it is quite boring. Such a conversation is quite boring since you have nothing to expound on nor do you learn anything new from the person. On the other hand when you are engaged in a conversation with a person who has a different opinion from you’re the conversation gets quite stimulating. A unique outlook is very refreshing to everyone as long as you do not behave like a know-it-all.

Be comfortable with yourself

Nothing is more tiresome and offending than people who are always trying to be someone they are not. Sometimes people pretend in order to fit in or impress however such action always backfires on them. It is important to note that each person is unique and the beauty of life is when everyone brings their unique characteristics to the table. Attempting to be someone else will not work so just get comfortable with who you are. Here the rule of the thumb is; just be authentic.

Do not be afraid to interact with people from different cultures

This is one of the important techniques on how to improve your personality that will ensure that you broaden your horizons. As you meet new people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures you will learn new ways of doing things and develop new thought patterns.

Develop a positive attitude

No one likes to be around people who are always complaining or have nothing positive to say in any situation. Develop an attitude that sees the possibility of better thing even in moments of despair. Be the kind of person who lights up a gloomy atmosphere with positive energy and vigor. In order to do this you have to be ready in seeing the good in people and things. Master the art of smiling genuinely and spreading good cheer even during tough times.

Support others

People have a way of taking off at the slightest mention or possibility of trouble and tragedy. One of the most endearing qualities of any person is being there when needed. Everyone needs a friend or cheerleader on their side when things are not going as planned. Nothing is more comforting than the knowledge that you have someone who believes in you even when you have made dumb mistakes or you are down and out.

Be humorous

Humorous people have a way of attracting people to them as most people enjoy a good joke from time to time. Get a way of looking for the humorous side of life in most situations. A good number of people you will encounter in life badly need comic relief as a means of diversion from their daily struggles. Being able to bring humor and cheer to gloomy situations will surely attract other people who will be grateful for making life a bit easier for them.

Develop integrity and respect for people

Honest people have a way of refreshing our hearts and winning our admiration. If you are honest and keep your word people will trust and respect you. On the other learn to respect other people as well as respecting yourself.

Learning how to improve your personality will not only make your life fulfilling but also contribute to your ultimate happiness.