How To Lose A Bad Attitude For Good

A bad attitude always brings about a picture of a nasty old person with a wrinkled face and piercing eyes; may be holding a shot gun at you for trespassing. Well this may be true but a lot of people suffer from a bad attitude from time to time. To some this is habitual while to others it just sneaks up on them unknowingly. Sometimes things and life might not turn out to be the way we want them to be and in most cases this creates a bad attitude in us. Whatever the reason for your bad attitude, it will never be accepted by your acquaintance so you need to think of ways to lose it. Keeping it up in the hopes of people understanding will leave you with no friends. In some cases, it is really hard to control a bad attitude but if you really try then you definitely will get over it. Well a bad attitude isn’t permanent and working on it sincerely will get rid of it.


1. Take charge of your thoughts.
In most cases a bad attitude is triggered by a negative thought. Most people with bad attitude tend to already have it in mind that something negative will always result. This is so in even the simplest things in life. To other people around them, this might be so annoying hence avoiding you alltogether. To keep off negative thought that always yield a negative attitude, replace the bad with the good thoughts. If negative thoughts have always been in your mind, take a day at a time to replace them with good thought. It might also help if you say something positive even if you don’t believe it one bit. Slowly by slowly, the positive will stick and give rise to positive attitude.

2. Know what triggers the bad attitude.
Your bad attitude might be as a result of various circumstances that just seem to appear at the wrong time. If you want to get rid of the bad attitude once and for all, establish what your trigger is. If it is a certain person that rubs you off the wrong way which ruins your day then by all means avoid them. If it is a certain task then find another to replace it. The best way to deal with situations that affect your life negatively is to deal with the root cause. Dealing with the effects will definitely not do. However, if it is a person you have to let them go but do it in a nice way though. If the person is important or cannot be gotten rid of, for instance your boss then learn a way of dealing with the annoying aspect.

3. Mingle with positive minded people.
It is true that hanging around positive people will eventually change your attitude for the better. Such people tend to always have an unexplainable sort of happiness that goes on no matter what you say to them. It would be true to say that they view life in a “glass half full” perspective. You give them a negative and they quickly turn it to a positive. You might say a nasty or hurtful word to them that would on normal circumstances break a person but they will reply it with a nice word. Such people are always much fun to hang around and especially when you’re blue. You need to hang around such people if your attitude is to be changed. Within a short matter of time, you will be as jovial and as happy as they are. Such company will teach you how to live a positive life, leg go of petty issues that previously bothered you and how to only let the positive words flow from you as well as dealing with the negative.

4. Focus on the good side of life
Life is full of ups and downs. There will always be something to bring you down or ruin your moods but there will also be something to uplift your spirit. There are two sides to every coin meaning that nature is fair enough to balance the two. A person with a bad attitude tends to focus on the dark side of life while a person with a positive tends to look at the positive. This is the only difference between the two people and is the only secret to losing a bad attitude. When someone says or does a bad thing to you pay him back with a good deed. If you keep this up, they will feel guilty and start being nice to you in return. Silly or careless mistakes tend to tick people off and especially rhetorical questions. Try to be nice or ignore the situation if it is too much to handle, it pays off you’ll see. If you keep up focusing on the good side of life, you will notice nice and better things that you hadn’t noticed before. Nature/ life have so many surprises that remain hidden until you focus on them. For instance, the laughter of little children, birds of the air chirping harmoniously, the sound of the gentle cool breeze and the sun set.

5. Ask friends to let you know when its on
Sometimes it might be hard to notice a bad attitude unless someone points it out. This is fine so long as you ask your friends and family to let you know when you are having a bad attitude. This will help you have it under control hence reducing the damage and the after effects. When you feel the bad attitude creeping up on you, find a way of turning it off immediately. You could switch off and concentrate on the environment where the sweet sound of nature will calm you; you could meditate, take a shower or do what makes you the happiest like a hobby. All of these activities will get you in a better mood and attitude.

It is not always the person’s fault when they have a bad attitude. If someone you know always seems to be in a bad mood, try to be positive and cheerful around them. They might just be having too much on their plate or maybe they might have gone through a rough time. Be positive and supportive and with patience, they will change for the better.