How To Solve Any Problem Your Facing In No Time At All

Problem solving does not consist just in techniques but takes the overall mix of attitudes, body and energy in a human being.
Solving problems is the most important ability and skill you can develop above all others, period. When the process becomes a habit problems can be faced real fast, You might wonder how to solve any problem you’re facing in no time at all. I’m here to help, I will list one way of doing things which has not let me down when in trouble.

1. Self imposed limitations
There are attitudes with devastating results for tackling problems such as a dictatorial, reproachful, absurd, victim, perfectionist, bland, boot licking or a change resistant approaches.

These ways of seeing the world bring with them limiting ways to the solution of problems. A problem solver can be seen a person who plays to be general, who uses the best in himself, who sees problems as enemies who have to be defeated inside this fun game.

2. Liberating beliefs
I’ll list some sentences in the form of affirmations which show the basis of an enabling attitude for problem solving.

  • I like problems.
  • Problems mean opportunities.
  • Problems give way to progress, always.
  • Problems allow my power to express itself.
  • Problems tell me what I should do.
  • Problems precede mastery.
  • Problems turn out to be fun.

3. Situation definition
A problem can be experienced in a variety of ways; an insufficiency, a deficit, shortcoming, lack of harmony, enigma, inconvenience, discomfort or manifestation of pain. A missing “should”.
A problem well-defined is a problem solved well. For a problem to be defined effectively it is of the utmost importance to specify to whom the problem belongs, an individual, a group? The problem is always in the eyes of the beholder.

4. Motivation to get it on
A storm can become a beautiful painting if we are equipped with the necessary tools. The first goal should be to acquire great energy. Food, resting and a positive and relaxed mental state lead us to being centered.
Centering. The mind is a powerful tool, when it wanders it can cause not only delaying to solutions but pain, distraction can be dangerous. Diaphragmatic breathing can help you feel more at ease.
Affirmation. Enabling states allow a cascade effect of results and we need and want positive emotions, think about what you would like to feel and work from there.

5. Asking questions
Nobody has all the answers or the final word in any subject. Asking questions allows you to discover solutions you never thought you could generate. It is like touching a wall and discovering there is another room, such is the magnificent power of asking questions.
Questions should be focused in the problem at hand, when writing them an interrogation sign should be drawn to indicate the will to find a solution.

6. Mental visualization
Imagine yourself with the problem solved, how would you feel? what would you see? what took you there? Now go backwards and start writing ideas to possible solutions.
The brain is the greatest simulator. Imaginare is the root word of imagination and its basic meaning is making images inside the mind. When you picture an issue many powerful associations come to light, feeding a positive loop of creativity.

7. Inspiration is everywhere
Mixing and matching not commonly interrelated words and concepts bring an avalanche of new possibilities and ideas. Many of the ideas that changed our time are simple – in retrospective – creativity is a game and is a basic element required in problem solving.

Sit with pen and paper, open a dictionary and mix a random word representing your problem with that word. Have fun, creative association not only with objects but concepts and ideas. This will give you an avalanche of new possibilities.

8. Compare and discover
Metaphor is no doubt the single most enabling tool of thought man has. An example is an executive who thinks about his company inside a path or a corporate initiative as a battle.

In the first example the path or road has highways, or perhaps it can be of the rural kind, how does this apply to our situation? In the second example employees can be seen as soldiers in a battle between good and evil. Discipline would become one of the most important values and hierarchy would be strict.

9. Ten feet jumping
As Einstein said “the significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them”. Stretching our goals can stretch our minds, the ability of man to adapt to circumstances is breathtaking.
It’s easy to get into a rut, especially when you have been contemplating the same subject for an extended period of time, sometimes what is needed is imagining you have increased your goal for problem solving 10x; solutions you haven’t even thought of come to mind and that’s the point. You might be surprised.

10. From idea to action
All ideas can be tested. Knowledge is power when applied and ideas can be distillation of knowledge. Acting on original thought is usually the most fantastic way to obtain new results.
Acting on original thought is the answer on how to solve any problem you’re facing in no time at all. It’s simple, but not easy. Courage and self-confidence are required to bring the answer to fruition.
Action is the single most important piece of the puzzle, but not just movement, intelligent action learns from itself and becomes effective and efficient as time goes by, making problem resolution easier each time until it becomes a natural part of yourself.

Some things to keep in mind. Bad things happen that’s a fact, but with correct attitude and tools any problem can be solved not only in one way but in a myriad of ways. Problems become opportunities and can be stepping-stones to breathtaking achievements.
Don’t be afraid from the different which is not bad, just different, people attack everything different, innovative and new, don’t enter into a fruitless game. Eliminate the word ‘but’ from your vocabulary, the world can become a playground where everything is possible. Go out and solve problems, until next time.