How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing More Now

How To Stop Procrastinating

Learn how to stop procrastinating today. I am going to share some great tips and advice to help you learn to quit putting stuff off and get things done now. Procrastination ruins so many people’s lives and leaves them in a constant state of stress and burden. Fixing procrastination is a very easy, but will take some hard work and dedication.

Benefits To Stopping Procrastination

  • Less Stress
  • You Will Be Ahead Of The Game More Often
  • You Get Things Done On Time or Early
  • You Will Be A More Valuable Worker
  • Better Relax Time
  • Save Yourself Money
Procrastination simply means to put something off to a later date or time. In some rare cases there can be benefits to putting stuff off, but more times than not you will be hurting yourself in some way or another. Everyone procrastinates to some extent or another, once it gets to a certain point where it affects your life then you have a procrastination problem.
These types of problems don’t mean that anything is wrong with you or that you have a mental illness. It simply means that you have developed a bad habit of putting things off. This habit just like any other habit can be changed. There are certain strategies you will have to deploy and maintain, but with a little practice and hard work you can defeat this negative habit and get things back on track.
Procrastinating for no good reason does nothing for you except create more negative stress in your life. Think of all the times you put something off and all of the time you spent worrying about it. By the time you got it done you spent more time worrying about not having it done then the task itself would have taken. That extra worry did nothing good for you at all. If anything it hurt the quality of your finished product, because you got rushed at the last moment to get finished. When you get rushed its hard to do your best or even have time to double-check your product before you call it a done deal.This keeps your behind on things all of the time. When you stay behind more things keep piling up. There can be times when you put off so much stuff that it literally overwhelms you thinking about it and you never get it done. This kind of procrastination can cost you a ton of money and even a career in some instances. If there is a layoff who do you think they will keep, the person who is always done early or the one who slops it together at the last moment staying over everyday because they wasted all of their time. I can tell you that in almost every instance the more valuable person is going to be the one who saves the company time and money.Like I mentioned earlier procrastination is a habit and it can be changed. I’ll share some tips and advice to get you started.

Tips and Advice To Help You Stop Procrastinating Today
  • Make a List of What You Need to Get Done
  • Take Action Now
  • Stop Making Excuses
  • Wake Up Early
  • Reward Yourself When You Finish
  • Set Priorities
To get started eliminating procrastination you need to be clear about what you need to get done. Take a pencil and paper and write down everything you either have been putting off or need to get done in the next day or so. Even if it’s something that doesn’t need to be done right now if it’s crossed recently you need to do it write it down.  Next prioritize the items on your list from whats most important to least important. Prioritizing things will help you get the most important stuff knocked out first. Thus eliminating the big stressors from your mind.Now that you have your list pick a day where you have some time to complete some or all of these tasks. Maybe it’s your next day off or simply today after work. Figure out how much time you have to work with and how much time your tasks should take if you work hard on them with very little break time. Don’t over do or under do your estimates, be as realistic as you possibly can.
When the time comes for you to get things done get started immediately. This is probably the hardest part for most people especially if it is a day off. Most people want to sleep in or be lazy on their days off, but there will be time for that later once you get all of your items taken care off. Imagine how much better your day off would be if you earned it and you had nothing left undone. Taking that first step is probably the hardest part of this whole process. Once you start taking action and getting things worked on it becomes easier and easier to stay at it. Work at a quick and productive pace. Don’t say things like “I can work slow I have all day” or “I can take as much time as I want it’s my day off.” Saying things like that will slow you down tremendously. Your goal here is to make these tasks as easy and pain-free as you can.If you figure out that you have four hours of work and it takes you twelve, then next time you won’t be as compelled to work on your tasks as you should be. If you figure it should take you four hours and it takes you three you will still have at least nine more hours to really enjoy your time off and relax. If it’s your day off wake up early and get started immediately. The faster you can get these things done the better it will be for you in the long run.
 When you finish your tasks then reward yourself for the hard work. There isn’t anything better to help change a behavior than a reward for a job well done. You could maybe take yourself out and buy you something or just simply a pat on the back. The main thing is you feel a sense of accomplishment when you are done.That’s the best walkthrough I can give you to get procrastination out of your life. Some other great tips would be to stay organized, be proactive instead of reactive, kick your lazy habits, stay positive, set goals, enjoy everything you do, and think of the money and time you will be saving.I hope this helps get you started on your anit-procrastination development. Remember it will take time but just give it a try one day and I know you will be glad you did.