Is Luck Real? or Are Lucky People Just Really Smart?

Is Luck Real? or Are Lucky People Just Really Smart?

Is having good luck a real thing? Or are the people who have all the luck just smart and crafty when it comes to getting things they want? You can argue either side of this and for some luck is real and others it is all hard work and smarts. I want to give you some information on each of these theories behind the existence of luck and then I will share with you my own personal opinion.

Luck Based On Better Than Average Chances

The possibility of being lucky based on some superstitious grounds and by consistently beating the odds time and time again, isn’t a new notion. In fact many people believe that luck can be attributed to things such as a “lucky charm.” or meeting some kind of criteria for luck. An example would be somebody puts a coin in their shoe in order to gain financial prosperity. By placing the coin in their shoe they will receive more good fortune when it comes to money. Things that might happen include: getting a raise at work, winning a lottery, finding a check in their mailbox, having extra money in their wallet, etc.

In this case of luck the same person will have more than one thing happen to bring them fortune. They may continue to over and over again beat the odds and have these same very unlikely things happen to them on a constant and regular basis. When people see this and really calculate the odds of all of those things happening to one person they would probably class this person as “lucky” and attribute some kind of superstitious belief to it.

Luck Based On Smart Thinking

The other scenario for luck is where a person is smart and crafty enough to constantly beat the odds. They use all their resources and skills to get the results that they want without necessarily putting in as much effort. A person achieving luck this way can appear to have supernatural luck, but it’s really just a strategic approach.

An example would be a person who constantly beats bad traffic and arrives home quicker than someone else traveling the same route. If there was a hold up or a wreck on their normal route home, then that day they just so happened to take a different route avoiding all the hold ups in traffic. If they didn’t admit to using some outside source of information to find out the conditions of the drive they would appear really lucky, because they just took a different route on just the right day. This person probably gets their traffic conditions either before they leave, from a gps, a favorite radio station that covers the area, etc. By doing this they always avoid bad traffic conditions and appear to be “lucky.”

My Personal Opinion On Luck

So after analyzing the two different approaches to luck and with all my life experience, I want to share with you my opinion on “luck.” I honestly believe it’s a combination of both. I think they some people really do just have better than average luck and I also believe that some people make their own luck as they go along. Some of the most lucky people I have ever met are smart, resourceful, crafty, etc. and they also have good things just fall out of the sky.

That doesn’t mean that either of these are a definite yes or no, it’s just my opinion. I have seen enough stuff in my life that I could give you real examples and argue either side. I want to leave this article open to discussion by our community of readers.

Share below in the comments section your own opinions on this topic and maybe some specific examples. I myself and others from the community would love to get involved with this conversation and learn from what we share. Don’t be shy because nothing will be considered dumb or out of place.