The Best Ways To Not Fear Anything | How To Live Fearless

Know How To Not Fear Anything

Fear is a feeling, thought, or basic survival mechanism. We fear when we want to protect ourselves from an unknown threat. Every person has his/her own reason to fear. But, our objective is not to discuss the kinds of fear; it is finding ways to overcome this factor. Fear appears as a matter of worry when it starts to hold you back. What this statement means is that you should not let fear take control of you. Instead, you regulate fear and eliminate it from its root. There are several ways which can help you to learn how to not fear anything. When you will have control over this crucial emotional factor of yours, you will automatically have an edge over others.

What are the Best Ways to Eliminate Fear?

When you fear, you know that there is something you are insecure and scared about. Now try to follow these ways if you want to know how to not fear anything.

Know your Fear

You can try to get over fear by knowing what you are afraid of. Do not go far from your fear, instead come close to it. If you fear the unknown, try to know it. Try to understand that why you are so afraid about that particular factor. For example, if you fear dark, then try to find exactly what aspect of dark scares you. If you don’t know your fear, the afterward consequences might seem much worse to you than actually they are. Remember, the reason of fear can be a mere superficial thought. So, try to be aware of the reasons of fear.

Accept your Fear

Don’t ignore your fear. If you neglect your fear thinking that you don’t have to face it, then you will be misleading yourself. When you ignore your fear, it remains hidden in some corner of your mind. At first it might seem that you are not afraid anymore, but later when you unexpectedly come across your fear, it will try to dominate you more as you will be unprepared to fight it.

Know your Mind Power

The human brain is very powerful. You must be aware of the fact already. Aren’t you? You view or perceive things exactly the same way your brain likes to project it. How big or small a fear is depends on how you perceive it. So, you need to control your mind power, thus your thoughts. Do meditation or yoga to increase your mind controlling power and energize it with positive energy.

Know that you are Not Alone

If you fear something, discuss this with others. Do not hesitate. Talk more and more about this with your family members or close friends. The most daring person you know in your life might also be scared of something, which you are not aware of. It is possible that your close ones have experienced the same fear already, but they have successfully overcome that situation. So, they can advise you the necessary steps to fight off your fear.

Face your Fear

If you want to end your fear, you have to face it. Deal with your fear directly. When you face your fear, you learn how to fight it or how to tackle it. The more you confront your fear, easier it seems to handle. So, if you keep on avoiding your fear due to hesitation, it will continue growing. The best way to eliminate your fear from its root is learning the ways to manage it.

Think about the Worst in Advance

Before confronting your fear, try to identify the worst possible results in advance. This is a very good way of limiting your fear. If you know the worst consequences beforehand, you know you will have nothing to lose more than that. This process supports you and prepares you to face your fear more confidently.

Analyze the Afterward Rewards

Likewise, you might try to analyze the afterward rewards in case you successfully win your fear. This works as an inspirational force. It encourages you to think positively. So, when you get little nervous thinking of facing your fear, this thought will support your back.

Try to be Curious

Another way of conquering fear is to encourage your curious nature. It’s very obvious that when you become curious about different things in life, you get little chance to think about your fear. It does not mean that you are avoiding your fear, but it helps to focus your mind productively. The purpose of doing this is to change your way of thinking or perceiving. The thing you are scared about may not be actually that much fearful as you think. Even curious nature will help you to know more and more about your fear.

Be Positive

As you know it already that fear is just an emotional reaction in response to a perceived threat, you have to drive the thoughts in the right direction to get rid of this emotional factor. If you think positively, you will find thousands of ways to win over your distressed thought. Try to fill your mind with positivity through hypnosis, yoga, or meditation. Positive mind will help to think more about the success factors, rather than only projecting the possible dangers.

Take action and Engage Yourself in a Busy Life

Sitting idly and thinking about your fear is not going to give you any solution. Moreover, the idle or sad mind will cook negative imaginary thoughts about your fear. So try to engage yourself in versatile activities to eradicate the negative thoughts from your mind. Watching comedy movies, reading funny story books, gossiping with your family members or close friends, helping the helpless are some of the best ways to keep you mind busy in productive and positive actions.

Know the Truth of Life

Life is beautiful and surprising at the same time. You can’t predict life in advance. Maybe it is true that life is not so easy for us, but it’s also an undeniable fact that it gives us several opportunities. Changing your perception about life may also help you to win fear. You may fail once or twice to fight your fear, but not always. So, be positive and face your fear courageously.