Lean How To Be a Mindful Eater

Eating can be an automatic task where you simply just give your body the fuel it needs and go on. I know myself so many times I end up just scarfing my food down and trying to get done as quick as possible so I can go about my day. This usually ends up with me not enjoying a single bite of any of my 3 meals I have each day. The real problem here is that I’m not living my life to it’s fullest and missing out on some real enjoyment.

I probably end up overeating, not chewing my food correctly, risk choking, and just take all of my enjoyment right out of my food every time I do this. Why do I eat so rapidly? It’s because I have become accustomed to the gotta hurry hurry hurry mentality. I have cut my day so short that I can’t find 5 minutes just to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Mindful eating is exactly the opposite of what I’ve been doing. Just recently I found out that there is a lot more to life than just rushing around trying to squeeze every last minute out of your day. There is actually a lot of enjoyment in even the little things like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Let My Start By Listing The Benefits Of Mindful Eating

  1. You will probably eat much less because your body will have time to process the food and will let you know that you are full sooner.
  2. You won’t danger yourself as much with things like choking or eating on your drive to work, which could lead to an accident.
  3. You digestion will improve dramatically, because you will be taking the time to actually chew and process your food.
  4. The food will simply become so much more enjoyable. You will find a new zing to your meals. You will start to savor the flavors and the aromas will become an enlightening experience.
  5. You will reduce you need to mass consume. You will need much less food to really find the enjoyment your looking for. This will lead to reduced calories and will even save you some money on your grocery bill. You might even lose a few pounds as well!

All of this sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well here lately I have been trying this out and found all of these things to be true. It has brought a new meaning to me for meals and snacks. I remember now what chocolate actually tastes like and the seasonings in my kitchen have literally come to life.

Here are some tips and strategies to help you start mastering mindful eating.

  • Slow down and take your time. Don’t eat if you are in a rush or make time to have an extra 10 or 15 minutes per meal. Find somewhere else in your day where you can cut down to give yourself enough time to eat.
  • Try to only eat at the table or somewhere you won’t be rushed to finish. If you have a break room at work eat there instead of at your desk. Eat at your kitchen table to help avoid the distractions of other locations you might eat.
  • Enjoy the aroma and taste of whatever it is your eating. Really slow down your chewing and savor even the smallest detail of your food.
  • Take the time to really enjoy the appearance of your meal. After all appearance does make the food taste better.
  • Take the time to enjoy the aroma of everything before you eat it. If it’s a hot meal take the time to smell ail of the great flavor before you take the first bite.
  • Tell others about your wonderful meals and snacks. Let them know how great the taste of each item you have is. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to everyone about food, get a food journal and start writing these sensations down. It will make them that much better.
  • Always pick the better quality of food instead of the quantity. If you think your really that hungry, I challenge you to order a smaller meal and just eat it very slowly. If you would normally eat it in 5 minutes make it 20 instead. I think you will find out that you get full on so much more less than you realize.
  • Learn to cook and cook your own meals.


This is a great opportunity for you to find just a little more happiness in your day. All of us eat and we have to for survival. If you could turn that little bit of each day you do spend eating into something that brings pleasure and happiness, then why not go for it? I think you will really enjoy this if you give it a try. Good Luck!