Learn How to Act Like A Kid: The No. 1 Secret of Being Happy and Successful

Nothing beats the experiences of our childhood. The endless laughs and giggles, the booming first time experiences, the conquering of fears and meeting of new friends and an infinite running and walking from games and activities until all of our energy’s drained up are just some of the unforgettable memories of our childhood. Thus, being a child again is something everybody wishes especially for grownups for that soft and firm skin, shiny and silky hair, cute and innocent smile, talking little eyes and limitless energy are now just part of a cherished memory. Though we can never go to being a child again and experience all those things at once, looking young and healthy can still be on our tightest grasp. If we learn how to act like a kid, it will somehow give us a feeling of being a kid again – free, contented, happy and young.
Learn How to Act Like a Kid

Use Your Wildest Imagination
When we are still a child, we keep on thinking what’s beyond; we keep on asking how and why things go. We are fond of asking thousands of questions and not stopping until our minds are contented. We are not afraid to learn and to discover. We explore and see things out of the box and see it differently on how they really are. However, as we grow old, we seem to believe only on things that we see; we only depend on our knowledge which sometimes does not really give good effects on us. Using our imagination is more important than knowledge; it gives us a chance to discover, to invent and to brainstorm ideas and thoughts which might be useful to our job. We must put always in our mind that a person, who has great imagination, will make him more successful in life.

Don’t be Afraid to be Different
Kids are not worried on how people see them as long as they are happy. In fact, they use their indifference to stand out and make new friends. While kids do that to make them contented, this is the attitude that grownups forgot to apply in their lives. They tend to fell small, secluded and alone. However, by accepting to ourselves that we are different and using this as a motivation to achieve more in life, then this will never be a hindrance to our success.

Be Positive in Life
Kids are happy because instead of over thinking their problems they find answers. They think that there will always be better solutions to everything that comes to them. They are not afraid of doing new things and experiences because they always bite on the bright side believing that all problems they encounter along the way can be solved especially with the help of their friends. This is one of the characteristics old people forgot. They over think, over react and solve their problems alone. They just seem to see the negative effects of doing new things and become more hesitant in life. Instead of trying something new, they remain stagnant and unchanged because of being pessimists. However, by being optimistic once again, we can regain our new us, and start a new beginning.

Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes
Kids do a lot of mistakes all the time; but they don’t forget the lesson they learned on it. Kids may do mistakes but every mistake they made make them a better person. Even though they get dirty and messed up, have their hands cut or their clothes worn, they might as well had swollen ankles by riding bicycles, but they learn important things that goes with the experience. Kids love to take risks because they know the lesson and success they will achieve after. This is the attitude that most grownups do not do nowadays. They don’t do risks anymore and they are afraid to make mistakes making them more passive in life.

Don’t Forget to Play and Have Fun
Just because we are grownups means we are not allowed to play anymore and have all the fun we desire. We should always give ourselves a time to be silly. It’s better to do something crazy and foolish now while we still can than regret it later because of doing nothing at all. We should sometimes do something stupid and funny with our friends and family to have laughable and funny moments to remember especially on times when we want our all our problems and stress to fly away. Just the fact of reminiscing all the stupid and funny memories we had makes us look more young and contented. Thus, after a hard week at work, we all deserve to have the fun and enjoyment we need. We could still ride on a roller coaster with our family perhaps and wipe off all the stress we feel. Not only that it makes us feel better but it could also give us the true essence of happiness and carefree even for just a few moments.

Be Sensitive and Make New Friends
Kids are sensitive and passionate that’s why it’s easy for us to love them. They can make new friends easily because they always show that they care, they extend their hand to those who needs help and even though in times they fight, they swallow their pride because for them, friendship is more important than anything else. They share everything that they have for the sake of enjoyment. For them things are nothing if they have no one to share it with. Yet, unfortunately, this is the same attitude most grownups forgot. They always follow their ego and pride instead of not dwelling it. They love things, not people and use people not things. If grownups just consider doing things they usually do when they’re still a kid, then they’ll have the happiest and most contented life.

Living a happy life does not mean you need to have all the things in the world. All you have to do is to learn how to act like a kid and learn to act the right attitude and characteristics in life.