Level Up Your Mind by Learning About Its Invincible Quality

Many philosophies offering self-help technique crowd the shelves in book stores asking you to do fundamentally all those things that you always knew existed but never thought were in need of doing. Spiritual gurus who seem to know us inside out rave and rant about the immense and invincible power of the human spirit which took us atop the Everest and right up to the moon; and so the tirade continues as if on an alien platform far removed from the reality of your life. So accustomed are we to the music of our own signature tune that we consider everything else a cacophony. Discarding them, we embark therefore to look for that elusive never-to -be found Eldorado wherein lies our perfect future. We alienate success from us even before we begin to understand what it really means.

Leveling up one’s mind would be that effort to tune in with the natural rhythm of your heart that tells you to seek your success through the immense power of your mind. It may be through anything that you perceive to be your goal. It comes also from knowing that there lie incredible possibilities if we were just to look a little closer at people and events. Let’s look at some of the classic cases of disillusionment and how and why we succumb to undermining our mind’s potential.

We Are What We Do:
”Excellence” says Shiv Khera, the author of ‘You can Win’, ”is a habit, and if we condition ourselves to anything else so shall we be.” We go about life thinking some are born with a silver spoon , some others have a midas touch and many are plain unlucky slobs. These categorizations are the most self-defeating fixtures that align you and your mind’s potential in the wrong direction .The value trait that we are born with are soon lost in the quagmire of this negative socialization. We were born to persevere, show courage, work hard and bear the hurt of failure as much as enjoy the fruits of success and stand victorious. To believe that life is always uni-directional is a fallacy.

Understanding The Power Of The Subconscious
The conscious and the unconscious states are two completely different levels of our mind. They awaken with different stimulus and trigger reactions at different moments. The subconscious mind has the ability of absorbing all that is around without a hint of reaction. Feeding our mind with fears of failure, hurt caused by unnecessary expectations, or lowering our guard to temptations will keep registering in this account to suddenly take control of our minds and affect our action discretely but definitely . Thus every time we stimulate our subconscious mind with negative data we are bound to suffer from negative reactions. To level our minds to conscious competence we have to make our habits and deeds match up to the positive energies around us so that our subconscious also begins to believe in our competence.

Competence and Confidence
The dialectics of the two cannot escape an individual. We are perpetually putting ourselves under the scanner for being not as good as the next person and all hidden mantras of success fail with a mind so convinced about its incompetence. Every action of ours reflects the level of the mind and its struggle against the unconscious negative thoughts.

Consider for a moment why biking or swimming is best introduced at a younger age. It’s simply because the mind begins with an unconscious incompetence . As we sit on the bike we don’t yet know that we can’t ride it. Then at the conscious incompetence level we realize that we are unable to. At the conscious competence level, when one learns to ride without fear,we gain more confidence. At the final stage, that of unconscious competence, when we have ridden a bike for years ,we assume that we could balance even without holding the handles and are supremely sure of ourselves. Wouldn’t it be simply fascinating if we could approach every aspect of learning in the same manner and not by beginning at the second level of conscious incompetence when we are told that all that we try is way too difficult for us? It’s in exploring the immense attributes of the mind where lie many a treasure of our abilities. What we need to control are habits and negative socialization patterns .

Tuning Your Inner Compass:
Hope dreams and ambitions fuel our actions but failures are sometimes neglected as a natural corollary. Life is not meant to be a tubular unilinear trajectory . Depression loss of self -esteem and the cumulative self-abnegation causes intense distress . Can the mind at such a moment of intense failure come to our aid . Can the subconscious help one pick up the pieces?

The tuning of the mind to bear the storms that tears through the the peace and tranquil sea of life is possible . A clever and conscious manner of training the mind to come up to a level of higher imagination , hope and possibility of the future can do the trick. Life goals need to shift with the goal post.
Sometimes even a change of team is needed. There are volumes written on how people with impossible dreams and no resources made it big. There are inspiring movies and workshops to help you level your mind to the possibility of winning in very situation. If you failed the exam means you are ready for another goal . You now need to pass the re-test. If you fail the retest you were wrong in choosing that goal. Change your team ;change your stripe because sometimes social conditioning gives us a sense of falsehood, a desire to be something others want to be. Level your mind to what your heart desires and you will find the energies of the universe aligning themselves to make your dream come true.

How Can You Level Up Your Mind?
Having understood the layers that the mind possess also creates the next question. In a scenario with differing life experiences, confusing analogies and almost gimmicky ‘fixes’ offered for all ‘life problems’, rising the level of one’s mind can provide the right answers.

  • Draw out the future you see for yourself ; not by yardsticks strewn around by other people but your very own goal.
  • Succumb to your heart and do what it says because the mind aligns most naturally with its positive thoughts to such a situation and not with an alien implant of a life plan.
  • Be in the company of people who have faith in you , and in whatever you do.
  • Make credible plans and act out your success in your mind. Above all practice flexibility. Remember, the more rigid your ability to adjust to your failure the more distress you would cause to yourself and the people around.
  • Visualize what you want and concertize it by every ethical ,way possible. The human mind must visualize its goal clearly to help you raise its level to reach actualization.

Personal growth occurs through the dynamics of mind and matter. The power of the mind to create real situations and possible success can arise from raising its subconscious level to such an extent that we begin believing in the the success that we visualize for ourselves. Of course, you need the back-up of good habits and positive thoughts.