How To Start Living Your Life Without Excuses

Live Life Excuse Free

Everyday people make excuses mistakenly for challenges that are presented to them. Excuses don’t help you in any way and after a while people get tired of hearing them. If you can learn to eliminate 99% of excuses from your life then you can focus your energy on getting results overcoming these challenges.

The Benefits of Eliminating Excuses

  • More Results
  • Less Wasted Time
  • People Will Appreciate It More
  • Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones
  • Great Personality Benefits
  • Lower Stress
  • Gain Better Work Ethics
  • Learn New Skills
Making excuses is part of everyone’s life. It is near impossible to live 100% excuse free, but you can get very close with a lot of practice and dedication. Living as excuse free as you can breaks you from the negative cycle of “I can’t because” or “I didn’t because” and puts you in a mode that allows you to overcome obstacles and challenges. Excuses subconsciously stop you from reaching your goals or in some cases even trying.Excuses are made up for a variety of reasons some of them include inability to do the task, not being prepared, not enough time, laziness, failures, procrastination,  ego, and many other reasons. People have a tendency to make excuses when they don’t want to do something. The problem is that most of the time people will spend more energy worrying and going to great efforts to make up an excuse than the actual time it would have taken to complete the task.

Everyone is limited on time. A great personal development tool is learning time management and maximizing wasted time. Getting things done without the excuses is a great way to  help achieve these. When you are in a workplace environment your boss or customers will greatly appreciate you making the effort to just do things instead of coming up with excuses. Who would you rather work on your car the mechanic that gets it fixed or the one who keeps telling you why he hasn’t got to it yet?

Not only will it help you in the workplace, but anywhere you go and with anything you do. By accepting challenges as they are presented, you will have the opportunity to overcome these challenges and learn a new set of skills. Challenges (aka problems) are in everyone’s life. The difference in the amount of stress you generate from these challenges depends on how you handle the situation. If you constantly make up excuses and never get results you are simply doing yourself an injustice. The good news is that excuses can be eliminated and changed into a positive learning experience. Keep reading and I will give you some tips and advice to get you started living without excuses.
Tips & Advice to Guide You to an Excuse Free Life

  • Learn to Identify Your Excuses
  • Stop Them Before You Take Action
  • Think Outside The Box For Problem Solving
  • Be Ready To Accept Challenges & Live Life Excuse Free
  • Stop Procrastination & Laziness

Living an excuse free life is very beneficial in terms of accomplishment and achievement. Like I mentioned earlier it would be near impossible to live 100% excuse free, but rather than trying for a goal that is almost unobtainable try to change as many excuses as you can to results. This isn’t something that is going to change overnight, but rather an ongoing process you will partake in that will slowly change your behaviors until you get out of the excuse habit. Have patience if you can just make one less excuse each day your efforts will have a significant impact on your life.

Identifying excuses can be a very hard concept to understand at first. Most people will end up in denial about their excuses or try to justify them as  “good excuses.” It doesn’t matter if its good or not an excuse is an excuse. To help with identifying your excuses start analyzing your conversions with people or what you say to yourself in your minds voice. Look for challenges or obstacles that may be coming up and think of how you plan on reacting to them. If you are constantly making up reasons why you can’t or won’t do something sit back and find the root cause of your excuse making. Excuses are simply reasons you provide for not doing something. They keep you out of the winner’s circle.

Some Phrases You Might Say That Either Are or Lead to Excuses

  • I could if …
  • I can’t because …
  • If I had … I could do it.
  • … happened to me.
  • … isn’t fair.
  • … has an advantage.
  • Let me explain why I can’t.
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • I don’t know how to do …

Once you have identified what are excuses then it’s time to stop them. Stop them by either changing your thoughts to more positive and productive ones or take the opposite action of what you would do if you followed your excuses. For example if you are thinking “I don’t have enough time”  then change that thought to ” I have plenty of time if I start using my time wisely.” Another example would be if you think to yourself that you can’t do something try it anyways. You may be surprised to find out you are better at something than you originally thought and you have a chance of actually completing it. Remember if you never try then you have a 100% chance of failure.

Traditionally if you fail at something a number of times you are going to truly believe that you don’t have the skills and knowledge to do it. This is where you are going to have to think outside the box to challenge your belief. Excuses are ways we cope with things that cause us frustration and stress, but they don’t help us grow and learn. If you have failed at something and gave up, try instead of making up excuses to tackle the problem with a different approach. Take the time to plan out your solution or you could even ask other people for advice. Don’t do the same exact thing and expect a different result. Make changes to your attempt this is the only way you will ever learn and grow. Accept challenges in your life and persevere until you get a desired result. If you start facing problems and treating them as challenges your life quality will greatly improve. You will also gain a good amount of self-confidence.

Another big obstacle for us is laziness and procrastination. These two obstacles stand out on the top of the list for why people make excuses and don’t accept challenges. Laziness keeps us from trying because we just simply don’t feel like getting started. When we get stuck in the lazy cycle our need to simply be lazy is so great that we will make up excuse after excuse to keep from having to do any real work or even get started on a challenge. To break the laziness cycle all you have to do is simply get started and stick with it. Push your excuses to the side and take action now.

Procrastination is the other major reason people make up excuses. I have an entire article for you to read about how to stop procrastinating.

Don’t wait until the excuses control your life, take control from them right now. As soon as you do you will realize how much potential you have and how many more things you are capable of doing. This is a great skill for you to learn on your journey through personal development and I wish you the best of luck.