Live Your Passions, Loves, & Bring Excitement To Your Life

Live Your Passion

Living your passion is the best way to live. Really I my opinion it’s the only true way to live. When you do this your life becomes fun and delightful. Living your passion is an important key to your personal development and once mastered can have dramatic impact on your life.

Benefits of living your passion:

  • You will have more motivation
  • You will have more fun with everything
  • Easier to complete tasks
  • Better quality of life
  • Your work will be higher quality
  • When your day ends you will feel accomplished
  • It can feel a basic need that otherwise will be empty
  • Your energy levels will be higher
  • You will be in an overall better mood
  • Less bored with things

When you live your passion you will feel as though you don’t have enough time to do all the things you want to. Your motivation for everything will increase to the point where you enjoy even the smallest little activity. When you are passionate about the things in your life you can enjoy activities that would otherwise be boring. This is a great way to improve the quality of your life. This doesn’t always have to be about work it could also be about your hobbies, family, health, or any other thing you are in control of.

Have you ever met a person who was passionate about something? I can say I have and some of the traits that they express are amazing. They have lots of energy, they produce a very high quality product or service, they are usually very happy about everything, and one of my favorites is that they can have fun doing what I consider to be the most boring tasks. This is one of the secrets of unlocking your inner happiness and releasing you from any boring lifestyle you may be experiencing. If your lifestyle is good then this would be an excellent opportunity to chase some dreams around or even pick up a new and fun hobby.

If you apply this to a work environment then you will be able to get up in the morning and say ” I gotta hurry and get ready I can’t wait to get to work.” How many days does that happen? If you answered zero then I’m going to give you a reality check. YOU NEED A NEW JOB ASAP. I’m serious if you don’t enjoy your job and are just going through the motions then you aren’t going to feel alive. Your are like a robot or something just following a pattern and coasting along. I can tell you from personal experience that this is a horrible way to live. You might not think so if you are living that way now but If you only knew what life would be like if you were at a fun job you would agree with me. Now I know people need money to survive and you might have a family to take care so I’m not telling you to just go out and quit your job today. But if you honestly don’t get up feeling like you can’t wait to get to work then you need to change careers as soon as you can. Don’t wait years, you can click over to a job website right now and start feeling out applications for something you will enjoy more. Just browse is all I’m saying. You can find some motivation this way to help you land your dream job or maybe just a little reminder you need to go back to school. The main thing is that you start taking action now and don’t put it off. If you started making career changing plans right now you could be at your new job in weeks or months.

OK enough with the job talk. How can being passionate about things help you on a personal level? More than you think. When you are passionate about things you put much effort in and it doesn’t even feel like you have done anything. You might even lose track of the time and whole hours slip by. When you do this the quality of your work will be incomparable to a person who doesn’t share your same passion. You will also have a ton of fun doing regular everyday activities. Now doesn’t that sound worth it? I’m serious though if you can find passionate ways to do things your entire life will change dramatically for the good.

Filling your basic needs should be a top priority for everyone. When you do this you feel an inner sense of accomplishment and its well worth the effort. People who feel an emptiness inside them and don’t know they could be suffering from lack of passion. There isn’t any other way to fill this need other than having a natural passion. You can push it aside and try to act like it doesn’t bother you, but the truth is that it’s still there and will flare up without a notice ruining a good mood. It’s not anything wrong with you it’s just that your mind is telling your it’s not happy with the experience you’re giving it out of life. Without passion you don’t feel the life energy in everyday life and in the long-term can lead to other problems such as anxiety, depression, or demotivation.

I can’t think of a better way to put myself in a good mood either. Living your passion keeps you so busy and distracted from other challenges (I like to use this word instead of problems) in your life that you won’t feed them any energy. When you starve the negative emotions the positive ones will thrive and grow stronger each and every day.

So all of this sounds good right? If you said “yes” and you think that you can benefit from having more passion please keep reading.

Tips and Advice to Live Your Passion:

  • Do what you enjoy
  • Have fun
  • Work your hobbies if possible
  • Make work into a game
  • Stay positive
  • Take action now
  • Don’t get stuck in a grind
  • Make life into a game and play
  • Dream
  • Trust your gut

It’s really easy to live your passion once you identify it and make the necessary changes and accommodates. For most of us figuring out what we truly have a passion for is the hardest part. If you don’t know what it is off the top of your head take 10 or 15 minutes to sit down and think about it. Clear your mind and try to think of different things you like to do. When you think of the right one you will feel a really motivating and positive emotion spring up. The more you think about it, the more it thrives in your mind. You might also begin to day dream about how your life will be if you made some small changes and how happier life will be once its in place. If you can work through this technique and identify it great. This doesn’t work for everyone because some passions have been lost since childhood and might take more time to recover. It’s OK though, because you can still find your passion if it doesn’t come out immediately.

This paragraph is for people who didn’t get their passion to spring up instantly. If you already know what yours is you can skip this paragraph. When you don’t know what your passion is after taking the time to think about it you are going to have to dive really deep into your mind to uncover its secrets. It’s almost like you have to be a detective for yourself and pick up on all the clues until you can put the puzzle together. A great place to start is by analyzing your dreams. Dreams are a way for your subconscious mind to connect to your conscious one . The problem is that your subconscious has a problem telling you plain out what it wants. It will more than likely tell you through creating a scene or by presenting you with objects, pictures, places, songs, and themes. Your job here as a detective is to uncover the mysteries of your dreams and see what you mind is telling you. You really will have to think outside the box on this one but there are many great websites dedicated to helping you understand your dreams. Also, if you can’t remember your dreams or any dreams you have had in the past there are dream recall techniques that will help you. Just do a search for “dream recall” or “dream dictionary” and that should explain more about this technique. Also, another good clue as to where to look for your passion is to follow your emotions by going places, talking with people, experience things that used to be fun, read, learn, and travel. When you start feeling good or excited about a particular event then take note of it. Try later on to recreate the same scenario as best you can and if you are still getting excited about it. If you do then you are on the right track to finding your passion. Also, look at how you spend your free time. If you spend most of your free time outdoors this should be another big hint as to things you are passionate about. Keep looking for clues in all parts of your life and you will find something to be passionate about.

Once you have figured out something to be passionate about then you need to do a few things to bring more of it into your life. You need to fuel it and allow it to grow in your mind to replace all the other things you don’t like.  Do this as soon as you possibly can, try very hard to to hesitate to make changes that are necessary to your enjoyment of life. There is never a better time than right now to start changing your life and making things happen. Even if you need to change jobs by all means do it. Don’t make up excuses and procrastinate until it never gets done. The longer you put something off the more you will think its OK to prolong the life changes you want to make. This will in turn make something that could be changed in a matter of days or weeks turn into years and never. You don’t need to do something drastic like quit your job or break up a marriage immediately but start exploring your options. Take the time to research how you can do this without it effecting you finances or any other part of your life that is critical to surviving.

You never want to get stuck in a grind during your life. It doesn’t matter what aspect we are talking about you never want to do something just because you are going through the motions. You know what I’m talking about, waking up at the same time, eating the same breakfast, going to the same boring job, come home and clean, eat dinner, watch TV, sleep, and then repeat. Break this cycle before it consumes your life and takes away all of your fun and passion. You can do this by making changes from boring to things you enjoy. Like I said earlier it’s not hard changes but sometimes it’s hard to identify what you want to change to. Once you identify what changes are needed and take the first step toward making them your life will turn around for the better.  When you make the necessary changes to bring more passion to your life you will automatically break the daily grind cycle.

I can’t stress how critical it will be for you to stay positive and optimistic about your life changes you are in the process of making or about to make. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a major life change and back out of the decision leaving your life in shambles. Staying positive will give you the right attitude to live your passion. The most important characteristic I could ever point out is that you need to be optimistic about the changes you are making. I can’t stress how important these two characteristics are to achieving you passion. You can click on either one of the two for a completely separate article I wrote to help you with personal development.

If you can make your life into a game do it. Have fun while you do things you enjoy and remove the things from your life that bring you down. You can’t change it all overnight but once you identify your passion and start taking action you will be 90% to a better life.