Make Life Into A Competition

Life can be challenging at times. Getting what you want out of life can be even harder. Making things into a competition either known or unknown is a great way to make some quick and rewarding progress.

Let’s say for example you wanted to lose weight. You could get all of your friends on board and have a friendly weight loss competition. You could even add a little prize at the end for the winner. This kind of activity gives you a strong urge to win and push yourself even harder. Even if you don’t win the prize as long as you lose weight you are still a winner.

Another way you can compete is by doing it unknown to others. Not saying that other people won’t notice your hard work and friendly competitive spirit. There aren’t as many ground rules and you are the only person who is truly keeping up with the game. An example would be if you worked somewhere where your work progress could be determined easily. Then you could push yourself to become the hardest worker there and track your own progress. Only you would know if you were winning or not. There wouldn’t be a prize at the end, just the reward of knowing you made improvement.

Why Does More Get Done When You Compete?

Friendly competition never hurt anyone. As long as you don’t take it overboard and start becoming negative and destructive, this would be a great opportunity for you and others to shine. Human beings love the sport of competitiveness. It has been around since the beginning of history. Think about the ancient Greeks and the Olympics. The drive they had made them a model for even modern society to look back on. The Olympics are still played today.

When you know there are going to be rewards for achieving more than others or more than you have before, it has a strong motivation over you. It’s one of those gut instincts that can’t be ignored. Once you get into the competitive mindset then things become more of a priority. Your life or the event becomes very interesting to you and you begin to overcome obstacle after obstacle.

There is also the thrill factor of playing like it’s a game. Some people can take ordinary daily activities and turn them into a game. When they do this it becomes fun and exciting. However you choose to do it, give this a shot and see if it doesn’t impact your performance and enthusiasm. Good Luck!