Reach Out And Make Social Connections

Reach Out And Make Social Connections


Social connections are one of our greatest assets. The more connections and friends we have the happier and healthier we become. Everyone wants friends and acquaintances and if you don’t,you should consider adding them to your life for many different reasons.

In times when I have been really down in the dumps and needed someone to talk to, it seems someone has always been there to listen to my problems or just to hang out with me. I couldn’t imagine a life without friends and nobody to talk to. You don’t have to spend every day with them, in fact you may not see them but once a year. Stay on good terms with your family, friends, co-workers, people you went to school with, neighbors, or any other person you come into contact with. You really never know what kind of great benefits, useful information, help, or friendships another person has to offer.


How Can I Make More Social Connections

There are dozens of great ways to make more social connections. Here are a few examples of ways you could do it right now.

  • Get on online social websites like facebook
  • Join local community groups for things you like
  • Go to church
  • Talk to people you work with
  • Strike up conversations with people in businesses you frequent (stores, restaurants, banks, schools, etc.)
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Meet friends of friends
  • Go to local hang out spots like coffee shops, bars, libraries, cafes, or any other place people in your area hang out

Get out and really talk to people. Someone once told me how they beat shyness when it comes to a total stranger. They simply believe “everyone is a person like you are, nobody is a stranger.” With that kind of mindset going out and meeting people will become easier.

Start up that initial conversation. It could be simply how is your day or talk about the weather. Look for and identify things you may have in common. The next time you see that person take the time to speak to them and ask them “how have you been since last time I say you?” They may not even remember who you are, but if you speak to them first chances are that they will be glad to engage in a conversation.

Make these little connections everywhere you go. If you like to talk with a certain person, frequent that location. I myself have a favorite gas station where I like to talk to the nice lady working there. She always has something to say and remembers me every time I come in there. Even if our social interactions are limited to about 5 minutes per week she still remembers me and considers me a friend. The little things like this really add up in the long run and make you feel welcome in the community you live.

The good feelings all of these social interactions will bring and the benefits to have many friends are tremendous and could help any of us bring more enjoyment to life. Get out and give this a try today. Go out and strike up a conversation with anyone. Good Luck!