How To Respect Yourself and Everyone Around You

Respect Yourself and Others

Respect is one of the things people want the most from others. There is a lot of misunderstanding about ways to get respect from another person or how to respect yourself. Most people have the mentality that they should try to demand respect or it should be given to them. This hardly ever works and will only cause you more disrespect. In this article I am going to give you some insights in several great methods to gain another person’s respect the right way and make it last as well as how to respect yourself.

Why Do I Want The Respect?

When you gain another person’s respect they will honor your judgement, believe in your abilities, think highly of you, regard you in high esteem, and trust what you tell them to be the truth. Respect can be gained from a variety of people such as family, friends, co-workers, bosses, and even strangers. You will know when you around people who respect you. There will be that feeling that they hold you in high esteem and that when you speak they listen. This helps build much stronger relationships with others.

Earning self-respect is just as hard as earning the respect of others. When you have self-respect under your belt you will be more confident, trust your judgement, have high self-esteem, and generally love yourself more. When I say earning self-respect, it is every bit the truth. You have to earn your own self-respect just like that from others. Again, this can be easy for some and more difficult for others.  There are other places that having respect will help you as well.

If you are at a job, you want your co-workers to respect you. If they don’t it’s more then its going to make your job much harder and less likely for you to enjoy. Getting respect in the workplace will bring more meaning to the work you do, you will enjoy your job more, you will have opportunities to express yourself, you will be able to advance farther, lower work stress, and generally get along better with the people around you.

For some people earning respect will be easier than others. There are some sure-fire strategies that will help you gain most people’s respect. Before you try any of these strategies you must first respect yourself.

How To Respect Yourself

If you don’t respect yourself you will never be able to earn the respect of others. Respecting yourself starts out with a few simple things. Once practiced they will build into a form of self respect nobody can take away.

First love yourself. If you don’t love yourself you will never be able to give yourself respect. Don’t focus on your flaws and negative things that happen to you. Instead look at your pluses, and your personal traits and skills. I don’t care who you are you have pluses and skills. Everyone has their own special abilities. So what if you can’t draw as good as another person. You might have better people skills. Also, it doesn’t matter what you look like either. There are people of all ages and sizes that love themselves no matter how many people tell them they are old and ugly. Can you give me one good reason why you shouldn’t love yourself for who you are? No.

After you understand you need to love yourself, then you need to believe in your choices and abilities. Even if you are wrong sometimes it’s OK. Nobodies perfect. You need to believe in your ability to succeed. If you don’t believe in yourself nobody will. Believing in yourself is really quite easy. Things that will help you are trusting your judgement, not second guessing your choices, realize can do anything, persevere, and don’t let what others say bother you.

Other people will try to say and do things to bring you down from time to time. The main thing is to not let them bother you. Ignore the negatives and thrive on the positives. Even if you have to avoid some people  or situations completely you might be better off.

Strategies To Earn The Respect Of Others

Once you figure out how to love yourself than you are half way to earning the respect of others. People are more likely to respect you if you respect yourself. Once that is achieved than you need to build trust, lead by example, do what you say, and have integrity. If you have these traits under your belt most people will respect you. Some will be easier than others and for some it may take a long time, but these traits are common to people who get a lot of respect.

Building trust isn’t as hard as most people make it out to be. Don’t lie and do what you say. That’s the easiest way to build trust. If you lie to people and they know it, they won’t trust you. Word spreads quickly as well. The last thing you want is a reputation for being a lier. There is a fine line between lieing and telling a exaggerated story. You need to understand the boundaries and how people see the stories you tell them. If your stories are always stretched, then they may think you are lying even when you don’t believe so. Take those things into consideration. Not doing what you say will also stop someone from giving you their trust. When you do what you say and what you are supposed to do when nobody is around, that shows you have integrity. A person with good integrity will have a much easier time earning respect.

Another way to get respect from others is to treat them respect. They will notice when you give them respect. Don’t suck up to another person. Just show them the kind of respect you want them to give you.  Everyone deserves a little respect. If the person does not show respectful characteristics at least show them some respect. A little will go a long ways.

There isn’t a magic trick you can do to instantly gain the respect of someone or yourself. It’s a process and with some may take more time than others. Some people will instantly respect themselves while others have to earn their own self-respect. Work hard at this and you will be able to gain respect for yourself and from others.

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