A Guide To Help You Build Self-Confidence

Self Confidence

Having self-confidence is essential to getting anywhere or doing anything in life. By believing in yourself you gain the ability to keep going even when people tell you that you can’t. Having genuine self-confidence will give you an overwhelming feeling satisfaction and reward. It is important to strive to reach this level of self-confidence because, this is one of the building blocks of personal development.

Other benefits to achieving a high level of self-confidence are:

  • You will able to succeed at more things in life
  • You won’t be bothered by negative things that others might say about you and your activities
  • Your mood will be overall better
  • You will have more energy
  • You will go into a situation with a better attitude

These benefits make it well worth the time investment required to build your confidence. You will feel better about any task you have to complete and will have a greater chance of success. Confidence comes in several varieties with one type being the dominant beneficial kind self-confidence.

There are three main kinds of confidence. Some of them can be are very motivating and positive but, there are also negative forms of confidence. You want to understand and avoid the negative kinds at all costs. By understanding the difference you will be able to diagnose your  dominant type of confidence and make sure yours is beneficial and positive.  The three main kinds of confidence are arrogance, overconfidence, and self-confidence.

Arrogance is being confident without having a merit or the correct ability to succeed. It’s when you think you can do something without ever knowing the skill or learning the ability. For example if you tried to play a musical instrument professionally, without ever learning, would be arrogant. Some people think that they have “special” abilities that allow them to be “better” than other people. Don’t do this because it will lead you to a lot of failures and disappointments. It’s also annoying from a personal standpoint and you can lose several friends from being too arrogant. Every confident person will have some level of arrogance but, if you let it influence your decisions to the point where it becomes a problem you will suffer the consequences.

Overconfidence is bad as well. Maybe in small doses it could be beneficial, but overall not the right kind of confidence. Overconfidence is where you believe that you will succeed and don’t consider failure an option. By not considering failure an option chances are you won’t do the necessary planning and might even procrastinate until the last-minute. By not properly preparing and doing the necessary work on time you will have a far greater chance at failure. When failure does happen and it will eventually, you will be devastated and likely not to try again. If your too overconfident after your first failure you have a very high chance to just give up and never trying again. This will disable you from persevering which is one of the key traits to being successful. “Any great success came from many many failures.”

Self-confidence is what your after without being arrogant or overconfident. Having the right level of confidence without too much will let you go very far. Self-confidence is simply believing in your ability to succeed. Trying while taking failures as a chance to grow. Knowing that by failing you are opening up new doors and it gives you the opportunity to try something different.  Always try to have faith in your abilities and try at all costs to stay positive.

Tips to improve your self-confidence.

  • Always start out small and work your way up. If you bite off more than you can chew you will fail.
  • Believe you have the power to succeed. Accept that failures will happen and they are a chance for you to learn not your disability to perform
  • Learn to trust your decisions and stick with them
  • Don’t doubt or “second guess” your decisions
  • Stay Positive and helpful when you can

Once you dedicate to building self-confidence you need to start out small. Start by completing a very small task such as paying the bills on time or cleaning a room in your house. Pick tasks that you can do without much effort and go from there. While working on your tasks work out of your gut feelings. Don’t hesitate or second guess your choices. Don’t worry or beat yourself up over doing something that could have been done an easier way. Just go with what you think of first and complete the task. By learning to trust your feelings you might not always do everything the easiest way possible, but you will know that you have the ability to complete your objective. Once you start finishing the smaller tasks than you can work you way up to larger ones. By doing this you build your confidence level up gradually instead of trying to take on something too challenging and giving up. Treat each accomplishment as a big deal and even reward yourself to motivate you to keep going. Think of you accomplishments as being one step closer to achieving your big goals and go from there. By doing this you will learn to trust in your abilities to succeed.

Always believe in yourself no matter what others say or how many past failures you might have had. By believing in and trusting yourself you will build the foundation to be success. Many many successful people went through many even hundreds of failures before they met the biggest success. They have been faced with every challenge you can think of from poverty, criticism, losing a loved one, assault, rejection, and in some cases even a disability. The people who keep persevering with self-confidence through all odds will eventually succeed. Remember whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Trust your inner judgement as much as you can. If you trust yourself gaining self-confidence will come much easier. Trust is simply believing that you are making the best decision you can. Never doubt yourself or second guess your decisions. By second guessing your decisions you change your original thoughts then you will end up second guessing those thoughts and so forth. This usually leads to an impulse decision that isn’t going to be the best choice. Stick with what comes first and if its wrong so be it. Don’t spend time beating yourself up over a wrong decision just always remember that you will succeed eventually and if you can keep trying with the right attitude you will succeed.

If you already have a high level on confidence that’s great but remember there is always room for improvement. Once you have learned about self-confidence your next trait to be successful is Perseverance