Self Improvement and Life Enhancements By Adding Passion To Your Life

If you really want results get behind your passions and use them as a driving force. Many of us have passions, some stronger than others. What happens to most of us is we get caught up in daily routines of work, eat, sleep and don’t really let our passions guide us. We all develop a passion as a way of saying “hey I’m unique and my drive is unique to me.” If you lose touch with it or don’t let it guide your life you will suffer from lack of motivation.

Passion basically means something your really care about, show enthusiasm and have strong feelings for. I would say passions are generally a positive thing and can be applied to a person, thing, hobby, idea, relationship, education, etc.

Where Does Passion Come From?

It develops over time from a love for a particular thing. If you love baseball, you might surround yourself with all things about the sport. By absorbing yourself in it you begin to really feel like baseball is a part of you. Those strong feelings of excitement, enthusiasm  and love for it combined together are passion.

When you become passionate about something you have the inertia to devote much of your efforts and energy to all things related. You might even spend thousands of hours with no monetary reward just for the satisfaction of being involved. This kind of drive can be harnessed and used to help you achieve some really great things.

How Can Passion Improve My Life?

There are two main ways that I can think of. The first one is your life will be full of meaning, excitement, happiness, interest, and generally positive if you follow your existing passions around. Referring to my example above, if you already like baseball then do all things baseball.

  • Collect baseball stuff
  • Coach baseball locally
  • Play baseball locally
  • Try to make it into the major leagues or play for your college
  • Watch every game and even make it a social event
  • Meet famous baseball players
  • Attend games

The list goes on and on of things you can do to surround yourself more. To find some serious happiness and fulfillment in your life all you have to do is think deeply about what you are really passionate about and follow it.

The second way you could use passion for personal development and growth is to develop new passions around existing things you like. A good example is your career. If you work as a supervisor for a plant. You don’t really like your job and you wanted to leave and become a teacher. The reality is you can’t right now. You could find a way to become passionate about what you already have.

Let’s say the main reason you wanted to become a teacher is so that you can teach others and help them grow. What if you found a way to do this at your current job? Who trains the workers? Who trains the trainers? How many people do you influence in any given day? There are ways you could take an existing situation and bring more of what you love into it. By doing this you can develop passions around already existing things in your life. If you want to see an amazing turn around or improvement in something, find a way to be more passionate about it. The results would amaze you.

Here is a small list of other suggestions and tips to help you get more passion in your life.

  • Do things you love and enjoy
  • Surround yourself with already existing passions. Begin to explore them and learn about new things related to already existing passions. That way you can grow your passions into new areas.
  • Ask yourself questions about drive and what motivates you to learn what your passions are.
  • Watch and model other people who are passionate.
  • Draw your strengths from things you are good at.
  • Express your passions either for others or for yourself. Expressing them encourages growth and will help you explore your deeper passions.
  • If you feel like your life has a calling then follow it. Most of the time our passions will revolve around one particular area. Identify that area and allow those passions to guide you on your life journey.
  • Stay positive

I hope this helps you get more passion in your life. I have another article about finding your passion if you would like to read it. Good Luck!