Self-Improvement Tips for Your Overall Well Being

We’ve saved the best for last. These uber uplifting and furiously fun selfimprovement
tips are for you and you alone.

1. Laugh out loud- laugh until your cheeks hurt, laugh until your
stomach aches, and laugh until the tears are rolling down your face.
You’ve heard it before; laughter is the best medicine.

2. Set daily goals- self-improvement comes from within which is why
you need to work towards setting your own goals each day. This could
be work related, diet related or anything else related. Start small and
always reward yourself for meeting the challenges of your daily goals.
If you don’t make a goal, then don’t worry about it. Move on to

3. Buy sexy undies- for all you ladies out there, feel proud of your
body with sexy underwear and lingerie. Matching lingerie can also do
the trick. Strut through the day knowing you look good underneath
those clothes.

4. Face you fears- are you afraid of heights? Go skydiving. This is one
of the most liberating things you can do. When you look your fear in
the eye and go for it, even though you feel like you might die, you
never look back.

5. Travel to a foreign place- seeing the sights of a different culture is
one of the greatest pleasures in life. Not only will it open your mind to
new things, but it will also enhance your love for home and increase
your sense of what’s important. Travelling is one the best ways to find
yourself, especially when you chose to travel independently.

6. Have Fun- life is not always about work. You need to find that
balance. Try to schedule something that is you love to do for at least
once a month. This could involve drinks with friends, camping with
family or simply indulging in a day of “you”.

7. Dress up once and a while- okay, so prom was ages ago, but this
does not mean you cannot doll yourself up once in a while. Putting on
a beautiful gown or tuxedo and spending money on new shoes and a
new haircut can make you feel like a Princess, or a Prince. And every
person deserves to feel special once and a while.

8. Express your Love- tell your Mom you love her; call up a friend and
let her know she’s the best, for no reason at all. Showing others how
much you mean to them will help you realise how important they
really are, and how lucky you are to have them in your life. Knowing
that they feel the same about you can truly boost your self-confidence
and importance.

9. Make time for Hobbies- it’s important for people to have hobbies. As
we get older it’s easy to stop those extra-curricular activities that you
loved as a child such as sports. Look for adult activities such as soccer
teams, book clubs, rowing clubs or bird watching groups. Keep your
passions alive by re-connecting with the hobbies and activities that
you once loved.

10. Look down- take a hike to the top of a cliff that overlooks the city,
or jump on an elevator and ride the lift to the top floor and look down.
Seeing the world from this above can really put things into a new

11. Break the Pattern- get up, work, home, gym, dinner, TV, sleep.
Does this sound like your pattern to life, or something similar? Break
it up.

12. Find a Balance- it’s all about harmony. Finding that perfect balance
comes down to mind, body and spirit. Work on perfecting all three to
gain self-importance.

13. Live for the Now- sure, you need to plan for the future, but live for
the moment! This can be a little tricky but the key is to find that
balance between saving for tomorrow and living for today. Opt for a
savings account for the future and keep a special account for the Now,
just in case you see a beautiful dress on sale, or you and your buddies
decide to rush off to Vegas for the weekend.

14. Learn something new- knowledge is power. Whether this is learning
a new language, just for the sake of it, learning how to cook, or
learning how to make pottery, you are never too old to learn.
Learning will keep your mind active and helps improve your sense of
self worth.

15. Dance like there’s no one watching- this may seem like an odd
choice to end our ever important 110 Self-Improvement Tips on, but,
in a sense, it’s the most important tip.

This is because, in order to really find your self worth and truly love
your life, to you need feel it from the inside. You need to let go of all
the stresses and insecurities of your surroundings including your
finances, your family, your relationships and your career. So put on
your favourite song and release all of insecurities by jiving around
your living room.

  • Dance away those work dramas.
  • Dance away those relationship issues.
  • Dance away those money woes.
  • Dance your way to self-improvement.

Self-improvement is a long journey that sometimes may feel like an
uphill battle both ways. Why walk through the bumps and jolts when
you can dance? Good Luck!