Simplify Everything and Increase Your Productivity

The answer to most of our problems is that we try to over complicate everything. We start out our days with 50 things to do and all of them are complex. The list can go on forever with all of our ways of complicating life. So what’s the answer? Simplify Everything!

You can simplify every aspect of your life and increase your ability to output so much more than you ever imagined. Simplify doesn’t mean that you have to do less or think any less about things. It means all you need to worry and focus on is what important and eliminate all of the other distractions from your process.

Tips and Suggestions to Simplify Things

  1. Make the area you live in and work in simple. Remove any clutter or unnecessary items from your view. Throw things away that aren’t important or needed. Keep flat surfaces and counters clean and clear of clutter. Remove everything from your desk or workspace. Clean out your car and get rid of all the garbage. Really step and say “how can I clear up my surroundings?” and take action now.
  2. Take on smaller loads and simplify the things on your to-do lists. Make them as easy to complete as possible. Don’t list all of the details and different side focuses. Just put down what’s important and what needs to be done. Simplicity is the secret to getting more done.
  3. Sometimes it’s ok to single task instead of multi-task. You can put way more detail into this and you will find that it increases the quality of your work ten-fold. You can’t do this with everything, but you can apply this to most of your life.
  4. Simplify your routines. If you want to have an easy day then make sure your routines are as simple as you can make them. Don’t miss something that needs to be done, but keep multi-tasking down and cut out unnecessary stops. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to do this.
  5. Simplify your belongings. This is probably the one I do the worst at. I have so much out of site clutter in my basement it’s scary to think about. Go in and do some spring cleaning and throw out anything you don’t think you are ever going to use. Even if it’s out of sight it doesn’t mean that it isn’t in your mind somewhere. Try just keeping things you are going to use.

I hope this gives you some insights on keeping your life as simple as possible. A simplistic lifestyle is one to envy. Good Luck!