Superlearning How To And Benefits

Today’s world moves at a breathtaking pace. In a knowledge society education and learning are of primary importance. The business of living takes away most of your time, there is little left for preparing for upcoming challenges. Personal and professional demands require a better use of our natural skills but stress and lack of technique can lead to poor results.

Superlearning is a solution created by Georgi Lozanov, a professor from Bulgaria and psychotherapist. He examined how recent developments in the areas of cognition, and development affect learning. Recent technological developments in neuroscience show that assimilation/relaxation can be enhanced by the proper application of natural techniques.

How does superlearning work?

1. Relax. Learning and studying positive affirmations get you into the right state of mind for assimilating the material you’re about to learn. Health improvements due to relaxation are enormous. Memory benefits from good health inspiring an upward cycle of learning and achievement.
Something else happens when you relax you associate learning with pleasure and that’s a powerful way to see it.

2. Visualize. For a productive use of your imagination you need to be relaxed. And also, in order to be relaxed you can use your imagination. The root Latin word for imagination is imaginare; it is one of the most powerful tools to making the learning experience pleasurable and improving your capacity for acquiring new knowledge.

3. Triggering. As you read this remember a time when you were completely relaxed and learning was fun and enjoyable. Doing this will make your current situation easier. This is a different phase where the most important is remembering a time when acquiring information was done in a natural and easy way.

4. Breathing. First try to breathe naturally then as you go along for each second you breathe hold your breath for 4 seconds initially then add one more second until you hold for 8 seconds.
as you can see a pattern Superlearning increases not only are potential of your health. Proper breathing is a required element the pursuit of health and happiness. Fighting stress is one of the many positive side effects of memory enhancement with the aid of modern science.

Superlearning Benefits

Superlearning benefits are many, with the use of mobile devices, computers, and no other type of hardware memory gets lazy and learn not to trust it. Truth be told memory can achieve great feats and these can be used in our day-to-day lives. I list some of the many benefits of Superlearning.

1. Remember lists
Lists make up a lot of our lives. From buying groceries to a to do list organizing yourself is almost impossible without them. Not always pen and paper are at hand therefore learning them in a few seconds can make your life so much easier.

2. Remember names and feel more confident.
The usual memory tricks pale in comparison to superlearning. There are stressful situations where our memory can fail in remembering names is not always possible. All this can be overcome with the right training. You can be a better person by making people feel their value by remembering their names.

3. Study for tests and exams.
The old repetition method to our forefathers inherited us know longer fit the demands of modern or requirements. The amount of information must simulate disk short of staggering. Making the best use of our time and reaching our potential are some of the benefits of these powerful technology. your school or professional life will certainly improve.

4. Learn a foreign language, or many
Contrary to popular beliefs kids don’t learn faster than adults at least in the language area. A small kid spends thousands of hours hearing his parents speak before saying a word and an adult as more associations to learn faster, if he or she wants. Learning a language faster can be done by knowledge on how you learn faster in a better and more efficiently therefore maximizing your time and investments.

5. Public speaking
Many people fear public speaking because of the possibility of ridicule. With superlearning standing in front of an audience becomes a pleasurable experience. Will be able to talk from the heart and you will remember your own stories and experiences, in theory this seems easy but truth be told a little help here and there can boost your career to new heights.

6. Be more creative
Creativity is usually a misused word. Creativity happens inside a domain and it is not a spirit that touches everything. With the help of your memory you can help yourself, society and the whole world which contributions. An idea is just the beginning of a creative act and ideas are the seed of greatness. Supermemory helps you be more creative because of its particular methods.

7. Remember recipes, techniques and procedures
It is almost funny that when we need something it’s usually out of reach. That’s when our memory can save us. Delighting your guests with the secret recipe, remembering the techniques used in your hobby or perhaps doing a better job by remembering ever single step in procedures can improve your life in immeasurable ways.

8. Remember birthdays and anniversaries
Social media can do wonders such as helping us remember our dearest ones, associates and acquaintances birthdays but dependence of technology is not natural and you can feel helpless without an Internet connection and your smartphone therefore superlearning makes you stay on top of your world by improving your memory levels. Harvesting smiles is a worthy pursuit

I have explained Superlearning how to and benefits; the 1960s were a tumultuous period but with the help of brilliant scientists exploration of new methods and discoveries brought to the world practical knowledge about memory enhancement. A powerful memory is key to success in the knowledge era.

Multi-disciplinary points of view from arts and science gave Superlearning it’s edge. While men in white coats were discussing many cognitive theories one man was applying them for the benefit of mankind.
Never in recent history man has had the need to learn so much in so little time. An advantage is sorely needed and superlearning is here to stay.