How To Win In Tough Times & Situations

The Battle Over Tough Times


Every dawn breaks with a new sunshine , with new hopes and with new promises; for us to live life. And how we live the day is in our minds and our will.Hard times are never permanent; they come to renew our lessons on life and to help us appreciate the good times better.Destiny has the power to change the bad to good; it is only that, we must never forget to keep faith in ourselves and our abilities to win over the evils.

However,Getting through hard times is easier said than done.Here are some ways how you can help yourself in your times of distress.

Getting through hard times:

NEVER LOSE FAITH ON YOURSELF: Remember, you are the only person who can help yourself out of a difficult situation. The Almighty has blessed all of us with His gifts of endurance and resilience.Be strong and keep your calm.Believe in your inner strengths and fight the situation.

KEEP YOUR CALM: The most intelligent yet difficult way to battle the tough times, is to keep your calm.There is one thing which you would have to understand; that,in such situations there can be two possible conditions. You can either have a solution to the problem, or you cannot. Now, if you feel there is a solution, you will have to keep your calm and find it out. If there can be no solutions, then why get distressed. Wait for the situation to take a different turn, which most likely, will be better than before.

GIVE TIME ITS TIME: Time is the biggest healer and so give time its due time.For any tough situation, it is best to wait. Time will always gift you the right opportunity to help you out of the dark. So, respect time and keep your faith on.

DO NOT FEAR: Fear blurs your mind and prevents you from thinking wisely. Fear eats into your sources of inner energy and makes you weaker.When you are afraid of the hurdles, you focus only on your woes and in the process, you fail to notice the opportunity, when it knocks on your door. Moreover,when you fear , you give adversity an edge over you, and you become weak.

DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF: The commonest reaction to distress is, self blaming, ” why did this have to happen to me?”Do not blame yourself. You are never responsible singularly for the outcomes of life.The moment you bring in this feeling of guilt and self rebuke, you take a few steps backwards from the solution to your problems. Instead, analyze the situation and try finding the way out of it.

THINK POSITIVE: There is an old Indian saying;”There is something good awaiting behind everything that is bad”. This is a great philosophy to remember when you are in your bad times. Await the good. Try finding the silver lining behind the dark clouds. Look out for the light at the end of the tunnel. But do not give up. Remember, every time that you win over tough times, you become stronger in the battle of life.

LEARN TO APPRECIATE: When you do not complain when you have your good times, why should you when you have the bad?Instead, appreciate the good times spent.Thank the people in your life who have contributed to your good times.Await the next good time. It is only round the corner.

SHARE: Talk, share,cry and discuss with your loved ones and your friends.It is no use keeping a tough exterior as if nothing is wrong in your life. Help your friends to help you. Your friends have the right to be a part of your good and your bad times.

LOOK AROUND: Look around yourself. You will find so many people undergoing worse pains and worse times.Thank the Almighty for being gracious enough to spare you those pains. Appreciate the fact that you are not alone in the world of sufferings.

DO A GOOD DEED: Try helping others in need. You will find that you will feel better helping others.

ASSOCIATE: One of the interesting forms of stress therapy is to begin your day with a group of equally disstressed people, and cry out loud with them to relieve yourself and then to get along with the day. It has been found that it becomes easier to combat the day. Associating and sharing helps you to remain positive.

KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS LOW: In any situation, it is best to keep your expectations low. We are more prone to feelings of hurt and betrayal when we keep our expectations high. Believe in giving.Receiving will follow.

BEGIN THE DAY WITH ALL POSITIVITY: Being brave is being resilient to all odds. But resilience cannot come without practising positivity. Give the first 15 minutes of your day to yourself.Meditate.Gather your inner strengths and tell yourself that you can fight the situation. Similarly, close your day with introspection, before you go to bed. Re-think on the day spent. Find out where you had gone wrong and promise yourself with all faith that you will not repeat your mistakes.

KEEP YOUR FATH ALIVE: The Almighty is always there to help us. But at the same time He helps those who help themselves. Keep your faith alive on Him. If the Universe can continue with its daily cycle inspite of all the pressures and the stresses, so will you. Every situation has its solution and so, seek the Almighty’s blessings to help you gather strength and to fight.
Pray. It gives you immense positivity and hope.

Tough times will come and so will they go. But what we have to do is to take our lessons from them. And all the while that we fight the hardships, we must try to derive our strengths from our loved ones. I remember a wonderful saying, which my friend says very often.She says, “whenever I want to quit, I think of my son and I tell myself “NO”. It is only our loved ones who keep us going. So fight the battle for them and for yourself.The sunshine times will follow you.