Tips on How to Get Other Peoples Respect

It’s the nature of a human being to strive to be accepted, recognized and also gain the respect of other people. No one would like to be regarded as unworthy, with an acknowledgement, as of no importance and no respect. But respect has to be earned, you cannot just by any random chance get the respect of other people even if you don’t deserve it.
The following are ways on how To get other people’s respect

*Respect yourself.
If you want people to respect you, respect yourself first. You cannot expect other people to see you in a higher light if you, yourself does not regard yourself as such.
love yourself. Never allow to be over emotionally attached and dependent to people. This will make you lose their respect. Learn to appreciate yourself, love yourself and be happy always.

*Show people that you are worthy of their respect.
This also means you are trustworthy. In everything you do, be a reliable person, be honest and above all industrious. When people see these things in you, they will respect you and cooperation will follow

*Develop your knowledge.
This is one of the most important things that you will need when you want to gain respect from other people. You should be well versed and much acquainted to the endeavor you are in.

*Be a good follower.
In life, there are times when you have to lead but also at times you have to be a follower. It will benefit you most if you are capable of doing both very well. This is because for you to be a great leader you have to a good follower. If you show people that you respect leaders, you will also get when you also become a leader.

*Abide in rules or law.
No matter how difficult this may sometimes be, following rules and any law can make you gain respect from other people. You will gain more respect and good will from other people when they see that you are one of them.

One of the most basic yet very important ways of gaining respect is keeping time. Being punctual shows dedication and your commitment to anything. When people see your dedication and commitment, they will also show you their respect and commitment.

*Do not talk bad about people behind their backs.
This may seem petty but it’s an important rule. This is because a respectable person would never downgrade another person so he/she can boost themselves.

*Be ready to always give sound advice.
When people seek your advice on a certain issue, never take advantage of that trust they have given you. Instead, use this chance to be a good influence and be a positive motivation, people will be drawn to you more and respect you if you show them that you are a wise person.

*Dress properly.
The way you express yourself in clothes will influence a lot on how people treat you. This is most applicable to women. If you want to gain respect from men and others, pay great attention to the amount of fabric covering your body. Too much exposing of skin may be a fashion statement to you but, to others it can be used as a measure of much respect you deserve or even none at all. Always appear decent and neat.

*Be confident about yourself.
Knowing you value yourself as a person of purpose, will eventually show off in your actions. People respect individuals who have faith in themselves but disrespect those who have negativity and self-pity. Seek happiness in things you have in your life and value them. Avoid negative thoughts about your present life and future life. Try to give a positive impression of your personality, viewpoints on life and the way you think.

*Watch your attitude.
Watch your attitude and change those ones that are hurting your relationship with other people. If you notice other people laughing at you behind your back and even avoiding you, they are not showing you any respect. Take a good look at your life and actions and find out which areas you need to work on. Improve on those areas and people will respect you.

* Be honest.
Being honest well help you get people to trust you and eventually respect you. Your character and principle are one the best investments in getting people to respect you.

*Treat others with respect.
If you cannot respect others, they will also no respect you. Remember the universal law that state, ‘you harvest what you planted.’
Try to stick with your principles at all times and all costs and also never disrespect people just because they are weaker or poorer than you. People tend to judge others by the way you treat your inferiors, so always be a down-to-earth, self-effacing person despite being a senior person.

*Learn to listen.
This is one of the most effective ways of communication; it allows you to gather thoughts. It is also best if you listen what others have to say, listen to their views and opinions. This way you will be able to communicate well with others, as they will start appreciating and respecting you. Arguments will also reduce since respect is there.

*Set boundaries.
Some people intentionally disrespect others while others are simply not aware of your boundaries. Make people aware of your boundary; let them know what how far you want them to go when you are together. Some people may take advantage of you, talk and behave in manners that are offensive to us. Nevertheless, when you set your boundaries people will learn how to respect you.

Everyone wants respect but not all get that respect. Many people do not get the respect they deserve; this is mainly because they do not know how to get respect from others. They may be ignorant or do not respect others at all.
Learn how to get other people’s respect since you can never command respect, you have to earn it. It’s a virtual that comes naturally to those who work hard to earn it. Do not manipulate others, as this will make people disrespect you, instead be humble and work hard towards being a respectable person.