Types of Motivation | Apply Them To Your Life

Types of Motivation Apply Them To Your Life

Motivation is an essential part of our life and we can achieve anything with a positive attitude. Many variables come into play when we talk about inspiration. The right inspiring force can help you in achieving any results, which may seem impossible otherwise. The force energizes us to fulfill our goals and lead a healthy satisfying life. Most organizations understand the importance of inspiration among their employees.

Motivation is used as a tool to enhance the efficiency of the employees and show them the bigger picture towards satisfaction. However, this article is not about regular employee therapies and we are going to discuss different types of motivation that can help an individual achieve dreams and goals. By the end of this article, you will be able to understand the power of inspiration and apply its immense strength in achieving your goals.

What are the different types of motivation?

Motivation is that force which propels us towards the actions required to fulfill our ambitions and dreams. It is broadly divided into two types as:


The first type of motivational force is intrinsic, which comes from within and differs from one individual to another. Some of us may get motivated with material factors like money, jobs, property, cars and fancy houses. Actually, these things help them feel fulfilled and satisfied. Everyone has set goals, materialistic or morale. It is always satisfying to reach your goal while maintaining a quality life. These factors motivate an individual to do things, apply actions and steps to fulfill his goals and achieve these goals.

On the other hand, some people may have different set of goals and may not value material things so much. They may work for better reasons like respect, helping others, working for the society and doing well to others. Although the number of people in this pool is far less than the earlier one but these factors keep them motivated. It helps them to achieve these values and fulfill their life.

Extrinsic conditions are mainly considered by the organizations and it is an important part of the human resource management strategy of the business. There are many external factors involved in this type of inspiration and it may start with working conditions to career path and development opportunities in the job. These external factors have a great impact over the efficiency and performance of the employee. Have you ever noticed the extra bonus that one may get for working late in the office or doing something extra? It is a type of extrinsic force that motivates employee to work with more dedication.

There are different types of methods and means used for motivating someone. It can start with pay raise, bonus, job recognition, promotion, public recognition and other similar factors. The HR department of the company works in a way to provide best working conditions and mental support to their employees. If you are a manager, you might have been suggested by the HR Department to praise your employees, give respect, give them the chance to express them, and appreciate them for their work. These factors help your employee to feel good and that the company cares for their work and existence.

All the other types of motivation can be classified into these two categories and we are going to discuss them in the next section of this article. All of these different types of motivation have their own individual value. It can help us to better our life and spend fulfilling time.


It is a type of method where a certain reward is promised once a particular task is complete. It can be categorized into extrinsic one and it is required when the will power to do something in an individual is low. Setting a reward for doing the job helps in retrieving his interest in the job and gets it done nicely. Actually, it is a temporary method and it works better if used infrequently.


Achievement motivation is considered to be intrinsic in nature. It is associated with a desire to achieve something and forces the actions of the individual to get to his goal. It should not be misunderstood with our desires or greed. Achieving a personal or professional goal gives a feeling of accomplishment to the individual. The basic working factor behind this therapy is the feel good factor that one may have after achieving his goal.


It is very common to find people who would like to fit in a specific society or group. In most of the cases, people who are socially motivated tend to apply thoughtful actions, which may make them credible enough to be accepted by that group. It is extrinsic in nature and it lasts until the goal is achieved.


Any types of motivation under which fear acts as the main driving force for boosting the employee’s efficiency falls under this category. The most common example is the fear of failing in an exam felt by the student or the fear of losing a job or promotion by a professional. Generally, fear is a result of lots of extrinsic factors rather than any internal reasons. The most common and practical example of this method is in school where teachers use it to make the students obey the rules and achieve higher success in education.


Any change that is going to affect your working conditions acts as a force in your life. The desire to get a better and bigger house may trigger positive actions in an individual and it is categorized as change motivation. Some people are never satisfied with their environment and the drive to make it better keeps them going and working towards better goals. These goals are mostly materialistic in nature and these methods apply for people looking for materialistic things and amenities.

Motivation is considered as the driving force of our life and one or the other type of motivating force is always working behind our actions. The drive to achieve better standards and quality living is the force that makes us do our regular work more efficiently. We apply the same force for achieving goals, which may be materialistic, personal goals like better health or fit body, and even for causes that are more humane. No matter what happens, a driving force exists behind each action of ours. THEREFORE, if you are feeling little unmotivated or lacking energy in your regular routine, then it is the best time to check your wish list and start making efforts towards achieving them. After all, the most important thing is to live a healthy and satisfied life.