What is a twin flame or twin soul?

Twin flames are also referred to as twin souls. Twin flames are two parts of a soul split and separated to gather experiences before getting back together. The twins are two whole souls, male and female. Their separate identities are formed by the diverse experiences they gather when away from each other. This is the reason why it is important to be separated. When these reunite, they form an ultimate relationship. All other relationships before then serve as practice for this ultimate one. The twin flame experience occurs at the end of our lifetime on earth and it offers the greatest service to humanity. The intensity of this reunion varies from one individual to another. Twin flames form the most fulfilling relationships on all levels, especially spiritually.

It is a natural desire to find that person that we always believe is meant for us. We believe we will get a deep and intimate relationship once we meet our twin. For this reason, we always look out for our twin trusting that we will know when he or she shows up. It is believed that all this time, our twin watches over us but some issues prevent us from reuniting. Therefore, it is a rare experience to join with the twin flame on Earth in a lifetime. Recently though, more and more twins are finding each other, because of the acceleration of spiritual transformation and soul evolution opportunities. The availability of knowledge on psychology is helping people to heal faster, and get rid of past baggage, in readiness for the reunion.

Because your twin looks out for your happiness, it is possible to request him or her to come to your life through a different mate with the same vibration. For this to happen, both parties must agree to embody the spirit of the other twin on a soul level. This calls for patience though, as its occurrence depends on your mate. The relationship is allowed when one has peace within himself and is single but not lonely, for then he does not sending out a frequency of pain and longing. Becoming an energetic match to what you want in a mate is the trick. If you want peace, learn to be peaceful first. Gratitude also draws to us good things.

It is possible to know if you have already bonded with your twin. The universe gives specific signs through synchronicities and dreams following the emotional, physical and emotional bonding. For example, you may have prophetic dreams for things that will happen in the near future revealing the truth to you. Synchronicities arise when we use logic to reason out what is happening to us. We try to convince ourselves that it could not be true because the reality is too profound and overwhelming.

So how can you get to your twin? The answer lies in self-actualization. Your twin is a reflection of yourself, so if you have issues you have not cleared, he or she will know. To get your twin therefore, you need to face your deepest fears first. You must be a complete person before you meet your twin. When you send out signals for rescue, then you must have lost your sense of self and hence direction in life. If you become conscious of yourself though, then you have positive energy around you that gives you confidence. Therefore, instead of focusing on your twin, you need to shift the focus to yourself. Indulge your entire God given potential and be as whole as you can be. This means you are secure in yourself even amidst other people without feeling that something is missing in your life.

When twins get together, a huge amount of energy is released as this is a spiritual bond. The sole reason for the reunion is to carry out the spiritual mission they are given together. However, attempts at this reunion are unsuccessful because the individual people fear the intensity of a twin flame union. It is the most intense union as it bonds on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The distinguishing characteristic of twin flames is that its strongest attraction is at the spiritual level. It should not be confused with intense attraction at the emotional or physical levels only, thus it should be distinguished from all this as its different.

Evolution of the soul determines the chances of meeting and staying with one’s twin. Clearing all baggage in your life is also necessary. Twins may meet and separate again because of individual emotional baggage that has not been dealt with. In the presence of the twin, nothing should be able to block the closeness; all should be clear between twins. This means that everything comes up for healing that you have not previously healed. Failure to do this jeopardizes the reunion as the twin acts as a constant reminder of the baggage you are carrying.

Following the reunion of twins, the twins experience an acceleration of their spiritual growth. They easily acquire knowledge about esoteric wisdom and other forms of consciousness. Their backgrounds differ as they have been separated in their series of lives on earth. Yet, their spirits agree closely in an uncanny ways as if they were looking back and recalling when they were separated. These people need spiritual guidance when they reunite. They can get this help from the spirit if one or both are able to communicate with the spirit. The twins have a telepathic connection such that any body contact like hugging makes them feel whole.

In conclusion, self-improvement increases one’s chances of meeting with their twin. It is only when you are a complete soul that you can make a whole with the other part of the soul. It is therefore advisable capitalize in self-realization in order to have that ultimate experience. High self-esteem, confidence and forgiveness can help one in self-improvement. Seeking professional help also helps. Overall, self-actualization, however you do it, is the key to that fulfilling life we all so desire.