20 Skills and Traits Possessed By the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.”—Oprah Winfrey

Trouble opening that home bakery? Can’t figure out the skills to build a home business from scratch. Well, we have the solution to make your worries go away. To be a success story it requires a lot of hard-work and dedication. These amazing skills will be the determining factor if you will get funded for your business idea or not. No startup can begin with a capital, whether it is from investors, strangers or friends and family. Every entrepreneur functions differently to achieve their goals.

There is no right way to entrepreneurial greatness, but we give you 20 traits that prove to be the key to success for many entrepreneurs coming from different geographical locations, upbringing, social classes and educational levels. Give them a try to help build your dream.


For you to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to have an array of skill set, to achieve success. A determination is one trait vital for expanding your business, increasing sales and hiring. An entrepreneur should always have a clear picture of how they plan to reach their goals, crossing all obstacles in life. Determination takes one a long way because it does not let you break easily.

Risk takers

A skill of taking risks is not commonly found in people, but look up any successful entrepreneur, they played in risks, which paid off. Individuals believe starting a business without capital is not possible, but successful people never see limited resources as a barrier. Every successful entrepreneur is defined in the bracket of being a risk taker. Life is full of uncertainty! Embrace the challenges.


Confidence, a skill that is key to success. An entrepreneur with a high level of confidence can always cook up a recipe for success, even in most disastrous situations. They know that big challenges when dealt with bring the most fruitful results. This mentality gets them success and fame in no time. Keeping the eye fixed on the finish line and the end reward keeps them driven.

Eager to learn

This skill is important for everyone in this day and age, with the world changing and evolving constantly. The thrust to learn something new keeps the entrepreneur updated and stay focused. Your competitors will always have to come hard at you to defeat you. Know your competition and then beat them at their own game. Read books or news to take in new information.

Failure is part of life

The most important thing to remember. To grow failure is necessary. Failure is one of the secrets to success. You will be more persistent and patient in any situation after experiencing failure, skills the real world covets for any growing business. Successful entrepreneurs see failure as learning experiences. No one can lead if they are afraid of every decision they are about to make. Try being a fearless spirit!


Being passionate about the thing you love to do the most drives you to reach for great success. Once you invest your time in something you enjoy the most, then long days and nights will be all fun. Passion is one skill found in all successful people around the world. Driven by passion is one quality that takes you out of the storm, safe ashore. Wake up early to practice your pitch to investors is your commitment to your business, necessary for business success.


If you still see hiding from tough situations or social gathering is not effecting you, well you’re only fooling yourself. Not being able to adapt to different situations is a huge disadvantage. There will be problems, even in well-devised plan and strategy. So, if you are not used to handling troubled situations your business isn’t going to flourish.

Money management

An ever so important skill for a new business or even personal use, good money management skills are a must. Overspending or investing in unnecessary facilities can take a wrong turn for an entrepreneur’s business. Poor financial decisions aren’t benefiting anyone. Remember, to build strategies and observe before any allocation of money in shares or projects.


Gathering business cards or a having a long contact list isn’t how you become an expert at networking, but building a value-based relationship. Networking begins when we start to connect with people for the long run to mutually benefit each other. It leads to business opportunities to expand yourself in the market further. Skill as beneficial as networking is a must have in your bag of tricks for entrepreneurs.

Ability to sell and promote

A successful entrepreneur knows how to sell and promote their product. It is the most important trait to exhibit if you want to start a successful business venture. Be invested in your idea, so you know all pros and cons.

Follow up constantly

New owners of a business should constantly contact their customers and business investors. Constant follow-ups help improve marketing strategies and business plans. Build a strong relationship with customers to increase sales, by knowing customers through customer care service follow ups.

Don’t multitask

Most successful entrepreneurs know that multitasking can get you things, but it exhausts you. Therefore, the best of the best invest their time and money in something they are good at or in demand. They delegate tasks not worthy of their attention. This skill to delegate and not micro-manage everything is critical for business.

Take a vacation

Everyone passionate entrepreneur deserves time off work. This not only relieves stress, but also helps in personal life issues. A refreshed mind can bring in new, innovative ideas. Always invested in work, without any fun makes one burn out quickly. Get of your laptop and book the next flight to some relaxing resort. Finally, take the trip you have been planning. If a long trip isn’t feasible, just spend some time with your loved ones, doing what you love.


Every successful entrepreneur has another skill common that is being organized. The organization does not only mean to have a neat desk but establish a work ethic. Take time to build a routine for your days. Keep a planner to stay ahead of deadlines. It helps tackle critical tasks in business.

Plan everything – One of best skills to have!

Planning is a key determinant to develop, implement and maintain a business. Business requires quick analysis of situations and making a comprehensive deduction about future strategies. All entrepreneurs dedicate their time to develop this skill. It takes years of practice to devise successful business plans.

Satisfy the customers

The skill differentiating a blooming business from a struggling one that listens to its customer complaints. Remember, your business should be customer oriented. All policies, warranties, billing methods, operating hours, advertising and promotion campaigns should be devised by considering the needs of the customer. Any quality leader is judged on one fact, the standards they set for themselves.


No successful entrepreneur was discovered himself or herself until they presented their selves and ideas to the market. Self-promotion is the best marketing tools for new entrepreneurs.So, it is the most underestimated tactic but has proven to show promising results.

Best team in town

Remember, being a one-man army isn’t easy or for everyone. So, successful people the best, committed team in the market. Each with a different skill set, and passionate about their work. The team you work with sets the tone and pace of work.

Grab attention

No entrepreneur has the time or money to invest in long-term promotional activities. You will be drained of resources if you plan to function this way. Before even reaching your goals, you’ll be bankrupt. So, plan to grab attention instantly for the growth of the business.


For an entrepreneur to succeed in his/her business venture, the ability to negotiate effectively is unquestionably a skill to master. Negotiation skills are used daily, in-home businesses. This only makes a more satisfied environment in the workplace, because everyone involved feels they won. It always creates a win-win situation.

That is it for today folks! We hope you take advantage of these valuable set of skills and traits from all the successful entrepreneurs worldwide. They surely will help you grow your business. In the end, the goal is not only to benefit oneself but benefit the whole society. You need to focus on yourself and your mental stability because everything rests on you. A healthy and refreshed version of you can accomplish great things in life.