8 Reasons Why Your Exercise Program Failed and What to Do About It

Ever wondered, why you failed the second time to get fit? No one can deny, that they want to have the ideal body type to rock all the latest fashion trends or just want to be healthy. You instantly rushed to your nearest gym, got a membership. The first week you worked out with great vigor and determination. Slowly, you started missing workouts; daily workouts became weekly. Ultimately, no exercise at all. You managed to fail your fitness program, that easily!

No need to worry anymore! We have a list of reasons why you failed your exercise program, and how to tackle such situations in the future. Go ahead, have a read!

You didn’t have a plan

When we want to become fit, the first thing we forget is to develop a do-able plan. Our efforts come to haul quite quickly, without any set goals. Having the idea of becoming fit without an actual plan is not possible. Imagine, if a leader like Alexander the Great did not plan his way to the many successful conquests, would he have managed to be the greatest leader of all time? Well, I don’t think so. Every successful plan is executed, only after comprehensive planning. Same goes for exercise. You need to plan a daily exercise routine, to accomplish your goals of getting fit.

The first step is to devise a plan, as soon as possible! Know what you are aiming for. Remember, each workout plan is different. Check if you want to gain muscles, improve flexibility, lose weight or just improve your cardio, in general. Get the basics straight, and you are good to go!

You didn’t have goals if you had a plan for exercising

So, now devising a plan help you follow your exercise program. Sometimes, the reason for failure is your lack of goals. Even, after planning to reach your goals, you should be able to answer the questions, like by when and how to maintain these goals? There should be complete plan on how to lose a set weight, in the desired timeframe. Having a plan with no goals is the same as someone with a lost cause, drifting his or her away to their destination.

For you to be fit, and not another exercise to fail be realistic, as far as possible. Set goals, and follow them religiously! Don’t lose hope so quickly, dream big. For any workout to give fruitful results, know what’s your body fat, body mass index, so it is easier to determine the pace of weight loss. We recommend going to a trainer or fitness firm to get free assessments. Now a days internet has made life much easier; there are sites where you can check BMI within seconds.

You didn’t know how to use the equipment

Going to the gym, and exercising certainly does not mean you are achieving any progress. Visit any local gym, around 8% of the people working out will be using the equipment incorrectly. There is no supervision or people don’t consult trainers when they begin to exercise. Beginners most tend to be overwhelmed by the environment at the gym. Just in the beginning without any consultation, you give up on getting fit. Exercising or using the equipment can be confusing!

To overcome this problem, the is simple. Ask for help! Don’t think you are below anyone, stop acting like a know it all. Gather the courage to ask for help. The trainers in gyms are only present to assist you. They will be more than happy to help. Check if a free assessment is also offered.

You underestimated your conditioning level

Can’t forget the pain after your first workout? Your muscles are now sore, even moving slightly hurts. You are included in the many people unaware about their physical fitness. You began the exercise program mistaking the level of fitness required. Being physically tired is normal, that you feel fatigue while climbing a staircase. However, being irritable and picky always isn’t healthy. This is all due to your unhealthy lifestyle, filling with stressful situations. Mental tiredness can be a cause of lack of physical stability. Therefore, being unfit just puts you on your A-game.

The remedy is not to stop whining about how hard it is to exercise, for once! Get through the part with the sore muscles. The only way to get into shape is your sheer dedication, towards your workout. Remember, you cannot attain physical fitness overnight! You need to work hard for it. Give yourself a constant reminder, that it took a long time to get out of shape, same will be the case to return.

You didn’t see instant results and gave up

The road to success is a long, hard one. There is never an instant result. So, when we were planning your exercise quota for the day, don’t hope for speedy results. Everyone wants results, like losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Doesn’t this seem a little too unrealistic? Going overboard with your fitness training. Then giving up midway. It only bad affects your muscles. Instead of getting toned, they lose their shape.

All we want you to achieve your ideal body, so we highly recommend stopping following the easy way. A nice quick strategy to note results is thinking about four, eight, and twelve. The idea is simple. In 4 weeks don’t expect major differences. Wait for 8 weeks for others to notice any weight loss. Lastly, the 12 weeks is for the whole world to appreciate your constant efforts.

You don’t have a support group

If we are talking up why it was much easier to give up your workout than expected. Well, the big reason is quite simple. You do not have a workout posy. For anything to be a success human, require a constant support externally. So, exercising with friends, and sharing your body workout goals with them helps you keep focused. If none of your friends are into working out, try making new friends at your gym. This will make exercising a lot more fun. The journey to fitness a more tolerable!

To fix this join fitness class, an online challenge or grab a friend to exercise! Make a plan to work out with friends together. Try new fitness programs or implement a diet plan. Just a support from your crowd can check you on the track to fitness.

You don’t meal prep

If we look more closely why hundreds of workouts failed to affect you, then your diet plays an important role. You think working out 2 hours a day is sufficient, but then you walk out of your gym. The first thing you see is the hotdog stand. You eat a fattening hotdog with chips and a sugary cold drink. Reach home, and it is lunch time. You grab something to eat. Remember, burning all those calories during your workout? Thanks to your snacking got you back to start. The most critical stage in a fitness program is looking after your nutrition intake.

We don’t try consulting a nutritionist to plan us a diet plan for a balanced diet. Instead, we start eating more after workouts. This habit is not the way to achieve your body goals. The key factor here proves to be nutrition, taking the correct amount at the right time. Cook at home, stop eating fast food. The worst thing you could do to your body. Make a grocery list, and shop! Any exercise plan ought to work with a balanced diet.

You skip your workouts

The hardest part of working out is consistent. There come times when neither you have the time or energy to lift a finger, but not skipping your workout is unacceptable. We understand it is hard to in-cooperate exercise in your hectic schedule. But the more you are physically active, the better and quicker you can perform. It is as simple as this inconsistency with working out, isn’t benefiting you or giving results.

A study suggests that it takes 21 days for anything to become a habit. So, if you train yourself to exercise on a daily basis, then there would be any need for external motivation. Persistence is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Repeat, and again! If you want to have the perfect pushup, then practice learning to pull off the perfect one.

That is all on our side today! We hope you will try introducing these little hacks in your workout sessions, to achieve your body goals. Make sure to plan your workouts. Fix the little mistakes you have been making. Don’t be shy to ask for help! Try visiting a trainer and nutritionist to devise a structured workout for your body type and requirement, and making a meal plan.