50 Hobby Ideas

Here is a great list of 5o hobbies you can start now. Some of these cost little or no money while others may cost you a bit to get started. I hope these suggestions can help. Good Luck!

1. Fishing
Head out early in the morning while the fish are still around and not dispersed. If you’re going to bring company, make sure they’re quiet else you guys will head home with nothing to show for your hobby venture.

2. Soccer
Watching and playing soccer are both fun activities that could translate in to a hobby. Soccer is both fun and at the same time a form of exercise as long as you’re playing not spectating.

3. Cooking
This is a really a fun hobby for both women and women. You get to benefit at the end of it by having a delicious meal at the table. You could alternatively take a cooking class to sharpen your skills.

4. Planning
Event planning is a really fun hobby whereby you get to create an event from nothing to something.

5. Walking
Leisure walks are really fun especially if you take someone with you. It is also a healthy form of exercise. It also clears your mind and a form of stress relief.

6. Jogging
This rises up your adrenalin and makes your mind be alert. It also keeps your body fit and reduces your cholesterol levels.

7. Pottery
It is a creative hobby as you get to witness results. You could keep the pots as a souvenir and as a reminder of your efforts. The more you keep up with this hobby the sharper your skills get.

8. Working out
This is not only a great way to socialize and get some time alone, it is the best way to attain and maintain a healthy body.

9. Beading
This hobby calls for creativity and is also very interesting. You could display your work of art around your house, give them out as gifts to your friends or even sell the beadwork if you wish.

10. Skiing
This is really fun especially if you’re doing it as a group of friends. Start gathering your tools when it’s about to snow. Put your best skiing foot and have fun.

11. Driving
This can be very relaxing especially when you take a road trip with a bunch of friends or alone.

12. Bowling
Anything that translates to keeping scores and competing with your friends is fun, try bowling.

13. Hiking
Get your gear ready and head out for a nature bonding experience.

14. Mountain climbing
This is so much fun and very healthy. Try to reach the top and plant a flag.

15. Charity
Nothing will give you more pleasure than lending a helping hand to someone who needs it. Dedicate some free time to the needy and help build the community.

16. Cleaning
Cleaning always somehow brings about a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It is also a great way to relieve you off stress and keep a clean house at the same time.

17. Dancing
This has got to be the best form of hobby of all times. It is beneficial in all aspects. It is a form of exercise, stress reliever and a great way to have fun.

18. Singing
This might send you out to the karaoke bar, church or event. It is really fun as you also get to make the skill better every time you sing.

19. Gardening
You could grow the food you eat with your own hands. Grow some flowers too to make your house lively and beautiful.

20. Rock climbing
This is really fun. Simply ensure that you have the right gadgets to avoid accidents. The more you do it the better your skills get.

21. Bungee jumping
This is an ideal hobby for those that aren’t afraid of heights. Make sure that you have a professional do it for you else it won’t be much fun in case a mishap happens.

22. Biking
This hobby will get your body in shape and also bring you sheer joy. It can also be done at a professional level in case you decide to joint competitions.

23. Body art
Some people derive joy in making their and other’s bodies a living display of art. It is fun and very creative.

24. Badminton
This is a fun sport for both men and women. It can also be done at a professional level or simply for fun.

25. Basketball
This hobby no longer requires height. Skills are an added advantage and could be achieved by frequent practice. Make it a hobby!

26. Teaching
Educating and training others something they didn’t know before is very exciting and fulfilling.

27. Hang gliding
This is the hobby for you if you enjoy living life on the edge. Be careful while at it though to avoid making it a tragedy.

28. Organizing
Arranging and organizing things is fun. It gets a lot of things done like keeping your space neat as well as satisfying you.

29. Movies
Watching movies is very relaxing and you also get to learn a lot from them. Hit the theatres or watch them at home.

30. Letter writing
Get a pen pal and maintain the friendship through writing letters.

31. Long walks
This is fun and also very calming to the mind.

32. Yoga
This is very fun and relaxing form of exercise. You could do it at home or the gym.

33. Entertainment
Some people are very funny and entertaining. You could do it as a hobby and do it in events and gatherings.

34. Nature seeing
You could go to the zoo or parks where animals are kept and see all kinds of animals.

35. Sight seeing
Every country has it’s own wonder sights that could really interest you. Travel abroad or do it in your own town/country.

36. Rock collection
There are very different stones and rocks out there. Try to collect as many as you could.

37. Baby sitting
This is great for those who love children.

38. Volunteering
Lending a helping hand to make the community even better is great.

39. Community work
Join programs to make your environment/ community even better than you found it.

40. Public speaking
Join forums that would give you a chance to air your views concerning different issues.

41. Collecting stamps
Stamps are slowly becoming extinct. Collect them for fun and memories.

42. Skating
Skating is really fun and your skills get better as you continue. Make it more challenging as you progress.

43. Motor cycle racing
Gather other fans of this hobby and go crazy. The fun involved is extreme.

44. Playing video games
These are a great pass time for people of all ages and gender. There are many categories to choose from according to your preference.

45. Computer games
Get the complicated versions for fun. Some are free while some are for sale.

46. Canoeing
The challenge involved makes this hobby interesting. You could do it alone or with a bunch of friends.

47. Surfing
The water is relaxing and so is this hobby. Wait until it’s really windy.

48. Sailing
Sailing is very relaxing and fun. You could have a picnic at sea or better still a party.

49. Acting
This could elevate you to an acting career if taken seriously. Take acting classes to sharpen your skills.

50. Shopping
This is very relaxing, fulfilling and fun. You get to shop for what you want and at the same time window shop for things you might need another time.